Chipotle: All Mixed Up


I’m freezing my tootsie’s off! Evidenced by my crazy lady get up:


Thick scarf: check

Soft hoodie: check

Pink plaid flannel pants: check

Fuzzy slipper socks: check

Finally feeling my toes after the coldest day at work ever: CHECK! :D

I seriously think they’re turning the heat DOWN at work – my fingernails were purple all day! This is not the time to be saving on heating bills either, as we’re supposed to reach -13 tonight without the wind chill being taken into consideration. It’s only getting colder the rest of the week, too! 8O Looks like the flannel pants will be making a comeback…

In other news, we went south of the border tonight and had Homemade Chipotle Burrito Bowls for dinner!


Why go out in the cold and pay $7 for Chipotle, when you can make a delish replica in the comfort of your own home – and for chaaaaange?! :)

Start with one part brown rice that’s been mixed with cilantro, a dash of salt and a squeeze of lime juice.


Top with black beans that have been seasoned and heated with a dash of chicken broth, cumin, chili pepper, cayenne pepper and oregano.


Sprinkle on chopped chicken breast seasoned with chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, oregano and seared to tender perfection on the stovetop.


Top it all off with a generous helping of fresh, spicy salsa! Done and done!


I love homemade chipotle burrito bowls!!! So fresh and satisfying. :)


I use locally made Graddy’s All-Natural Salsa. If I’m not making my own from scratch, this is one of the only store-bought brands I’ll eat.


The cilantro in the salsa really kicks everything up.


Try this out sometime! The recipes for all the components can be found here


All mixed up. Which reminds me…I should listen to more 311. They remind me of high school and my brother being a DJ at our school’s radio station. Yeah – Saved by the Bell style!


In not so super news, our dishwasher broke today. :( The handle won’t latch, which means I had to wash an entire load of dishes by hand after dinner.


Who could have seen this coming?! Actually, I kind of did see it coming…it’s been making strange noises for the past couple of days. Prooobably should have paid more attention to that. Ben is off at the store searching for a replacement part. WISH US LUCK!


FYI – a new season of The Bachelor starts tonight! I didn’t watch the last season of the Bachelorette with Jillian very religiously, but when I did, I always got the feeling that Jake wasn’t all “there” – if you know what I mean. Should be pretty entertaining. ;)

Good night!


Burrito or Burrito Bowl?

I go for the bowl – just not a huge fan of flour tortillas!

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  1. Christina 01.04.2010

    Your burrito bowl is gorgeous!

  2. Cristina 01.04.2010

    Your burrito bowl looks amazingly simple to make!

  3. brandi 01.04.2010


    sorry about the dishwasher – we don’t have one, so I feel your pain every morning and night with the handwashing :)

  4. Wendy 01.04.2010

    Your burrito bowl looks delish, and so simple! Speaking of bowls – I have those exact same Colorwave dishes! I have them in yellow, blue and green. :)

  5. I wear something similar each night. Helps keep our heat down and my snuggie is my best friend.

    I like both the bowl and the burrito. Just depends on the mood.

  6. Molly 01.04.2010

    homemade chipotle is always one of my favorites :) I hope things warm up…if the temps stay this low I may die before we reach February! I think my hands froze to my steering wheel this morning.
    Im watching the Bachelor now…hope its good! I already have a handful of girls Id like to see get booted out the door. (the paris hilton look alike would be the first)

  7. I looooove the tortilla! Your recipe looks great!

    I have on similar crazy clothes right now. Gotta love the warm socks. I think it’s freezing here in SC, and we’re still in the positive digits! I feel for ya!

  8. I like the whole burrito, but I usually eat the insides out… guess like both options :)

  9. Burrito! But I love the bowls, too. :)

  10. Chipotle = best fast food EVER
    Must break in the rice cooker to make your rice recipe, and SOON!

  11. Burrito bowl…for sure :)
    Sorry your dishwasher broke! I hate doing the dishes…

  12. Sammi 01.04.2010

    I absolutely love your header. I’m not sure if it’s new but I love it :)
    My house is freeeeezing. It’s not as bad right now as it was this morning though thankfully. I barely wanted to make breakfast this morning because I didn’t want to walk away from the fireplace!

