How fitting that today, the official first day of Fall, is the first day I saw my breath on my morning walk – ahh!

Coupled with this week’s chillier temps is the undeniably beautiful rainbow of colors that tree leaves all over the city have turned into, seemingly overnight. Fluttering to the ground and audibly crunching underfoot. ‘Tis the season! Here are this week’s favorite finds from around the web.


Favorite seasonal sip: Spiced Cider in Apple Cups. Edible vessels, people! ;)


Favorite DIY decor: Book Art. So smart and chic looking!


Favorite sweet treat: Butterfinger Blondies. My mouth waters when I stare at this picture.


Favorite piece of advice. Right?!


Favorite pop of color. Need this door for my future dream home.


Favorite sweet & savory bite: Sassy Sweet Potato Fries. Awesome sweet & savory combo of flavahs.


Favorite dizzy drink: Ginger Apple Bourbon. I think I’m making this tomorrow. Muwahahaha!


Favorite Show: Awkward. As if I needed another show to get sucked into! Sooo smart and funny though.


Favorite nail polish: NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish. Only $1.99/bottle, this nail polish dries in record speed.


Favorite (and freakiest!) spot: Great Belize Blue Hole. That is a straight up HOLE in the ocean.


Favorite meal on the go: Chicken Cashew Salad from Culvers. I had this salad a few weeks ago during a road trip. SO YUM.


Favorite wake up call. Awww. :)


Favorite recipe: Crack Bread aka Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls. I’m scared to make this for fear I will eat the entire loaf. I’m making it anyways.


Favorite serene scene: Emerald Gorge, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. Very Fern Gully-esque, no?

Emerald Gorge

Favorite fashionista: Pippa Middleton. Can we trade closets?

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Favorite new Larabar flavor: Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte.


TGIF everyone! :D