Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Wraps


Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Wraps have just 4 ingredients. Could not be easier or tastier!


You remember the easiest crock pot recipe ever, don’t you? Well I’ve got another one for the books – Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Wraps!

4 ingredients, my friends. FOUR INGREDIENTS! 

  • 2 large chicken breasts, cut in half
  • 1/2 a 1oz package Ranch dip mix
  • 1 17.5oz bottle Buffalo Wing Sauce
  • 2 Tablespoons butter


Place your chicken in the bottom of a crock pot (mine’s a big one, but you could probably use a small) then sprinkle dip mix on top. Pour in 3/4 of the bottle of wing sauce, and lift up each chicken half so it gets sauce underneath it.

DSC_0118 DSC_0120

Cook on low for 6 hours if you have thicker chicken breasts, 5.5 hours for thinner breasts, then shred. Discard cooking liquid.


Next, melt 2 Tablespoons butter in a small saucepan then combine with the shredded chicken and the rest of the wing sauce.


Finally – wrap & roll, baby!

DSC_0004 DSC_0005

***Might be my favorite crock pot recipe ever***


Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Serves 3-4


Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Wraps have just 4 ingredients. Could not be easier or tastier!


  • 2 large chicken breasts, cut in half
  • 1/2 a 1oz package Ranch dip mix
  • 17.5oz bottle Buffalo Wing Sauce
  • 2 Tablespoons butter
  • Flour tortillas


  1. Place chicken in the bottom of a crock pot then sprinkle dip mix on top. Pour in 3/4 of the bottle of wing sauce, and lift up each chicken half so it gets sauce underneath it.
  2. Cook on low for 6 hours if you have thicker chicken breasts, 5.5 hours for thinner breasts, then shred. Discard cooking liquid.
  3. Melt 2 Tablespoons butter in a small saucepan then combine with the shredded chicken and the rest of the wing sauce.
  4. Place mixture inside flour tortillas with spinach and serve.

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,


This sauce is kickin’! I don’t love hot foods, but I ADORE the taste of buffalo wings!


Normally I go for Frank’s Wing Sauce, but I wanted to give Cookie’s brand a whirl. Tangy, vinegary and just the right amount of heat. It made this dish mouth watering.


Wrapped in a flour tortilla with crunchy lettuce, and paired with cool, crisp veggies to break my sweat.


Make this buffalo chicken then put the leftovers on nachos…or pizza…or in a dip…or on a salad. You won’t have enough for everything because you’ll want to eat it all the first night, but maybe you can plan ahead and double the recipe?! I’m warning you now!!!!! :)

In other news, please tell me I’m not the only nerdy soul who read Pillars of the Earth, then World Without End, and was utterly devastated when they were finished? Both are incredibly long, incredibly boring, novels over 1,000 pages, or something ridiculous like that, and set in mid-evil England. I just love ’em. It’s my whole inner history nerd. You understand.

ANYWAY, they made a Pillars of the Earth mini-series that I found on Netflix last night and I’m HOOKED!!! I watched 2 episodes and as soon as I clean up my kitchen, I’m going to go watch a couple more. So fab.



Do you have a nerdy habit/hobby/love to confess?

What are some of your favorite, easy crock pot recipes?

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  1. Lauren 12.20.2010

    This does sound incredible easy! Even a guy could handle this one. ;)

    Good luck on the Breakstone’s Challenge. You’ve so got this girl!

  2. Mmmm I’ve been waiting for this recipe. YUM!

  3. sounds good!! my nerdy habit? reading nonfiction. as in, not for class. i’m in grad school for library science & my part time job is in the library so i’m around books all the time. sometimes i get distracted by my job b/c of the books… whoops (but i’m usually good!). :)

  4. Lindsay 12.20.2010

    !!!! This is going on my next grocery list for sure! If only I hadn’t went grocery shopping yesterday… I have to wait until next week.

    Nerdy habit – reading! Almost 90 books this year.

  5. Kristin from MN 12.20.2010

    Good luck with the challenge! My super ultra nerdy habit is I have to wear my retainer to bed at least a few nights a week because I’m afraid my teeth will move if I don’t. And yeah that thing is pushing 15 years old!

    • Lexi 12.21.2010

      I wear mine still too…my friends think it’s funny but it’s worth it every time someone compliments my teeth! 15 years and going strong! :)

      • jane 12.21.2010

        HAHA i still wear my “retainer” except its one of those big blue mouth guards that does both the top and bottom at the same time..HOT

  6. This is one of the easiest crockpot recipes! :) We actually put a recipe like this in our wedding cookbook that we gave out as favors! We usually eat it on buns instead of wraps. I also love Italian Roast Beef sandwiches via the crockpot! My old roomate’s mom called me a

  7. AmyLou 12.20.2010

    I read Pillars of the Earth! Do you know they have a 3rd book in the series?? I haven’t read the 2nd or the 3rd yet though.

    This recipe looks fab, I’ll have to try it soon!!