    Delicious looking dinner!

  13. Lauren 01.04.2010

    So many people don’t get the burritos but the one time I went there, I opted for the burrito out of incredible hunger and for the fact that I was driving, so eating the burrito made more sense for my circumstance. I must say, it was AMAZING! Best burrito I have ever had. Maybe it was my massive hunger, but I don’t get why so many people knock the tortillas?

    Your bowl does look pretty fantastic and you know how I feel about eating things from bowls. :)

  14. Yasmin 01.04.2010

    I absolutely love chipotle but never thought to create my own bowl! You make it look so easy! I have to try this soon and btw I am definitely a bowl girl :) The burrito is too much tortilla for me and that’s saying them something since I’m the wrap girl!

  15. mycupofteas 01.04.2010

    i always get the burrito bowl! your homemade version looks deeelish! :)

  16. Kat 01.04.2010

    I can’t find Graddy’s salsa at our Hy-Vee? :( Where do you buy it from? Stay warm! I hate this cold! I’m soooo ready for spring!

  17. Brynne 01.04.2010

    Your burrito bowl looks SO GOOD. I love Mexican!

  18. Kristine 01.04.2010

    Ugh my toes and fingers get really cold too because of my poor circulation!! I hate being cold, haha! The Bachelor tonight was crazy. I don’t like many of the girls at all. Looks like it’ll be an interesting season, though!

  19. Tay 01.04.2010

    Adorable PJ pants!! I love them :-D And OMGGGGGG to that salsa. Yum!

  20. BroccoliHut 01.05.2010

    Burrito Bowl! You get way more guac that way:)

  21. Mary Ann 01.05.2010

    That looks so good, I’ve never been to Chipotle, but I would totally make that ;)

    When the dishwasher is broken, or I just don’t want to run it but run out of counter space for drying dishes, I just use the racks as drying racks!

  22. wow that dinner looks amazing, so colourful!! Do you find you get hungry quite soon if you only have vegetarian meals (ie no chicken, fish etc with a meal)?
    I feel your pain re the cold!! It’s like that in England too :s all the schools are shut cos the roads are just ice….not good! Love the trousers you’re in, I have a pair just like it :P
    Have a great evening!

  23. What a great idea! I loooove Chipotle, and that’s an awesome mock-chipotle bowl:D All it needs is a big ol’ dollop of guac ;)

  24. J 01.05.2010

    I have been reading your blog for a bit but never commented. Just wanted to say hi and that I love those flannel pants! i have been looking for a good pair of pjs for a while now!

  25. Sara 01.05.2010

    Your homemade Chipotle bowl looks great! I love their burrito bowls. I’m excited for The Bachelor this season! I DVR’d it last night and am planning on watching it tonight.

  26. Mikael 01.05.2010

    Was the Chipotle bowl spicey? Sure looks tasty especially after a cold day. I can’t believe your finger nails were purple! Talk about scary. Bring a space heater to work–I’ve had one for nearly two years and its the best!
    Not a watcher of the Bachelor. Enjoy it for me too, won’t ya?
    And burrito. All the way.

  27. Rose 01.05.2010

    I love that Chipotle-inspired meal. It’s amazing to think what you would pay if you went out versus using at-home ingredients…

  28. ugh sorry to hear about the dishwasher!

  29. sheila 01.05.2010

    Thanks for this awesome recipe!! I’m going to make some for dinner tonight!! I’m excited! :)

  30. Valerie 01.05.2010

    That burrito bowl looks damn tasty!

    I know you got back into running after an injury a while ago. I’m just wandering how you went about it. I pulled my hip flexor pretty badly a month ago, and am going to the gym today. Any tips?

  31. Jenna 01.05.2010

    To tell ya the truth your chipotle bowl looks BETTER!!

  32. Yum! Chipotle is one of my favorites. I have done a few Chipotle makeovers on my blog as well (shredded beef barbacoa and cilantro lime rice). Your burrito bowls look even better than the ones at Chipotle.

  33. Biz 01.13.2010

    I saw Mara’s version on her site, but love yours too! I just had Chipotle for the first time over Christmas – loved the lime/cilantro rice – thanks for the idea!

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