7 Simple Steps to a Delicious Stir Fry!


Step 1 (the golden rule of stir frying): Lay out the ingredients in your stir fry BEFORE you do anything else.

The cooking part goes quickly, so having all your ingredients ready to go is key. My mix includes zucchini, corn, cauliflower, broccoli, ground turkey and scrambled eggs.


You’ll also need wok oil (or sesame or peanut oil) for cooking,


and chicken broth for steaming.


Step 2: Make your stir fry sauce.


My favorite sauce includes equal parts soy sauce & chicken broth (un-pictured), a spoonful of chili garlic sauce and almond butter (un-pictured), a splash of rice vinegar, and dashes of garlic powder, ground ginger, onion powder and sesame oil.


Step 3: Heat your wok to 375 degrees with a couple dashes of wok oil, and locate your stir fry tools.


This is an electric wok that cost around $30 from Bed Bath & Beyond. It gets screamin’ hot in mere seconds! If you don’t have a wok, just heat the biggest pan you have on the highest heat your stove will go.


Wooden spoons are the best stir frying tools, imo, because they don’t scratch your wok.


Step 4: Add your protein and, using your spoons, stir fry until it’s no longer pink.


Remove from wok to a dish on the side.


Step 5: Stir fry your vegetables together according to the amount of time they take to cook.

Broccoli & cauliflower take the same amount of time to cook, so do corn & zucchini, peppers & asparagus – you get the idea.


When the vegetables are slightly seared, add ~1/4 cup chicken broth into the wok and place the lid on top. 



Steam for about a minute then remove the vegetables from the wok to a dish on the side.


Continue heating dashes of oil, stir frying your vegetables until they have a little color, then steaming with a splash of chicken broth until everything is cooked.





When the last batch of veggies have finished cooking, push them to the side of the wok to create a clear cooking surface in the middle.


Add a couple dashes of oil, then add 1 whole egg + 1 egg white that have been scrambled together.


Stir until eggs are 90% cooked,


Step 6: Add all the cooked ingredients back into the wok.


Step 7: Pour in the sauce.


Mix everything together & cook until the sauce and other components are hot.


Serve over brown rice and DIG IN!


Ummm, that sauce is CRAZY good! Sort of sweet from the almond butter and enhanced a million times by the fresh sweet corn.


I didn’t know how I’d feel about the ground turkey, but it turned out to be just fine. I had it leftover in my fridge from the pizza burgers and it melded right in with the rest of the ingredients.


A fresh dinner ready in minutes, that can be personalized any way you want. Try it with chicken, shrimp, scallops or tofu, and mushrooms, baby corn, peppers, onions or asparagus!


I topped mine with green onion for another splash of color and burst of flavah!


To review – the 7 simple steps to a delicious stir fry:

  1. Lay out the ingredients in your stir fry BEFORE you do anything else.
  2. Make your stir fry sauce.
  3. Heat your wok to 375 degrees with a couple dashes of wok oil, and locate your stir fry tools.
  4. Add your protein and, using your spoons, stir fry until it’s no longer pink.
  5. Stir fry your vegetables together according to the amount of time they take to cook.
  6. Add all the cooked ingredients back into the wok.
  7. Pour in the sauce.

Stir fry for all!

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  1. Lauren 08.19.2010

    Great tips! You are right with the Golden Rule. Prepping and having all of the ingredients out before you start is vital when it comes to stir fries. Timing is priceless in the cooking method.

  2. jen 08.19.2010

    love stir fry! i usually use frozen veggies, but i may have to give fresh a try.

  3. Leianna 08.19.2010

    I love any kind of stir-fry, they were a staple in my house growing up!

  4. Tina 08.19.2010

    I agree that peanut oil or some sort of Asian inspired oil is a necessity for stir frying. Adds so much flavor!

  5. I think I may need to make a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend!!! When I stir-fry I just use a skillet and I don’t think it gives the same effect. I can definitely dish out $30 for a Wok.

    Your dish looks so good, too! I personally love mixing mushrooms, broccoli, red pepper and snow peas together!!!! Super yum! Also, I am diggin’ your SUPER SIZED soy size. I need that. I go through soy like crazy! :)

  6. Angharad 08.19.2010

    Prepping is so essential isn’t it?! There is literally not a second to spare when that wok is so hot! Love tofu, carrots, bell peppers and snap peas in stir fries. Crunch. Yum.

  7. Dawn 08.19.2010

    Awesome. I just gave my wok pan away and now I want it back! Hmmm…maybe I can borrow it back. ;-)

  8. I love electric woks! My mom has one and I loved stir fry growing up… now I want one too!

  9. I love a good stir-fry! They are fast and easy yet super satisfying :)

  10. I just had stir-fry for dinner tonight. I love how versatile it is. And veggies just taste so amazing when they’re coated in a lovely stir-fry sauce. I like the nut butter addition in your sauce. I’ll have to try that out at some point.

  11. Lindsay 08.19.2010

    I know this might sounds weird, but of all of the posts in the blog world, this looks like something I might actually be able to make and enjoy. I mean it has all of my favorite foods in it. Do you think it would be okay to subsititute cucumber for a different veggie??

  12. Excellent post! i always lay all my ingredients out when making a stir fry in fact i try to lay them out no matter what i’m doing, it helps lots along the way.
    your stir fry looks lovely!!

  13. Liz @ Blog is the New Black 08.20.2010

    I like the idea of adding an egg to to the stiry-fry. It must get it a great texture and plus, protein, obvi!!!!

  14. Christina 08.20.2010

    Wow this really looks great I honestly had no idea what went into doing a real stir fry!!! Looks soo good!!!

  15. This looks delish!

    Just a tip… in class we are taught when stir-frying veggies to put the ones that take longest to cook first, then when they’re almost done add the other ones until they’re almost done, add it all together and then you have a perfectly cooked stir fry without having to dump stuff out!

    Wish I had a wok though… ;)


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  17. lauramich 08.20.2010

    Yep, I’m a firm believer in mise en place—having all of the ingredients set out (and measured) before cooking begins. It’s essential for any recipe; it ensures that you have everything on hand to begin with, and it streamlines the cooking process. And it’s especially critical for a stir-fry because they move so quickly.

    Our go-to stiry fry recipe is the Pork and Vegetable Stir-Fry from Cooking Light. (I cheat and use frozen sugar snap peas, though.) I also had good luck with this kung pao shrimp.

  18. Beth @ bethcooks 08.20.2010

    This looks SOamazing! Great tips too! I think making your own sauce is always the best way to go. Stir Fry sauces at the grocery store have SOOO much sodium!

  19. Kristie 08.20.2010

    sounds really good. Thanks for the tips. I will have to stir-fry soon.

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