  8. Heather 12.20.2010

    My husband read both books and watched the mini-series. He loved it!

    My mom read it as well and I bought her the DVDs for Christmas. I hope she likes them.

  9. Audrey 12.20.2010

    The recipe looks wonderful & I love the fact it’s quick & easy!
    I loooooved Pillars of Earth & World Without End. I was a little lost when I finished the books. Didn’t know how to fill my time! The mini-series was also enjoyable. I have some good news for you if you don’t already know…Ken Follett has a new Century Trilogy out & the first book is here! It’s called Fall of Giants & it’s just as long as the Pillars of Earth & World Without End. I haven’t started the book yet, but have very high hopes! Here’s the B&N link to the first book of the new trilogy:

  10. Stephany 12.20.2010

    I’m so anxious to hear about your challenge…but you have to wait until the 28th?! No fair! ;)

    My favorite, easy-peasy Crock-Pot recipe is salsa chicken. Literally, just throw in some chicken breasts and a jar of salsa and let it cook all day! It’s the one recipe I go to when I can’t think of anything to eat, ha!

  11. Anna @ ciaotochow 12.20.2010

    I am definitely trying out this recipe as soon as I get the chance. As for my nerdy habit, I don’t really know if this is nerdy (because obviously I think it’s cool…), but I continue to watch Saved by the Bell & Full House episodes regularly. When everyone else is watchin’ shows on MTV and E!, I continue to watch shows from the 80s and early 90s. :)

  12. Jill 12.20.2010

    Reading…I read 100+ books a year. Outrageous!!

  13. Starred! I can’t wait to make these!

  14. This recipe looks like a winner! I can’t wait to try this one, my boyfriend is going to go crazy over this!

  15. Imwaytoobusy 12.20.2010

    Oh, wow, that has to be amazing!!! I am pulling my crockpot out of storage over this…

  16. JennyV 12.20.2010

    Awesome recipe — quick and easy!! Knowing myself, I’d have to add a few little bleu cheese crumbles, just for good measure!

  17. dmcgirl 12.20.2010

    I would say that my nerdy hobby is blogging! It’s also a secret! My deep / dark secret! Nobody I know knows I do it. Well, with the exception of one or two people! Isn’t that a hoot!

    The buffalo chicken looks great! Do you have a timer on your crockpot so it turns on for you automatically or does it just keep warm?

  18. TeachNRun 12.20.2010

    Just put Pillars of the Earth on my wait list to download on my Nook from the library. The fact that I am SO EXCITED to be able to check out books from the library onto my Nook would have to be my nerdy deep dark secret!

  19. Jessie 12.20.2010

    Those wraps look AH-MAZING. Fiance loves loves LOVES buffalo wings, I’ll definitely have to make this. I just used my crock pot today for the first time: (!) BBQ pulled pork, and it was heavenly and so easy. I’m beginning to hoard crock pot recipes.

  20. Dee 12.20.2010

    Oh kay – now I really need a crockpot! :P

  21. this sounds absolutely awesome…i’ve become enamored with my crockpot lately!

  22. mary e 12.20.2010

    My nerdy habit? I am known among my friends as the spelling police! *Medieval. SORRY! ha ha ;)

  23. Kristin 12.21.2010

    I don’t use hot wing sauce because the fat content is outrageous. I found Tabasco or similar works just fine. I’ll have to give the recipe a try.

  24. lauramich 12.21.2010

    I just gave my SIL a programmable slow-cooker for Christmas (it was on her wishlist, and I love mine so much that it was a no-brainer) and passed along some of my favorite recipes as well, so they’re at the ready:

    From Cooking Light, these are family staples—

    Black Bean Soup
    Smoked Turkey and Lentil Soup—I change this one up by subbing thyme for the oregano, and lots of chopped onion, carrot, and celery for the 8 oz. of “prechopped vegetables.” (You can pretty much guarantee that I will throw in more veg than a recipe calls for!)

    I tweaked this Chicken Taco Soup recipe quite a bit, using plain pinto beans instead of the chili beans, diced tomatoes w/chilies (think Ro-Tel tomatoes) instead of the salsa, and a blend of chili powder, cumin, chipotle powder, and oregano in place of the taco seasoning. Also, I added an onion and a green bell pepper. Results were yummy.

    I also had good luck with these Italian Stuffed Peppers, and I saved a ton of calories and fat by using extra-lean ground beef and 2% cheese. I’m contemplating a Tex-Mex variation on the theme.

    I took a lot of liberties with this Pasta Fagioli recipe as well, subbing ground venison for the beef, adding more carrot, celery, and onion as well as some bell pepper and zucchini, and using a can of crushed tomatoes and my own spices (basil, oregano, and garlic) in place of the spaghetti sauce. I was asked to make it again—and plan to this week!

  25. Hope 12.21.2010

    This looks so good! I love buffalo chicken. I like making chicken cacciatore in the crockpot. It’s one of my favorite recipes to make. :)

  26. Ashley 12.21.2010

    Must. Try. This. Now!

