Pan Fried Butternut Squash Ravioli with Walnut Butter Sauce and Bacon


FOOD COMA ALERT! Actually – ravioli, butter and bacon food coma alert!

I’m all for eating healthful meals whenever I can, but sometimes you’ve got to throw the rule book out of the window, people! This is exactly what I did tonight when I made…

Pan Fried Butternut Squash Ravioli with Walnut Butter Sauce and Bacon!



Ok calm… :) Fun fact: one my favorite meals to eat and make, is homemade ravioli made with wonton wrappers. It’s so much easier than making pasta dough from scratch, has a great chewy texture and plus, who doesn’t like to say they made their own ravioli?!


Knowing full well that I better take advantage of squash season while it lasts, this past Sunday I made a batch of Butternut Squash Ravioli using wonton wrappers as my “dough”. After they were all assembled, I froze them on sheet pans in the freezer and stored them in a freezer bag.


Tonight, I heated up a big skillet with ~1 tablespoon of olive oil on medium heat and when it was hot, I placed my frozen raviolis into the pan.


About five minutes later, the bottoms were golden brown.


At this point, add ~1/3 cup of water into the pan and put a lid on it. 


After a minute or two, remove the lid and allow the rest of the water to evaporate and the bottoms of the ravioli to crisp back up.


Give the pan a gentle shake to make sure none of the ravioli are sticking. If they are, just use a rubber spatula to get them sliding again. :)


Once the bottoms have had a chance to crisp back up (~1.5 – 2 minutes after you take the lid off) take the pan off the heat.


On the burner next door, melt 4 tablespoons of butter with 2 tablespoons of chopped walnut pieces over medium-low heat.


As the butter heats up, it will get foamy and crackly. Let the butter and walnut pieces cook until the butter has reached a golden brown color – ~3-4 minutes. Watch carefully and stir every so often as to not burn the butter or walnuts. Once your butter is ready and you’ve cooked and crumbled a piece of bacon…


Assemble and DINE!


Seeeeeriously you guys – I don’t think you understand how indescribably fantastic this dish is!!


You’ve got the chewy wonton wrappers, creamy butternut squash, nutty browned butter, toasty walnuts and salty bacon. I repeat – OMG!


Every ingredient in this dish is so tasty on its own, and when you combine them all together it is to.die.for. good.


Here’s the inside…creamy, roasted butternut squash filling with just a hint of cinnamon.


The perfect bite!


I am melting like the butter that was drizzled over my ravioli and and am SO content right now! :)

So glad that rule book got tossed tonight. Like I always say – it’s all about the 80/20 rule. 80% clean, healthy eating and 20% sanity keeping splurges. SO WORTH IT!!!

Full recipe & how-to coming tomorrow!


What was your last “splurge”?

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  1. oh dear. This looks amazing!!!!


    This is like, my 3 favorite food groups. I heart you for making this. I am going to do it. Wow.

    Jaw dropping.

  3. This is a beautiful meal!!! :) Looks super amazing.

  4. Tay 11.05.2009

    Okay, as soon as I saw your tweet about this, my jaw dropped. Ummm YUM!! That looks crazy good!

  5. chocolatepickle 11.05.2009

    Oh my gosh- I am DROOLING looking at that ravioli! And it could be so versatile….you could use pumpkin or sweet potato…the possibilities are endless…YUM!

  6. Brynne 11.05.2009

    I think I’m actually drooling. I also think I’d want this to be my last meal.

  7. Sarah R 11.05.2009

    Talk about food porn. Can you come to my house to make this for me? I’ll make the fresh pasta dough if you make the rest!

  8. Tyler 11.05.2009

    Pure decadence. And it looks fun to make, too! I think making homemade ravioli should be on everyone’s cooking bucket list :)

  9. Lauren 11.05.2009

    Oh Kristin, this is remarkable. Really, homemade Butternut Squash Ravioli….now that’s impressive! I just had BN squash ravioli but it was NOT homemade. I am sure yours tasted a ton better. I’m drooling onto the keys right now. Ugh, lovely lovely dinner girl!

    I just read this morning’s post, and I also have to comment on how precious Finn is! He is getting so big alreday!! :)
    And I am so glad that the presentation went well. I knew you would do awesome.

  10. Katie 11.05.2009

    Cupcakes were my last. Yummy I may have to try to make some vegan ravioli. I need to cook something. Luna bars and chips are not healthy.

  11. How do you make the ravioli? I have wonton wrappers and would love to use them for this. :-)

  12. Oh and my last splurge was eating a cookie, some dough and some chocolate raspberry cupcake mix while baking last night. I haven’t had sugar desserts in a long time so it was a treat :-)

  13. O M G! No you didn’t!
    My favorite meal to order out it butternut squash ravioli and I have never been ballsy enough to try it at home for fear of destroying something so wonderful…but now…now I will be indulging on your lovely creation, I cannot wait until the recipe goes up tomorrow! My tummy thanks you in advance!

