Stir Fry Sauce


Stir Fry Sauce is the key to an awesome stir fry, and this one couldn’t be any easier to make!



I was quite the busy bee today, cranking out freelance projects like a mad woman (even shutting off Facebook to stay on track 8O ) running in and out of the house between snow flakes (and -16 degree temps) to run errands,


declaring my desire to cook on the Today Show (I want to start a Facebook campaign like Betty White did to get on SNL or something!) on Twitter,


and whipping up a smoothie for brunch that was so good I decided to call it a shake (I feel like shakes are much more risqué and luxurious than smoothies…) A Strawberry Banana Chocolate Shake!


You know it. In the mix:

  • 8 organic frozen strawberries
  • 1 frozen sliced banana
  • ~1.5 cups unsweetened vanilla almond breeze
  • 1 scoop unsweetened whey protein powder
  • ~1 Tablespoon milk chocolate chips


I was recently reading up on the best produce to buy organic, and strawberries made it near the top of the list because of their thin skins, which allow pesticides & fertilizers to be absorbed into the berry. A whole bag of frozen strawbs was under $2 at TJ’s. They smelled so sweet!


I added a handful to my blender, then some frozen bananas slices,


followed by a scoop of BiPro Natural Whey Protein Powder.


BiPro sent me a giant tub of this sugar-free, unflavored whey protein powder to review and I’ve got to say, I love the ingredient list and nutritionals.


Plus it has no weird smell or chalky taste. Perfect for giving decadent shakes staying power without messing with flavah. :)


Next I added a couple of big glugs of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze and blended everything up until it was silky smooth.


Finally, I pulled out the big guns…milk chocolate chips. Muwahaha!


The funny thing is, is that I hate cold, hard-chocolate such as M&M’s or chocolate chips in ice cream, but the thought of putting a scoop of chocolate chips in this strawberry-laced shake got me really excited.


I mean, really excited – I couldn’t wait to take my first sip!


It did NOT disappoint!


The chocolate chips (which, by the way, sound like gravel in the blender – don’t freak out, it’s fine) turned into chocolate shavings and a lot of them kind of melted into the shake. It was fantastic. A cross between breakfast and dessert, for sure, but insanely scrumptious. Big spoon worthy, even. ;)


Insert buzzing Ben’s hair at lunchtime here (long story) and whipping up a batch of the #1 Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe in the Entire World (I told you – takes 3 days to make – expose coming Sunday!) and before I knew it, it was dinner time! An Edamame Stir Fry was just the ticket.


This turned out to be one of the BEST stir fries I’ve ever made. I credit the unique combo of ingredients that worked together in perfect harmony, including edamame, extra firm tofu, asparagus, red onion and egg + sesame oil. (I didn’t end up using the green onions pictured here.)


Plus the sauce was the perfect combo of hot, spicy, sour & sweet!


Stir Fry Sauce


Stir Fry Sauce is the key to an awesome stir fry, and this one couldn't be any easier to make!


  • 1/4 cup chicken broth
  • 3 Tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon chili garlic sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon peanut butter
  • 1 Tablespoon rice vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
  • dashes of garlic powder, ground ginger, onion powder


  1. Combine ingredients in a bowl or jar then microwave for 20 seconds. Whisk or shake to combine then add to stir fry and cook until slightly reduced.

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,

Gosh it is so good! Oh, I also credit the peanut oil I used to stir fry all the ingredients in before adding the sauce. It gave everything a distinct, roasted flavor. I love it!


Ladies and gentleman, get your forks ready!!!

DSC_0009 (2)

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, YUM! (Sorry, I have the beggin’ strips commercial stuck in my head…)

DSC_0003 (2)

The combo of those sauce ingredients is mouthwatering! It looks like a lot of ingredients, but they’re ALL pantry staples, no? The shelled edamame was key, too. They have such a great texture – I just love ’em! So much that I had to go back for seconds. :)


Tonight I am living on the edge – turning the thermostat up to 68, pouring a glass of cab and popping in The Social Network.


I audibly gasped when it was the first movie I saw pop up on Redbox this afternoon at the grocery store. I assumed it would be snatched up by the time I got there!

DSC_0021 (2)

I can’t remember the last time I was this jazzed to see a movie. I can’t wait! Have a great night!


Do you try and maintain healthy eating habits on the weekends?

It’s really hard for me to continue eating healthfully on Saturday, especially. It’s as if my brain thinks calories don’t count on the weekends, or something. I’ve made it a goal of mine to be more mindful of that!

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  1. Dream Mom 01.21.2011

    Looks good, definitely more like a shake! I bet it was delicious!