    Looks delicious! Definitely doing on the menu for VERY soon!

  27. Lexi 12.21.2010

    I took a knitting class 2 years ago as to find a hobby. I knitted 3 scarves, gave them as gifts, and haven’t picked up knitting needles since. I could be a nerd; I just don’t make time for it.

  28. oh yes. i cannot wait to make this for my boyfriend. he loves everything about spicy chicken wraps (with buffalo sauce), and even though they slightly make me gag, i truly enjoy buffalo chx dip, which this resembles. i think it will be a hit! and SO EASY!! thanks girl! lets see, nerdy habit? ummm nothing i can think of! and my favorite crock pot recipe is either pot roast or your chx chili verde!

  29. Em 12.21.2010

    GREAT RECIPE! I’ve got a date tonight, and I can’t wait to try this out! :) :) :) :) :)

  30. Sara 12.21.2010

    YUM!! I adore buffalo chicken ANYTHING! I am so trying this out when I go back to school!! And I’m so glad to hear that someone likes Pillars of the Earth – I pick it up EVERY TIME I’m in a bookstore, but I never get it b/c books are pricey and I don’t want to pay for one that’s not good! Now I’ll definitely check it out at the library or on Amazon :D

    My nerdy habit? Reading Harry Potter every Christmas :D

  31. Cindee Ellenbarger 12.21.2010

    That is my all time favorite book how did I miss the mini-series?? I’m going to Netflix it right now. Thank you!!

  32. Sarah 12.28.2010

    Perhaps a stupid question, but if I want to use a package of 14 oz chicken tenders vs. two chicken breasts, would that work as effectively? Would they have to be cooked less? Looking forward to making this. :)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 12.28.2010

      I think it’d be fine! I would maybe cook them for a little less time – maybe 4-4.5 hours?

  33. Kathy 12.30.2010

    The recipe sounds great. Its so funny that I came across this as just today Iwas talking to my mom about finding recipes for the 2 qt crockpot that she gave me for Christmas (I have her very old 6 qt one already), and she also was telling me how great Pillars of the Earth is.

  34. Brittney 01.08.2011

    I just made this recipe for my boyfriend and he INHALED it! I added some shredded cheese to the end mixture and served on buns instead of wraps. He’s now eating the leftover chicken on tortilla chips– it’d make great nachos.

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  36. Catherine 01.12.2011

    Can you used frozen chicken for this recipe, or is it better to use thawed? Can I just adjust the cooking time? This looks so good, I’m trying to make it tonight! :)

  37. Sarah 01.16.2011

    When I made this, I absolutely loved it. I ate the leftovers for days. But, my boyfriend didn’t care for it too much. He loved how tender the chicken was, but just didn’t like the tang of the sauce.

    I decided to try something new with this recipe tonight. We’re not sure how it’s going to turn out, but here’s an idea for everyone:

    Instead of the wing sauce, use a can of enchilada sauce. Instead of the Ranch packet, use a packet of taco seasoning. I placed some sauce in the bottom, cut up four small chicken breasts, and sprinkled half of the taco seasoning on top of the chicken. Then, I cut up some small bits of onion and put them on top. Then, I used the rest of the can of enchilada sauce over everything and sprinkled the remaining taco seasoning on top with a few splashes of tabasco sauce and a dash of salt and pepper. Cooking on low for six hours.

    I was trying to think of a use for the frozen chicken breasts that HyVee had on sale for $5 a few weeks ago. I’m really not a fan of packaged, frozen chicken breasts in a large bag. Something about them just grosses me out. Since I don’t use them for normal sautéing, I thought popping them in a crock pot would do the trick since I wouldn’t have to look at them. :)

    The one thing that I forgot about this recipe is the tablespoons of butter and remaining sauce in the crock pot at the end. There’s no remaining sauce. I’m hoping that the can of enchilada sauce will be enough and I won’t have to do this step.

  38. nicole 01.17.2011

    this makes total sense. This recipe sounds fantastic. I love using my slow cooker. I just make taco seasoned pulled chicken for tacos.

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  40. Ashley 08.28.2011

    just found you via pinterest and the chocolate pb krispies cups…I had to comment because I was devasted when I finished World without end and pillars of the earth.
    I read his first novel in his trilogy Fall of Giants and didn’t love it as much, but I’m sure I’ll read the other two when they are out.

    can’t wait to make this chicken, i am obsessed with crock pot recipes that are all stew-y like!

  41. Annie 03.01.2012

    Just wondering how many calories, etc is in this?!

  42. This reminds me of a much healthier version of the Buffalo Chicken Burrito from Atlas in Iowa City! Yum! I’ve always wanted to try to make it at home, since I don’t live in Iowa anymore and haven’t seen it anywhere else!

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  44. […] later, I was starving by the time I got home. I made leftovers from Tuesday night’s dinner, Buffalo chicken wraps. I’m loving Iowa Girl Eats blog. Thanks again Ashley for sharing her blog awhile […]

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