Happy Friday, friends, welcome to the long weekend!

I’m hitting the road bright and early this morning. It’s Chicago or bust for this girl to celebrate a short but sweet girlfriend getaway. I’ll be spending today with an old friend who just had her second baby, and Saturday with two of my other besties (the Napa girls!) for a fun day in the city. Cannot. Wait. Girl time is seriously the best time. : )

I’m heading home early Sunday morning to spend the rest of the weekend with Ben and family. Lots of driving (5+ hours each way) but totally worth it. Especially since road trips won’t be so easy after baby! Do you have any fun plans in the works? 

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, have a fun and safe holiday weekend, and in the meantime please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites!

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Favorite bite: Brown-Butter Salted-Caramel Mocha Cookies. Um, is this real life? UNbelievable!


Favorite fashion. Love the pops of pink and gold, and those wedges are too cute. Maybe next year? :)


Favorite bite: Marinated Cherry Tomatoes with Whipped Ricotta on Sourdough. I am so down with this recipe. Those tomatoes look absolutely mouthwatering with the whipped, herbed ricotta.


Favorite find: Hey Y’all! This print makes me so happy. I want to put it in my entryway.


Favorite mmm: Lemon Blueberry Muffin Bread. One of my favorite muffins, in loaf form. Brilliant idea!


Favorite furball. Caption this – bahaha! I’m definitely hearing a very studious English accent.


Favorite frozen: Coconut Lime Semifreddo. Looks super fancy, but pretty easy to make. Loving the yummy tropical twist, too.


Favorite find: Tree Saver Towels. I use more paper towels than I care to admit, so this eco-friendly solution sounds perfect.


Favorite crunch: Dorito-Flavored Popcorn. Dairy and funky ingredient free? I am all over this nacho cheese-flavored popcorn!


Favorite sip: 3 Skinny Summer Blender Drinks. Three frosty drinks that are alcohol-free and low-cal to boot. Would be awesome to make one sometime this weekend.


Favorite travel: Best Road Trips in the US. ‘Tis the season for road trips! Pick a route, any route! Which ones are your favorites? 


Favorite slice: Hawaiian Strawberry Tart. The perfect mix of Hawaiian-esque ingredients in a sweet little tart. So creative.


Favorite find: Steven Allen Boy Pant. Damn you adorable Boy Pants for being so ridiculous cute, but so ridiculously expensive!


Favorite fresh: Whole Wheat Pearl CousCous with Cherries and Arugula. Great combo of chewy couscous with sweet cherries and peppery arugula – plus the addition of salty parmesan cheese. Basically, all the things!


Favorite Redo: DIY Chalkboard. I love how this blogger took inspiration from an issue of Southern Living Magazine and coated a Goodwill painting with chalkboard paint then scrolled a fun quote on it. Seriously cheap, but sweet decor.


Favorite woah: Snickers Cake. Woah. WOAH! I would give my left arm for a slice of this!


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Have a wonderful, long weekend!