New York City: Explained!


Good Monday morning to you! Hope your weekend was fab. Mine seemed to stretch on foreeeeever, which is always a win. :)

Oh gosh, those cinnamon rolls last night – !!!


I haven’t had these in ages! My Dad used to make them on the weekends growing up. Us kids would wake up to the smell of them baking in the oven, race down to the kitchen and fight over who got the gooey, chewy middle roll that seemed to always catch the icing dripping off the other ones. Being the only girl, I seem to remember winning that battle fairly often. ;)

DSC_0004 (2)

I savored every sweet and spectacular bite! :D Do you like the middle or edge cinnamon roll?

DSC_0006 (2)

This morning, I channeled something a wee bit healthier for breakfast – a Green Monster Smoothie!


I’ve been dreaming about this smoothie since I had it last week on St. Patty’s Day. Adding the vanilla whey protein powder into the mix makes ALL the difference! Thick, luscious and SO GOOD. :mrgreen: 


In the mix:

  • 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1/2 Tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze
  • 1 Tablespoon almond butter
  • 1 frozen banana
  • enough spinach to fill the blender to the top!



Lunch is a nutritious beast as well – a big Mixed Salad! 


In the mix:

  • Mixed Greens
  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Dried cranberries
  • Peanuts


Once again, I over flowed my container with lettuce and spinach, then took my pizza cutter to it. Zip, zip, zip and suddenly my gigantic salad was reduced to a more manageable, fork-friendly size. You can fit in TONS of spinach this way too, which is great!


Take that, tots, pizza and cinnamon rolls! ;)


New York City

So, do you guys remember when I up and spent a couple days in New York City (recap day 1, day 2, day 3) shooting a print ad for an allergy medication company a few months ago?


Well, Fitness Magazine and Claritin Allergy Medication had a “call for entries” to people who have allergies and take Claritin D, to be in a print ad campaign for their product. I have wretched allergies and also take CD, so I said – what the heck, why not? I sent in my picture, got picked to be in the ad, and it’s out!


You’ll find me on page 107 in all of my allergy suffering glory. ;) HA! It’s just too crazy! I don’t think the picture even looks that much like me – but it’s still pretty flipping cool, nonetheless! See, having allergies does have it’s perks! ;) 



In other news, I’ve created an Official Iowa Girl Eats Page on Facebook! I’m hoping to use this page for answering questions, having discussions and just generally getting our chat on. Join me, won’t you? :D

Have a magnificent Monday, wherever you are!


What magazines do you love to read?

What social networking sites do you use often? Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Linked In?


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  1. That’s so cool that you’re in the magazine!!! Congrats!

  2. Look at you all famous and stuff! How cool! You look great!

    I’m a social media junkie… I’ve been on facebook for oh, 6 years now, twitter for 3, and then there’s this whole blog thing :)

  3. Congrats to you, lovely girl! You are so gorgeous – that picture is fabulous! I am a magazine nut – I read probably 15-20!

  4. Court and Whit 03.22.2010

    Omg, that’s so cool! we read that mag all the time=) Congratulations, the ad looks awesome!

  5. Jennyj 03.22.2010

    That’s so cool I’m gonna have to buy a copy!

    I love Self and Shape:)

  6. Could you BE any cuter?!? That is so awesome!! Good for you! I’m a Facebooker, Tweeter and Blogger. I gave up MySpace many moons ago :smile:

  7. Erin 03.22.2010

    That’s SO GREAT you made it in a magazine!!! You look great!! Congrats!! Not many people can say they have a huge one page picture in a popular magazine!

  8. Love the magazine pic, so awesome! I get Real Simple, Runner’s World and Health. :-)

  9. Katie 03.22.2010

    I just got my copy of Fitness on Saturday and was saving it to read at the gym today. Since I’m on the couch with a sick kiddo I’ll have to at least check out your ad today. What a fun opportunity for you, you look wonderful! What a great win for the UNI men’s basketball team over Kansas. Too bad the women didn’t play better against Nebraska, but it was a great win for us. I read a variety of magazines, Self, Fitness, Shape, Taste of Home, Healthy Cooking, Food Network, Reader’s Digest, People, Better Homes and Gardens- some I subscribe too and others I read at the gym.

