BBQ Pulled Pork (Crock Pot Recipe!)


Crock Pot BBQ Pulled Pork is as simple as it comes. This delicious, 5-ingredient crock pot recipe is perfect for supper or any special occasion!


Tonight’s dinner is something to cheer for – it’s been cooking away in my crock pot all day long. BBQ Pulled Pork!


Because I didn’t get enough of it last weekend, apparently. ;)


Now, do you have a friend who seems to always have a great little dish ready when you arrive at their house – seemingly put together in an effortless fashion, and is always one of the best thing you’ve ever had? This recipe comes from that friend of mine.

Whether it’s her white chocolate covered popcorn and peanut M&M’s or a perfect tray of veggies and dip – I know I’m always going to have a spectacular little treat waiting for me when I go over.


This pulled pork is what she had ready when Ben and I went over to her and her husband’s house to watch the Super Bowl. We were “bowled” over (pun intended) by how delicious it was!


And it’s SO easy to make! The recipe calls for a 4lb pork shoulder and these two bad boys – Coke Zero (you could use any cola) and BBQ sauce.


Last night I cut the pork shoulder into big hunks and this morning I put them in my crock pot, seasoned generously with garlic salt, poured on ~1/2 cup BBQ sauce, enough Coke Zero to almost cover the meat, and layered on one sliced onion. I set the timer for 8 hours on low and was on my way!


Crock Pot BBQ Pulled Pork

Print this recipe!

Feeds 8-10

4lb pork shoulder, cut into large hunks
garlic salt
1 cup BBQ sauce, plus more for serving
Coca Cola (or any other cola)
1 onion, sliced


  1. Season pork generously with garlic salt then place into crock pot. Add BBQ sauce and enough Coke to almost cover meat. Add sliced onion on top then cook on low for 8 hours, or until pork easily shreds. Discard cooking liquid then shred pork and mix with more BBQ sauce. Serve on buns.

This afternoon, oh my goodness, I walked into the most delectable smelling house. All I had to do was remove the meat from the crock pot, shred it up and mix with some more BBQ sauce. I could have shredded that meat with…I don’t know, my knuckles…that’s how tender it was!


Each piece was subtly sweet and smoky. I could. not. get. enough!


Paired with some baked beans and green beans, why, we had ourselves another little BBQ feast!



(I heart canned green beans.)


This BBQ Pulled Pork recipe is the way to go my friends. So succulent and tender, and the flavors are spot on. Thanks Linds for the fabulous recipe!!

Oh, on the 40 Day/20 Minute Movement Challenge front, I skipped down to the gym during lunch today and put in 3 miles in 30 minutes on the elliptical. 30 minutes is all I can handle on that puppy – my feet go numb! Does that happen to anyone else??

Tonight I think I’m going to get things ready for the bacon recipes I’ll be cooking up for the party on Saturday. I narrowed it down to two that I’m going to take. They’re epic!


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  1. kate 02.25.2010

    first comment :)
    pulled pork is my fave. its awesome too because there are thousands of variations and each one is unique and tasty in its own way!

  2. Frozen thin mints are the absolute best. I can’t eat them because of the sugar but I used to devour a sleeve at a time.

  3. Evan Thomas 02.25.2010

    No girl scout cookies here :-( I hear Back 2 Nature makes an organic thin mint I really want to check out, though!

  4. Abby 02.25.2010

    SAMOAS!! Oh my, I love those! I think Edy’s even has Samoa ice cream. Amazing!

  5. Cass 02.25.2010

    I love how you go to the gym during your lunch breaks! Do you shower after? What do you wear? I have to wear profesisonal work clothes to work (and some makeup)…so im always nervous to try a lunch workout because of this. What are your tips?

  6. Lauren 02.25.2010

    I was wondering when we were going to see another crock pot dinner from you. It’s been a little while! ;)

    I haven’t had GS cookies in ages. Thin Mints were and always will be my favorite. Nothing compares. Not any of those knock offs you can buy any time of year. It’s a pitiful attempt in my opinion.

    Enjoy your frozen cookies. Sounds delicious!

  7. Sassy Molassy 02.25.2010

    Thin mints all the way! I was impatiently waiting for my boxes to arrive at home so I could see the cute little girl scouts (and snag my cookies). Of course, the night they came, I had taken the dog for a short walk. GO FIGURE!

    Mine are in the freezer bc I think they just taste better that way. And, I love your pulled pork recipe!

  8. katie 02.25.2010

    i love yo southern style bbq dinner! represent!!
    my dad once ate an entire box of those tagalong cookies..haha! i <3 thin mints

  9. I don´t really eat pork, but that recipe looked amazing!
    And I´ve never tried GSC…
    But by the way you talk, they´re pretty awesome, too…
    Hahahahah ;)
    Have a great night!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  10. Becky 02.25.2010

    I love caramel delights, but there’s something so classic and simple about a thin mint – can’t resist – and they are great frozen, too! My feet go numb on the elliptical, too….it always made me worry that something was wrong and I stopped using it!