    As for eating, I try to be mindful all the time. If I know that I am going to be having something delivered like pizza, which probably isn’t too healthy with italian sausage and made with canola oil (made from the rape seed plant which is toxic AND it’s GM), I try not to stress too much because I don’t do it very often. I just enjoy it and try, with the emphasis on “try” to limit portion control. Last weekend, we ordered it for the football game and I had an extra slice or two but decided not to stress about it. I do make my own pizza at home which is much healthier and vegan but I do enjoy a sausage pizza every now and then.

  2. Dream Mom 01.21.2011

    Oh, good luck on the Today Show. I think you’d be good at that plus you are very photogenic. Why not put out some You Tube videos in the meantime? You could do a Super Bowl You Tube with some food for the big game and put it out there on You Tube. It’s a great way to practice being on camera and fix anything you’d like to fix, so to speak, and then you’ll be uber ready for your big break. You can then post your You Tube video on here.

  3. Mary Ann 01.21.2011

    Kristin! I tried the turkey burgers stuffed with goat cheese last night and they were amazing. On thin buns with some TJ’s baked potato chips (have you tried them? Yum!) on the side. Best burger ever!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.23.2011

      No I’ve seen those though! Glad to know they don’t taste like cardboard, a la Baked Lays!

  4. I like that “cranking the thermostat up to 68 degrees” is living it up. That’s something I would say.

    I do find it hard to stay on the health track during the weekends, even though I consider it a time for splurging. One of the tricks I use to pick one day – either Saturday or Sunday – to have a big treat on, that way I don’t feel deprived and I maintain control of my sweet tooth. OR, if that doesn’t work, I just hit the gym HARD on Mondays to make up for it.

    Lovely post. Happy weekending!

  5. Imwaytoobusy 01.21.2011

    Ooh, I like the idea of dubbing an insanely delicious smoothie a “shake”. Sounds so decadent ;)

  6. I made this exact smoothie yesterday sans chocolate chips! That’s a good addition though!

  7. Bridget 01.21.2011

    It’s freezing, isn’t it!??! I love the shake……..I’ll be making that soon for my kids. I might have to throw in extra whey protein powder. I’ve got an 11 year old boy who is a literal bean pole. He’s needs some meat on his bones!

    I definitely splurge on the weekends. My family is all at home so I’m cooking all three meals for everyone as opposed to just a quick breakfast and a full dinner during the week. I run/exercise enough that it evens itself out. You’re very good at a healthy balance. It’s so important because life is fun and food is fun! :) Have a great weekend!

  8. Melissa 01.21.2011

    Just have to share . . . made a hamburger on my new Griddler tonight. Put it on & onion bun & then made it into a panini. The bun got all delicious & crunchy & the burger was perfect inside. Must try!

    I try to maintain healthy habits on the weekends, but I haven’t been doing a good job during the week lately, either. I need to do a better job in general!

  9. mmm i made a smoothie today…. spinach + banana + strawberries + milk…. yum! next time i’ll have to add choc chips!

  10. I would love to cook on The Today Show – I love being under pressure (yea I’m weird?) and love cooking – it’d be a dream come true! Also, loving that you’ve made the switch to organic for the “dirty dozen” – so great! Now maybe the peanut butter is next (Skippy contains partially hydrogenated vegetable oil) ;) Hope you enjoy the movie – we really really liked it!!! Happy Friday :)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.21.2011

      I know – usually I’m an all natural peanut or almond butter girl, but we were all out! :/

  11. Giiiiiirl I totally feel ‘ya! I will eat like a saint Sun-Thurs, but on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s SO hard to be good! I just want chips, guac, gobs of wine, some chocolate, you name it, I wanna eat it! ;)

  12. Seth 01.21.2011

    I agree with the suggestion that you bolster your campaign to cook on the Today Show by starting to make cooking segment video and posting them on YouTube. By also putting them here and on Facebook, with all your readers, friends and followers, they’d have a decent shot at getting pretty viral, especially if you ask Friends to share them. But why just aim to land on Today; why not become the next Rachel Ray?

  13. Katie 01.21.2011

    I TOTALLY try to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the weekend, but it is hard! I usually devote one night to eating a nice dinner out, with wine, and some partying. And then always brunch on Sundays, but nothing too decadent or outlandish, depending on the hangover. ;) HA! Have a nice weekend!

  14. Yay +! SO glad you’re making the recipe. I wasn’t able to cake the bread flour yet and I want to make sure I make the recipe correctly! :) It’s VERY hard for me to eat heathlfully on the weekends as well.

