Hey you, happy Friday! How was your week?

We’re continuing to pack, pack, pack around here (7 days until the big move!) and finishing up final touch ups around the house. I know it’s standard to leave some nail holes in the walls, but I’m finding myself being semi-psychotic about filling them all up then painting over them. Thank goodness my Mom is a handy woman extraordinaire and supporting my urges with fresh spackle and free labor. Love ya’ Ma!

This weekend should be another busy one. My in-laws will be in town for a baby shower with my besties on Saturday, then Sunday we’ll celebrate Father’s Day with the whole extended family. (Can’t wait to give Ben his first Father’s Day gift, btw. I’ll snap a picture!)

Family plus friends – what more could a gal ask for?

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, have a wonderful weekend and in the meantime please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites!

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Favorite lick: Oreo Pudding Pops. The love child of my favorite ice cream, Cookies ‘n’ Cream. and my favorite childhood treat, Jello Pudding Pops. YUM!!


Favorite DIY: DIY Chalkboard and Key Hooks. My Mom has a mail center that looks almost identical to this one which I am obsessed, obsessed, obsessed (that’s 3 obsesseds) with. Only problem is she’s had it for years and I can’t seem to find a look alike anywhere. This one promises to be simple to build – and for under $20 in materials. Think I might give it a try!


Favorite sip: Blueberry Mojito. Lately I’ve been debating what my first post-preggo dizzy sip will be. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a blended Peach-Ginger Margarita or this dazzling Blueberry Mojito. Summer cocktails are the BEST!


Favorite outfit. Perfect pops of yellow, sparkle. and blue. And I can hardly get over the scalloped edge on these shorts. Too cute!


Favorite slurp: Prosciutto, Tomato and Olive Spaghetti. Light, summery, pasta perfection. Reminds me of some of the dishes Ben and I had in Italy.


Favorite project: Pull Out Lid Drawer. What’d I tell you last week – I am all about the DIY projects these days. One of the biggest, nay – the biggest – annoyance in my kitchen is pot and pan lids that tumble out and create clutter. Both Ben and I hate them with a fiery passion. I love this idea for a pull out drawer vs installing vertical separators which take up so much space.


Favorite devour: Triple Chocolate Donuts. Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate! Need I say more?


Favorite travel: Man-Made Structures that will Fry Your Brain. Must. Get. To. Petra.


Favorite dish: Migas. I have been wanting to make Migas, a Mexican dish made from fried corn tortillas, eggs, and veggies, for ages. I love how Ali breaks the dish down in this easy to follow, 15 minute recipe.


Favorite find: Soapstone Globe. I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but I kind of have a thing for globes. I don’t actually own any, but I really want to. I know. Unfortunately this baby is sold out, but I’m thinking you could easily replicate with a goodwill globe + chalkboard paint. It’s such a cool look!


Favorite bite: Nectarine and Wisconsin Burrata Bite Crostini. I used burrata in a freelance recipe a few weeks ago which rendered me both seriously and insanely obsessed with the stuff. Paired with crispy bread, creamy nectarines, and sweet balsamic drizzle – these bites look unbelievable.


Favorite funny: 18 Most Epic Dog Beards of All Time. This montage made me laugh uncontrollably in a way that usually only AFV can.


Favorite dinner: Slow Cooker Brown Sugar & Garlic Chicken. Doesn’t this look mouthwatering?!


Favorite layer: Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfait. Check it – layers of crumbled graham crackers, an INSANE looking peanut butter cheesecake mixture, melted chocolate, and whipped cream. How quickly can someone get over to my house to make this for me?!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfait_mini

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Have a great weekend!