  11. Larissa 02.25.2010

    my feet always go numb at the toes too! i thought it was just me… i think it might be because of pushing through your toes.. if i keep my feet flat it doesnt seem to happen

  12. I can’t wait for my GSC to come in! Should be soon- I kind of forgot about ’em. And yes, my feet go numb on the elliptical too.

  13. Rachel S 02.25.2010

    Love love love this post! it’s got all my favorite foods in it=) Samoas are my all-time fave GSC, without a doubt, but Thin mints are a veryyyyy close second. And same with trefoils! I haven’t come across any GSC sales/sellers yet this year, unfortunately=( Your pulled pork looks so good..makes me want summer and the bbq’s that go with it!

  14. Andrea 02.25.2010

    Girl scout cookies, pulled pork, green beans and baked beans, all of my favorites! I so want your dinner!!!!

  15. Sandy 02.25.2010

    YUMMY! I got Thin Mints and Caramel deLites! I’ve actually called them Caramel deLites for years but I know other people have called them Samoas. I wonder why they keep changing the name??

  16. Elyssa 02.25.2010

    I LOVE Tagalongs! Anything chocolate and peanut butter. :) Although I think they changed the name to Peanut Butter Patties…Tagalongs is such a better name!

  17. Tina 02.25.2010

    Love me some crockpot easy cooking!!! And we didn’t get any GSC this year. Now I’m drooling and wondering what I was thinking as I see everyone talking about getting theirs.

  18. LOVE pulled pork….yum

  19. Laura 02.25.2010

    My feet go numb too! I’ve never heard anyone say that before!! Thank you for your awesome blog – i love it!!

  20. emily 02.25.2010

    My feet go numb on the elliptical too, it drives me crazy!

    What do you do with shower/changing when you go to the gym during lunch?

  21. Melissa 02.25.2010

    Who *doesn’t* like GSC? The Caramel Delights/Samoas are my faves, but frozen TM’s are a super close second! I can’t believe they sold GSC’s at your GYM!!! That is just madness . . . and I’m sure I would be first in line!

  22. Ms. S 02.25.2010

    For the pulled pork….do you brown your meat before placing it in the crockpot? And if so, did you do that the night before? (A little new to crockpot recipes, but am determined to utilize mine more.)

    And Thin Mints rock! I was so tickled to read you freeze yours because that’s the BEST way to eat them, in my opinion. Though that doesn’t really hinder me much from eating an entire sleeve, unfortunately. Ah well! Thank goodness for gyms!!

  23. Amanda 02.25.2010

    I’m curious about your lunch gym routine too…my office has a gym but when I work out, I like to SWEAT, and I wouldn’t want to subject my coworkers to that in the afternoon :P
    Tagalongs are my fave, but samoas are definitely a close second!
    And my toes go numb too on the elliptical!! If I tie my sneakers a little looser, that helps. I’m so glad you brought this up, because it looks like a lot of other people experience the numbing too, and I always just thought I was a weirdo! Love your blog IGE :)

  24. That bbq looks amazing and now I have a new way to cook it! My fave are definitely thin mints, closely followed by tagalongs and the shortbread ones.

  25. AmyLou 02.25.2010

    I’m totally going to try that pork recipe! So simple but so easy!!!

    And yes, my feet go numb on the elliptical. I found two things help with that problem: make sure you aren’t tying your shoelaces too tight (it can cut off circulation) and secondly, make sure you are going through the whole range of motion with your foot (like when walking–heel to toe), not just putting pressure on the front part. HTH!

  26. Catherine 02.25.2010

    I gave up sweets for Lent, so no GSC for me… didn’t want the temptation! I love them though! Samoas/Caramel deLites are my favorite.

    Now you’ve gotten me craving pulled pork sandwiches.. I was thinking I’d make them tomorrow, but then I remembered tomorrow’s Friday.. looks like I’ll have to wait another day!

  27. Jenna 02.25.2010

    Girl Scout Cookies!!!! I ordered some a few weeks ago from a co-worker whose daughter is a GS. I am fond of Caramel deLites, Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties (AKA Tagalongs), though the Tagalongs are the top favorite due to the peanut butter, naturally.

    And how sweet of your man getting you an egg for a snack. I think I should find myself a man so he can do such things for me. It’s just not the same going and buying it myself! :P

  28. This is the EXACT same way I make pulled pork! Diet soda and bbq sauce! So easy…

  29. Anna 02.25.2010

    ok RANDOM cookie fact…out here in PA they are called Samoas and the shortbreads are “Trefoils” ??? In IL they were always Caramel DeLites and Shortbread though. I too am a victim of Elliptical Numbness. I always thought it was because I have poor circulation! (probably doesn’t help!)

  30. JodiS 02.25.2010

    Dinner looks amazing!! I’m so excited for Girl Scout Cookies, I love them. My fav is the Peanut Butter Patties, so irresistible!!

  31. Samoas are my favorite, although I’m not sure if I will be buying any this year! I’m trying to hold off but then again, I haven’t had the opportunity to buy them yet! I’m sure when the time comes, I will give in to temptation! Haha!!