  10. WOW! You’re officially world-famous, congratulations!!! :D
    YAY about the Facebook page – I’ll be joining that :)
    I’m always on blog pages, and facebook, that’s about the it :)Magazine wise…too many – Glamour, Health & Fitness, Zest, Women’s Running, Women’s Fitness, Heat, Runner’s World, Horse and Hound, and many many more….I’m addicted!!

  11. Mellissa 03.22.2010

    What a cute picture! I subscribe to at least 10 magazines, it is a problem ;) But I love them and get excited every time one arrives in the mail.

  12. Melissa S. 03.22.2010

    omg so cool you’re in a magazine!!! so neat!

  13. You look great in the picture! So fun to be in a national print ad.

    I read Health, Self, Shape, Fitness and WW Magazine occasionally. I love the variety of stuff I learn.

    I have a face book account and use it daily and occasionally spend time on twitter. But I like my WW message board too.

  14. Kaitlin 03.22.2010

    Ah, thats so exciting that you’re in a magazine!! Weren’t you just in a local ad too (I remember you posting about that), maybe you should consider a career change…modeling perhaps, haha. I don’t subscribe to any magazines but I have a guilty pleasure of reading Us Weekly and People to get my gossip on…

  15. rachael 03.22.2010

    That’s so cool that you’re in a magazine! I would buy like 10 copies if it was me haha!

  16. BostonRunner 03.22.2010

    oh my gosh that’s so cool that you’re in a magazine!! I’m definitely going to check out the magazine!!
    Also, I tried the green monster once and didn’t like it. I think I’m going to try it again with the vanilla powder though, where do you get it?

  17. the wicked noodle 03.22.2010

    WOW! How exciting! I’m going to buy the magazine just so I can say I know someone in it :-) Congrats!

  18. Cari 03.22.2010

    Fun! I just started getting Fitness magazine so I’ll watch for it in the mail.

  19. That’s so cool you’re in a magazine (allergies and all)! Congrats :D

    It’s all about the cinnamon roll in the middle ;)

  20. Julia 03.22.2010

    I SAW that ad in the magazine, and thought “That looks exactly like IGA! But nooo, it couldn’t be!” hahaha
    Cinnamon rolls always smell 1000% better than they actually taste, to me. Not gonna lie, I’ll eat them, but I always think that.

    Glad you had a nice weekend! :)


  21. AP 03.22.2010

    Nice! I mostly facebook, but I wish more people would get on board with twitter! I haven’t touched myspace in ages, but my page is still out there somewhere.

  22. Great ad – congrats!
    I read People, Food Network, ED with Rachael Ray, Redbook…and whatever others ones look good, but those are the ones I subscribe too. I LOVE mags!

  23. Rose 03.22.2010

    oh my goodness! how cool is that! congrats!!! I’m going to run to the store after work and try and find you!

  24. Woot! How exciting! I read (and subscribe to) Runner’s World – other than that it’s just whatever I pick up from the shelf – Lucky, Elle, Self, Real Simple…

    I stick to Facebook for social networking but I am on LinkedIn too!

  25. Dawn 03.22.2010

    Wow, so cool! You really have that “something special” and I wish you the best. How fun for you.

    Do all those fun things and take advantage of it NOW, while you are young and beautiful.

    Take it from me!!! 50 in May and looking back at some misseed ops! But go for it!!!

  26. ShutupandRun 03.22.2010

    Who knew allergies could be such a great thing? Seriously, that is the cutest picture of you. Love that you put yourself out there and got picked!

  27. You look so pretty!!! Congrats!!!

    LOVE cinnamon rolls.. my mom used to make the orange cinnamon rolls on weekends, so good! I like the ooey gooey middle :)

    I use Facebook and Twitter like it’s my job… but not about my blog.

  28. Heather 03.22.2010

    I love cinnamon rolls – my sister and I used to fight over the center one as well – the soft ones are the best.

    What a cool magazine ad – I like cooking light a lot and also body and soul magazine.

