Happy Friday, y’all! :D

Yesterday I spent some QT with Iowa’s rural, 2-lane highways, driving three and half hours northeast of Des Moines to Okoboji, IA for work. I hightailed it home this morning, and have been on the go ever since!

Scrubbing the house from top to bottom (I feel the need to make my home as pristine as possible after staying in hotels,) doing the laundry (hang on, gotta change a load!) shopping my brains out (need to return about 3/4 of what I bought – I generally refuse to try on clothes in the store, as my hair gets too staticky) and going on a nice 4 mile run on the trail (it is GORGEOUS out today!)

Enough of my hemming and hawing though, it’s time for another round of Friday Favorites!

Favorite sip: Vanilla Pear and Vodka Cocktail. This looks thick and luscious and JUICY. Plus, pears are so dynamite right now.


Favorite bite: Baked Bean Bites in Bacon Cups. ‘NUFF SAID!!!!!


Favorite fireplace. This would be so handy in the winter…although, maybe a little too handy for Ben and me. Our house seriously smells like a campfire from all the fires we’ve been lighting at night. Whoops!


Favorite spot. When we’re old and grey, Ben and I are going to have a porch like this, with rocking chairs like these, and a view like that, and we will spend our days just rocking ourselves stupid.


Favorite indulgence: World’s Best Mac & Cheese. If this comes out tasting half as good as it looks, I’ll be pleased.


Favorite DIY decor idea: Pinecone garland. You could change the pinecones out with ornaments for Christmas!


 Favorite funny. Look at his crossed eyes! Soooo cute!


Favorite idea. Now why didn’t I think of that?!


Favorite natural air freshener: Herbal fire starter. Wrap cinnamon sticks and fragrant herbs in some newspaper, tie with a string, and add to the base of your fire. Light and breathe in the cozy scent.


Favorite story: Park proposal. This will make you ugly cry.


Favorite crock pot meal: Taco Dippers. Ben and I would demolish this.  


Favorite flashback: Barbie shoes. These suckers were so hard to keep track of!!!


Favorite must-have winter wear. With some white or cream leather gloves??


Favorite gift idea: Personalized Pottery Barn Jewelry Box. Ben gave me one of these several years ago and I think of him every time I open it. :)


Favorite simple decor idea. I have been racking my brain for clever uses of the beautiful Indian corn I see at the Farmers’ Market every week. This use is rustic, yet chic!


Favorite slurp: Lasagna Soup. I will be making this. Plus Ben’s craving a proper lasagna, since the last one I made had butternut squash in it. The horror! ;)


Favorite free craft. Another no-cost craft, courtesy of nature!


Favorite photo. Everything about this picture is pink perfection. :)


Favorite light bite: Spicy Shrimp Rolls. These look simply mouthwatering. Just swap out the bell pepper for cherry tomatoes, for me! ;)


Favorite dream home. Custom log cabin in the woods and on the water. No big deal…


Favorite kitchen items: Pampered Chef Can Strainer & Mix ‘N’ Chop. I can’t tell you how much I would use that can strainer, and I had the opportunity to use the Mix ‘n’ Chop on some ground beef the other week – works like a CHARM.

CanStrainer MixNChop

Favorite spud: Cheesy au Gratin Potatoes. These look like my Mom’s signature party potatoes, just a bit lighter. Have got to try!


Favorite fight. Laughed. For. Hours.


Favorite French Toast: French Toast Bites. The next time I try and go outside the classic French Toast box, it’ll be for these! :D

TGIF everyone, have a fantastic weekend!


What are some of your favorite finds from around the web this week?