  14. Anne K. 11.05.2009

    Wow, that meal looks so gourmet! Yum :)

  15. Lindsay 11.05.2009

    OMG! I am drooling!

  16. I love love love making ravioli with wonton wrappers!!! I’m totally adding these to the menu next week!

  17. Oh WOW! I want your dinner right now!

  18. Stephanie 11.05.2009

    That din looks insanely deelish! I love the 80/20 philosophy bc let’s face it, sometimes you just gotta splurge! Can’t wait to see the recipe :)

  19. Jenna 11.05.2009

    There are absolutely no words to even say how good your dinner looks. Amazing.

    I can’t wait for the recipe!

    Splurges are totally worth it. You only live once :) I tend to splurge a few times a week. But my weekly splurge is scone Friday!

  20. Karine 11.05.2009

    This looks original and so delicious!

    We have to slurge sometimes.. we only have one life to life, we have to enjoy it!

  21. Mary Ann 11.06.2009

    Those are the cutest little raviloli!

    I’m making some of your baked pumpkin oatmeal and would love to learn what type of dish you are using to bake it. The closest I had were mini bread loaf pans, but the mixture filled them to the top, so I think it is going to be thick with less surface area for the nummies on top and take longer to cook. It smells great though! :)

  22. Amber 11.06.2009

    Mmmmm, those do look amazing! I might have to try this one, but I think it might be past my cooking level…. ;)

    PS: Pumpkin ice cream sighting at Target in West Glen… I had to pick up a tub of it, couldn’t resist!

  23. Jamie 11.06.2009

    You have so many creative recipes, I love it! Squash ravioli is probably one of my favorite pasta dishes, but I’ve never made it because it always looks too difficult – I’m thinking I’ll make it for my boyfriend’s parents when they come up to visit next week! It’s the best time to whip out the creative ( but insanely delicious) dishes!

    Last splurge: I went to Noodles and Co. and got the Wisconsin Mac n’ Cheese and poured sriracha sauce all over it! Mmm!

  24. Morgan 11.06.2009

    I love making ravioli with wonton wrappers. it’s one of the best shortcuts out there. All of these pictures look amazing!

  25. Diana 11.06.2009

    Those look amazing!

  26. Mikael 11.06.2009

    Hm… Definitely sounds like an interesting dish!
    Last splurge was two nights ago. We never make tortillini’s but my step dad wanted them for his birthday dinner, so I had a little extra since they are one of my faves. Add that to chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert and that’s my splurge! =) Hit the gym hard yesterday to help make up for it.

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  28. Gab* 11.06.2009

    YUM!!! Looks totally delicious!

  29. Niki 11.06.2009

    That looks wonderful girl! I splurge on dessert a lot! Ha:)

  30. Wow, what a recipe!?!

    I never guessed that you have such multicultural gourmet cuisine in Iowa. Up in Minnesota, we barely have anything this yummy!

    (ヒィ ヒィ)

  31. […] instance, I nearly drooled seeing Kristin, over at Iowa Girl Eats, Butternut Squash Ravioli !!! So, taking my fiance down the aisles of the grocery store (which we love to do quite often!) […]

  32. Jen 01.19.2010

    OMG…this is one of the most amazing things my husband and I have ever tasted let alone made ourselves. I cheated and bought store bought butternut squash ravioli, but it worked perfectly. You have to try this recipe. Sending it to all of my friends right now…WOW!!!

  33. Rita 01.21.2010

    Hi! I just made these, they were sooo yummy. I couldn’t find wonton wrappers so I had to use spring roll wrappers, which did not work as well as I had hoped… But they still tasted great though, they just looked a little sad :)

  34. Karly 05.20.2010

    WOW! I looove your website. I just “stumbled” across it. So many delcious yummy recipes, I also like your philosophy of eating well but exercising often. A runner myself, I could never sacrifice good healthy food:-) Thanks for all of the recipes, I WILL try them:-)

  35. Cheryl 09.17.2010

    I have a very similar recipe but it called for boiling the wontons. I tried it twice and both times the wonton pasta stuck to each other. The recipe was OMG good so I probably would have tried it again. Now that I have read your method, I’ll try that! Thanks for posting.

  36. Tiffany 09.26.2010

    I am super excited to try this recipe but just wanted to let you know…it’s under the vegetarian section! And it has bacon… :) But it sounds absolutely delicious! :)

  37. matt 11.16.2010

    these are really just pot stickers…mmmm

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  40. emily 11.14.2011

    Oh my goodness, this was so delicious!! Thank you!

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