  29. Sara 03.22.2010

    Oh, I love cinnamon rolls from the can! The best part of the roll is the center…no question about it. You’re so famous! Congrats on the ad. I love to read Shape, Self, Glamour and Cosmo. As for social network sites, I’m a huge fan of Facebook and Twitter.

  30. Kelsey Huebsch 03.22.2010

    You look gorgeous, Kristin! Congrats on the ad–how cool!
    Maybe Tyra will have another America’s Next Top Model for girls shorter than 5’7”. You def. have a portfolio started with this ad! ;)
    Have a great Monday!

  31. katie 03.22.2010

    WOW YOU ARE FAMOUS!! and so beautiful!

  32. jen 03.22.2010

    That’s awesome, and you look great! That is just too cool!
    I’ll look you up on facebook the next time I’m on. Oh, come by my blog, I’m hosting a give away this week for a fun apple cozy!

  33. Kerstin 03.22.2010

    Oh wow, that is so cool – congrats!! I wish I had one of those cinnamon rolls right now too – yum!

  34. Congrats on the magazine ad! You are so darn cute :) My favorite magazines are Delight Magazine & Taste of Home. Like Facebook, but haven’t gotten into Twitter yet…its just one thing to keep up with :)

  35. Valerie 03.22.2010

    YAY for being famous! You look great :)

  36. I love HEALTH, Fitness & Shape magazine! I would like to get Running in the near future as I hear it is good.

    I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends & family, it is a great way to stay in contact with everyone and see what is going on in their lives! =)

  37. Deirdre 03.22.2010

    Wow great ad! Such a good example of just doing something you want to do and it working out.

    I like Glamour, Sports Illustrated, and People.

  38. Kayla S 03.22.2010

    Wow, what an awesome opportunity!!!!! Congrats on getting picked! How exciting.

  39. RunToTheFinish 03.22.2010

    wow i have been waiting forever it feels like to finally see what the shot was about, so glad you revealed it!! What an exciting thing to have happen!

  40. ahh that’s so awesome!!

  41. Nicole 03.22.2010

    Congratulations! The ad is beautiful. And your trip to New York looked like so much fun!

  42. Wendy 03.22.2010

    Awesome Ad!

    The cinnamon buns pic had me drooling— where can we get the recipe?!! ;)

  43. sophia 03.22.2010

    You look amazing! This must be so exciting! Does it feel weird to see your own face staring and smiling back at you in a mag? :-)
    I do Twitter and Facebook. That’s enough for me!

  44. Nicole, RD 03.22.2010

    CONGRATS! You look wonderful! That’s such a fun thing to be a part of! Sniffles and all!

    I use Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, however, I don’t use any of them all that much. I hop on Facebook and Twitter about once a day to check in, and that’s about it. Linked In I used A LOT when I was job searching, however! MySpace – noooo!

  45. BroccoliHut 03.22.2010

    Love the vibrant hue of your Green Monster!

  46. Amanda in Rabat 03.22.2010

    What a picture- you look great!

    Anything kind of food magazine is it for me! I used to be a Glamour girl too, but not so much anymore.

    I’m on twitter and linkedin but not facebook or myspace…I think I miss out on a few things not being on Facebook, like your new page!!

  47. Kendel 03.22.2010

    Ahh!!! Congratulations! You look beautiful! I’m heading back to the US on Friday… I think I’ll have to pick up the magazine to see it in person! Is it weird to suggest that you frame an allergy medication advertisement and hang it in your house?

  48. Kelly 03.22.2010

    I am unsure what I am more excited about…
    The fact that you are a skinny minnie and actually EAT yummy gooey cinnamon rolls (that I too have in my freezer ;)
    that you are a celebrity!!! =)


    I live and die by Women’s Health and love Glamour too and yes I am a FB girl addicted beyond addiction

  49. Jenny 03.22.2010

    WOW — I just got that magazine from the gym today (I’ll return it tomorrow!) How cool! :)

  50. Sandy 03.22.2010

    wow girl, how cool that you are in a magazine!!!! that’s soo awesome!

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