A Whirlwind Day!


Good morning from the Big Apple!


Yesterday was a whirlwind day that started with a VIP pick up in a Lincoln Town Car at the airport! I literally walked right off of the plane and into the car – too cool. :D

We drove into the city and directly to my hotel – Wyndham Chelsea Hotel.

The Wyndham is small, but clean – and the views from my room are killer. ;)


Seriously though, who needs a big room when you’re in New York City anyways? You’ll never find me in bed when I can be out exploring!


The hotel is in the Chelsea/Flat Iron district of NYC, which is made up of a lot of old garment factories, etc. They’ve converted a lot of the space into lofts and photographer’s studios – the whole area has got such character!


The photo studio is actually where I was headed next, to meet up with the other people who would be modeling in the ads (sorry I can’t get into specifics, I’ll tell you everything after it drops!), as well as pick out wardrobe and take test shots for today’s shoot. Ummm – check out the view from the studio!


NYC, in all of its glory! :D


The studio was exactly what you would picture in your imagination – an enormous, all-white open space with sections for wardrobe, makeup and the actual shooting. There was music playing to get everyone in the creative mood – it was awesome!


There’s a little boy who will also be shooting an ad for the company – he’s so.stinking.cute!!


Our photographer is just the coolest, too. Check this out – his next gig after our allergy medication ads, is shooting wild mustangs from a helicopter. HOW does one go from shooting people in a studio for allergy medication, to shooting wild horses dangling from a helicopter?! Love it!


After exploring, I devoured some of the gourmet sandwiches, chips and salads that were available for lunch. Dessert was some unbelievable treats the photographer’s assistant (a fellow foodie!!) brought to share – Caramelized Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats and Lemon Rosemary Shorbread Cookies. I’ll tell you this right now, I’ve NEVER had a rice krispie treat like this in my life!! The recipe (which he got from one of my favorite blogs!) is on my must make list, as soon as I get home. You can’t even imagine how dense, buttery, sweet and salty they were!


After our wardrobe was finalized, test shots were taken, and multiple brown butter rice krispie treats were had, everyone who was shooting an ad headed to get their nails done (so they’d look purrty in the shots, don’t you know ;) )


Then, ventured out into the Flat Iron District for dinner.


We ended up at the Metro Wine Bar & Cafe, an elegant, yet casual, wine bar in Chelsea!


The inside was just stunning, yet super quaint. Plus, they had over a hundred wine selections “on tap”!


I settled for a chilled glass of Seresin Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc which paired beautifully with the Steamed Filet of Salmon in soy-ginger and scallion broth with Chinese baby greens & brown rice, and a slice of Apple-Walnut Crumble that I ordered for dinner and dessert. OMG. No words!

695820[1] steamed-ginger-salmon1238167297[1] apple_walnut_pie[1]

After dinner, we all headed back to the hotel to get our rest on. It had been a very big day, and we were tuckered out! After catching up with The Bachelor (scandalacious!!!) I too, turned in.

Today’s agenda includes a hair and makeup call in about an hour, followed by shooting the actual ad, then, as far as I know – I’m free to explore the city until a car comes to pick me back up and take me to the airport around 6!

There are two spots I definitely want to hit up, depending on how much time I have – Macy’s (better late than never!!) and the Chelsea Market. SQUEAL!!!


I’m off for a day I don’t often experience, and chances are won’t ever again, so I’m going to ENJOY IT!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


Do you like to stay in deluxe accomodations when traveling? Or will you sacrifice (within reason) for price?

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  1. You day looks incredible! I love NYC, I think it is a magical place. My hubby and I are usually brats . . . we only like to stay in deluze accomodations.

  2. Cristina 01.12.2010

    My boyfriend and I went to WDW back in 2008. We stayed at a moderately priced hotel. Not a high end one or a lower end either. But a nice hotel with nice accomodations. When I’m away, I don’t want to stay in a dump, but I don’t want to shell out extra bucks for something fancy.

  3. WHat an exciting day you have planned!!!

    My hotel depends on where I’m at. Sometimes is worth the extra cash to have deluxe accommodations :)

  4. Wow, Kristin—your day sounds amazing!! It sounds like you’re enjoying every minute :). I stayed in Chelsea when I lived in NYC–such a fun, hip place!! Have fun!

  5. Amber 01.12.2010

    Oh, I’m so jealous! I loved NYC when I visited there in college and would go back in a second! Glad you’re having a great time and can’t wait to hear all about it!

  6. That looks like such a fun trip! I like to stay in cheaper accommodations and spend the money elsewhere….you are hardly in your room on vacation (especially in NYC!)

  7. jen 01.12.2010

    Wow! That sounds like a dream! Enjoy every second, and I can’t wait til it “drops” so that you can give us the scoop!

  8. Whit 01.12.2010

    OH.MY.GOD. That sounds amazingly wonderful!

  9. Welcome to New York!!

  10. Looks like a great time! It depends for me – if I’m going somewhere where we might be spending a chunk of time at the hotel, I’ll splurge and upgrade. If we’re going to be sightseeing and trapsing around then the room doesn’t matter to me at all. Have fun today!

  11. Niki 01.12.2010

    That’s so exciting!! Looks like you will have a fun day!! I would rather sacrifice hotel accommodations to do other things! I mean, I’m not going to be in the hotel anyway, except to sleep!

  12. Love Metro Wine Bar and Cafe, I’ve been several times!

  13. Jessie 01.12.2010

    That looks so awesome. Congrats on the gig!

  14. Jamie 01.12.2010

    WOWOWOW! That looks like such an amazing experience! There is so much to do in New York and I’m so jealous you get to experience it all in these two jam-packed days! Enjoy!

  15. Quinn 01.12.2010

    Such an awesome opportunity! I love Manhattan! And while I love to sleep comfortably, I would forego a hotel that is a bit pricey-er to dine out or splurge whilst shopping in the destination city :)

  16. Melissa 01.12.2010

    Looks like so much fun! I am jealous as I love NYC.

  17. Deluxe of course, however I can never afford it and only get to do so when traveling with my mom! =) We went to NYC (used to live in Bayonne, NJ across the Hudson at the time) back in 2001 just before Xmas…….it was beautiful and such an amazing experience, our hotel room was small with a view like yours but it was really nice.

  18. I can’t wait to hear all the deets! This looks like so much fun, enjoy yourself :)

  19. Carrie 01.12.2010

    WOW! What a neat experience! I love NYC–I’d love to visit again.

    And as long as the accomodations are clean and safe, they don’t need to be luxurious. When traveling, I’m never in my room, anyway, so why spend my money on it?

  20. Valerie 01.12.2010

    How exciting! I’ve only been to NY once, and I had to prepare for a deposition for work. I didn’t have time to have fun. The city was beautiful though. Hope you enjoy it :)

  21. WOW you are soo lucky being in NY and having such an awesome day! It looks just like the movies there :P I am immensely jealous lol!! I hope tomorrow is just as fun :D

  22. sassy 01.12.2010

    Way to go super star! Looks like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see some photos from the shoot!

  23. Deirdre 01.12.2010

    Aww wished I could have met you while you were in NYC but congrats on this great opportunity!

  24. I always sacrifice the accomodations to be able to do more on the trip. Lots of times I like to stay with friends so we can enjoy our time out more.

  25. katie 01.12.2010

    aww what FUN!! your nails look great!

  26. Jenna 01.12.2010

    Glad your having a fun time!

  27. […] I mean, what’s not to like? Fresh sheets, fluffy towels, packed mini bar, great views (well, unless you’re staying here!), and, oh yeah, WARM CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES – if you’re staying at the DoubleTree […]

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