  15. Daisy 01.21.2011

    you think every ingredient is a pantry staple. clearly mine is not as well stacked as yours. but i swear, I’m working on it!!

  16. JennyV 01.21.2011

    I’m with you on no chocolate pieces in cold things (choc. chips and M&Ms get stuck in my molars!) That said, I have made an exception: DairyQueen’s Reindeer Tracks Blizzard (tastes just like a CarmelDeLite Girl Scout cookie!)

    As for eating healthy on the weekends — I try my very best to eat mindfully on the weekends… not going crazy, but allowing myself to eat some vacation foods too. (Vacation foods for me — DQ Blizzard, meals out to eat, etc.) If I eat 2 of 3 main meals as I do during the week, I usually don’t feel like I’ve done gone too crazy.

  17. andi 01.21.2011

    I like the tip about adding sesame oil to the egg in stir-fry … I just made a TJ’s run last weekend and picked up some sesame oil specifically for things like this. :)

    it can be hard for me to eat healthy on the weekends … I try to stick with only one cheat day, and a nice long workout as well. :)

  18. I definitely try to keep the healthy diet in the weekend, but I have to say I like the ability to splurge a little bit when I can :)

  19. 1.I totally can’t wait to see those cookies!
    2. I try to be really good on the weekends too, but Fridays are my downfall. Like tonight, I had already ate dinner, but still couldn’t put down the chips when we went out for a drink with friends at Mexican restaurant!

  20. You were quite the busy bee today! :) I always find it so hard to get things done with this freezing cold weather! I try hard to keep my healthy eating habits on the weekends, but it’s so tough!

  21. Lauren 01.22.2011

    I love your idea of adding chocolate chips to the smoothie. Sounds delicious!

    Social Network was amazing. Hope you enjoyed your Friday night!!

  22. I never considered putting chocolate chips in my smoothies. Great idea! I do try to maintain my healthy eating habits all weekend…until Sunday nights when I have steak, wine, and popcorn. Then all bets are off. :)

  23. Courtney 01.22.2011

    I TRY to maintain my routine and eat healthy on the weekends too–but it is way harder when I am not constantly on the go. At work I have all my meals planned out, and when I am home all I weekend I feel like that rigidity flies out the window!

  24. jen 01.22.2011

    I never watch Today, but I might just tune in if you were on there! That would be pretty awesome!

    Also, I’d love to know what exactly you do freelance…just curious. I know what it’s like to protect your “real” job on your blog. I’m just nosy. ;)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.23.2011

      I write for an organic apparel company, and for a local food/health magazine. Plus the random odd guest posts!

  25. Hope 01.22.2011

    That stir fry looks so good! I might have to try your recipe for the stir fry sauce! Yum! I have a wok and it’s dying to get used again. You always have such great recipes! :)

  26. Amber 01.22.2011

    Ok, you’ve just totally convinced me. I have been wanting a wok so I can make all these stir frys (fries?) that you make so I ordered one! I’m definitely trying this and lately I’ve been considering trying tofu… !

  27. I love the recipes you post! Do you plan menus each week or just make what sounds good?

  28. Miranda 01.22.2011

    Wow that smoothie/shake looks amazing!! I am going to make ASAP!

    I try to continue to eat healthy during the weekend, but it usually only works out that way if I have a meal plan for the weekend, I am really good about planning on meals during the week since I have limited time due to working/kids/activities but on the weekend I tend to be more by the seat of my pants which usually translates to what sounds good, which usually means more yummy and calorie rich!

  29. The smoothie looks awesome!!

    I definitely eat more unhealthily on the weekends (and drink more, too!) but I try to limit it to one meal a day- so if I go out for dinner, or have something for breakfast that isn’t as nutritious as normal.

  30. Eating healthy on the weekends is so hard for me too. I just want to snack all day long!

  31. DawnK 02.21.2011

    We made this yesterday, with chicken instead of tofu, and broccoli, cauliflower, red bell pepper, edamame, and corn. It was delicious! We’ll have to have it again, during asparagus season. I’m sure the asparagus was yummy, too! We only added a 1/2 tsp of the chili-garlic sauce, because we weren’t sure how spicy it would be, but next time, we’ll add more.

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  33. Kara K 03.19.2013

    Where did you buy your chili garlic sauce? Yum!

  34. Tara 05.14.2013

    I made your Very Veggie Stir fry last night and it was AWESOME! The hubs really liked it too! This Stir fry sauce is what makes the dish; will definitely be making it again. Thanks for all the great recipes :)

  35. […] Sauce recipe from Iowa Girl Eats […]

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