Happy Friday, and first day of June!



This is when I start to panic that the summer is going to fly by before I get a chance to really savor and enjoy it. Isn’t that sick? That said, I’m going to try and spend some time outdoors everyday over the next three months (when it’s not raining, anyways,) to unplug, get away from the madness of everyday life, and just enjoy. That way I can look back in August and know I did all I could.

Luckily it’s a beautiful day here in central Iowa, and I’m headed out for a nice run after I hit publish. I hope you’ll be able to do some of the same this weekend, but in the meantime, please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites! :D

Favorite dessert: The Twix Tart. Chocolate + caramel + shortbread = SOLD! Look how dense & fudgy this pie is!


Favorite fashion: J Crew Ring Around Eyelot Top. Sweet & summery. Love the sleeve length too.


Favorite refresh: Lemon-Blueberry Cheesecake Bars. I wouldn’t normally associate cheesecake with refreshing but the cool, creamy lemon center looks so, well, refreshing!

Favorite movie: Snow White & The Huntsman. I made Ben promise to take me to this movie when it opened months ago, and am finally cashing in on said promise this weekend – muwahaha! Can’t wait. Although annoyingly moody at times, I still love me some K Stew.

Favorite combo: Toasted Coconut Vanilla Limeade. I would literally give my left arm for someone to show up at my house with a pitcher of this toasty, tasty combo this very minute. How do people come up with this stuff?!


Favorite woah: Italian Moon. Do you think this is Photoshopped? Either way – incredible!


Favorite twist: Mango Apple Salad with Sugared Lime Zest. A new twist on the classic “fruit salad”. My mouth puckers and waters at the same time just looking at this picture.


Favorite DIY: IKEA Bookshelf Office Space. A workspace hideaway built out of 3 IKEA bookshelves. Genius! I especially love the burlap backing.


Favorite supper: Pesto Pasta with Chicken Sausage & Roasted Brussels Sprouts. This supper literally includes all my favorite things. ALL THE THINGS!


Favorite pooch. SQUEE!


Favorite sip: Sparkling Watermelon Limeade. A cool, ultra refreshing beverage for the hottest of summer days. Love how it’s alcohol free, but could be jazzed up with a hit of white wine, or vodka.


Favorite outfit. Coral and gold is one of my all-time favorite combos.


Favorite bite: Asian Shrimp Dumpling. If these babies taste half as good as they look, then I am in for a real treat. :)


Favorite app: Wedding Snap. OH how I wish this existed when I got married! Have your friends snap pics at your wedding, then upload them in real time to a personal website which displays them all.


Favorite light bite: Thai Mango Salad. Love the sweet-tart dressing for this fresh, light salad. I would inhale this.


Favorite decor: Vintage Travel Posters. Want. So bad. ‘Nuf said.


Favorite feel good: Black Bean Veggie Tacos. An awesome combo of fresh veggies, flavorful cheese, and hearty black beans. This is feel good food, for sure!


Favorite funny. Sorry, but I laughed for legit 10 minutes when I saw this!


Favorite picture. Growing up, my neighbor had a natural hole like this in their fence which their black lab would always stick its nose through. We had so much fun with her. :)


Favorite treat: Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn. Perhaps I’ll make a batch to bring to Snow White?! YUM!


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