  32. I have never seen someone so excited about girl scout cookies and I love it! Wouldn’t turn those thin mints down…

    Um, that bbq pulled pork looks ridiculous woman. Reee-diculous! I wish I had a crock pot so badly!

  33. They don’t have girl scout cookies in England :'( I feel like I’m missing out on something incredible here!!
    The pork sounds lovveely flavour wise :D

  34. Jessie 02.26.2010

    Pulled Pork is great. If you have leftover it makes an amazing pizza. I use 5 minute bread as the crust & put BBQ sauce down instead of pizza sauce & top it however you want! Yum!

    The Santa Fe Crockpot Chicken recipe was amazing. It make tons too. We had it with rice, then in Enchiladas and finally in soup. Tastes great in all the recipes! Thank you so much for sharing!

  35. Christina 02.26.2010

    For all you thin mints lover:
    I came up with a recipe for healthy chocolate truffles, and the peppermint version tastes almost exactly like thin mints (according to my husband). I have never had a girl scout cookie, so I can’t confirm that, but I do know they are delicious. And I am also sure they are a lot healthier than the real thin mints. :)

    The key is to put them in the freezer, maybe someone can expand on them and shape them like a thin mint, add some crunch…

    Cookies in the gym…that’s just wrong. :)

  36. NySoonerGirl 02.26.2010

    They were actually called Caramel Delites back in the day! I never stopped calling them that actually and was always confused when people talked about Samoas. They were always my favorite GSC but with my new nut allergy, I can’t have them anymore! :(
    Oh, and my feet go numb on the elliptical too!

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  38. Kristine 02.26.2010

    oh my gosh, thin mints are even better straight out of the freezer! I hate to break it to you. ;) Hehe

  39. jen 02.26.2010

    i steered clear of the girl scouts this year, but I love me some thin mints and carmel delights!

    I haven’t belonged to a gym for quite a while, but yes! my feet would always go numb on the eliptical! what gives?

    I think I may need a new crockpot. You’re slowly but surely convincing me. Ours is old and I’m not sure it’s even working anymore. Plus, I think a new one wouldn’t scare me to leave by itself all day. :)

  40. Julie S. 02.26.2010

    Samoas, no contest! I like the Lemonades, too. Unfortunately my daughter picked 3 different kinds so we are full up! Now the key is trying to make them last through the weekend!

  41. shannon 02.26.2010

    I love your teaser questions, they’re irresistible.

    And YES I like Girl Scout cookies! Ever since I was a little girl and sold them. However I haven’t had any in years! I don’t allow them in our home, it wouldn’t be good for my hips, or butt, or thighs. So I have no idea what the current flavors are, but my fave oldies but goodies are samoas (or whatever they call them now), tagalongs, and thin mints…. mmm! This post is torturous, cause now I want some! Have you ever had the Girl Scout Cookie ice cream? I’ve always wondered if it’s good, but have been too scared to try it for fear that it may be as good as I think it will be, and that I’ll NEVER stop eating it.

  42. AP 02.26.2010

    Samoas (and a few other kinds of the cookies) are made by 1 of 2 companies and I’m guessing they changed which company they are coming from for the Iowa girl scouts. They are essentially the same but the couple varities that come from multiple producers have different names depending on which they come from (ABC Bakers or Little Brownie Bakers).

    Your pulled pork looks amazing but I can never go back to canned green beans. Fresh all the way!

  43. MyThy as in "Mighty" 02.26.2010

    OMG that pulled pork looks awesome! Can you substitute the coke/cola w/ root beer? Just curious…the DF loves his pork so I’ll def be trying this one. Keep those crockpot recipes comin’! ;)

    GSC rock! I thought I was gonna miss out on them this year but nope, managed to get me a stash @ the clinic I’m working at. Freezer Thin Mints are to die for. DF loves Samoas/Carmel deLites but I’m a big fan of the PB Patties/Tagalongs. One coworker let me try a Lemonades and that lemon icing is delish! Better than the Lemon Creme Chalet.

  44. Graze With Me 02.26.2010

    Thanks for the pulled pork recipe – I really want to try it with chicken.

    My feet always go numb on the treadmill, so annoying. I love the Samoas (or caramel delites). Why do they keep changing the names? It makes me feel old.

  45. Love pulled pork make it at least a couple times a month.. Love all the variations as well. The only thing we have not changed is the bbq sauce always use sweet baby rays!

    Frozen Thin Mints are the best – take them from freeze crush them up and use a topping on ice cream.. YUM

  46. cass 02.28.2010

    this is the EXACT same order i placed….we have great taste in girl scout cookies :)

  47. Lindsey 02.28.2010

    Ha ha – thanks for making me sound good :) I try…

    PS – shout out to Cheech…recipe comes from him!!!

  48. I haven’t had girl scout cookies for sooo long! No one in my office sells them – we usually get chocolate covered almonds or something.

    My favourite cookies have to be warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies – straight from the oven!


    PS – That pulled pork looks amazing!

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