I’m in the Money!


We made it – Viva Las Vegas!

Ben and I were tearing up the strip by 9pm Sunday night, wasting no time hitting up the penny slots. I HEART penny slots!

I can’t bring myself to play anything higher – I mean really you’re just throwing away your money – so penny slots is the name of my game. I started with $5, :) which dropped down to $.03, :( which went back up to $10.55, :D

before I struck it rich – $19.97 baby! :mrgreen: CASH OUT!

Traveling caught up with us and, after a midnight snack of gummy worms from the candy shop in our hotel (which WILL be the death of me,) we were peacefully sleeping by midnight. It was for the best, so we could be up and at ‘em the next day! :D

photo 2 (2)

Ben and I are explorers at heart, so we grabbed a few cans of Jeremiah Weed Roadhouse Tea (THE best thing ever) and hit the town on a casino crawl!

One of the things we both love about Vegas, is that it’s BEAUTIFUL. The architecture, decor and features of the hotels on the strip are breathtaking, and we enjoy just walking around, taking it all in.


Hitting some penny slots along the way, natch.

We decided on lunch at an Irish Pub inside New York New York, and started with a Baked Brie Appetizer. 

photo 3 (2)

OMG – this set a new standard for all savory bries! Warm brie drizzled with reduced balsamic vinaigrette and chili olive oil, served with grilled jalapeno and roasted tomatoes. Droool. :)

photo 4 (2)

You can’t eat at an Irish Pub without getting standard pub fare, so we split some Fish and Chips too. Bomb!

photo 3

After a much needed nap, we were back on the streets around 9pm for dinner.

Dinner at 9pm! Time, rules and common sense just don’t seem to exist in Las Vegas. ;) 

We are suckers and chose Trevi inside Caesar’s Palace. Total tourist place, but the bright, painted sky and roaring replica fountain had us feeling like we were back in Rome. We couldn’t pass it up!

We started with complimentary bread and olive oil

before digging into our entrees. Chicken Limone for her,

featuring chicken, sun dried tomatoes and spaghetti in cream sauce,

and Chicken Scallopine for him. Chicken, prosciutto, artichoke hearts and pine nuts. OMG.

This morning we hit the pool for a little tan time. 8)

Ben doesn’t last too long in pool situations, so we were out of there an hour later to get cleaned up and head out again. We can rest when we’re dead! ;)

This afternoon’s agenda includes a Happy Hour crawl (ugh I love vacation.) I for sure want to check out Emeril’s Table 10 in the Venetian. Any other places we need to see?

Hope you are well and enjoying your week! :D

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  1. Tami 04.19.2011

    If you are looking for a good show I highly recommend jersey boys.

  2. BostonGirl213 04.19.2011

    Mastro’s at City Center. Love the steaks! Try to get seated in the “treehouse”. Oh and you have to have a cocktail at the Cosmpolitan Hotel and see the beautiful chandeliers. If you really want adventure – try freefalling off the Stratosphere. CRAZY!

  3. Jennifer Chapin 04.19.2011

    We ate at Toby Keith’s restaurant inside Harrah’s….authentic southern food and it’s very good!

  4. Looks like you’re having a great time! I’m so jealous of that sunshine!

  5. Rachel 04.19.2011

    So jealous!!! Both of all that sunshine and the fact that you’re in Vegas! Have a great time!!!

  6. Turning $5 into $20 is pretty freaking awesome! I really want to go to Vegas someday.

  7. Glad you’re having so much fun! I just heard of Jeremiah Weed since moving to St. Louis. That’s so funny you drank it in Vegas! I guess I must have to try it, since it’s Vegas-worthy :)

  8. Daisy 04.19.2011

    I tweeted you. go to kahunaville in treasure island. do it!

  9. Mom 04.19.2011

    Awhhh!!!! Looking like you are enjoying every second of your vacation-so jealous as I look out in the blustery rain showers and cold! You couldn’t have picked a better week to be gone to the sun!!!Enjoy! Have fun!

  10. erica 04.19.2011

    you did well on the penny machines! those are my favorites too! i love the duck game the best!

    i’ve never eaten at trevi, but walked past it many-a-time…after seeing your pics, i want to go there!

    man…i want to go back to vegas now!

  11. Tracy 04.19.2011

    Table 10 is great food and ambiance. Definitely try it out. Also go visit City Center, those hotels are beautiful and they’ve got some great restaurants too!

  12. Melissa 04.19.2011

    Soooo fun! Prime at the Bellagio is amazing and you get great views of the fountains as well.

  13. Lauren 04.19.2011

    Ah so fun!! We drank at the Irish Pub in NY NY! OHH I totally remembered one place you HAVE to go before you leave. Serendipity in front of Caesars. We went there for brunch and it was amazing!!! It’s a spin from the one in NY and so worth visiting. :)

  14. Lori 04.19.2011

    We ate at Table 10 and it was delicious. Try the Desert (or Dusty?) Rose Martini. Beautiful and delicious!
    Looks like you guys are having a blast and packing in A LOT of fun things. Jealous of the pool pics as it is snowing in MN again today.

  15. Tracey 04.19.2011

    Reading this post reminds me of the last time I went to Vegas. We ate lunch at the Irish Pub place and than had dinner at Trevi! Great minds think alike:)

  16. Anita 04.19.2011

    It looks like you are having so much fun! I saw a magic show last time I was in Vegas and thought it was SO much fun! It’s just the perfect setting for that, you know? I’m sure it wouldn’t matter too much which one you saw– they are all pretty over the top!

    Enjoy! :)

  17. Tonya 04.19.2011

    Jean-Philippe at the Bellagio, if you haven’t been already. Two words Chocolate Fountain!!!!

  18. MESA Grill – go for the Goat Cheese Queso Fundido. We always go to MESA. If not for dinner, at least for fundido!

    • melissa 04.19.2011

      Agreed – MESA is sooo good. The queso fondido is awesome – we’ve made it at home a couple times. I’m a big fan of bobby flay’s cioppino’s too – yum!

  19. I just realized both you and Tina from Carrots ‘n’ Cake are both in Vegas right now!

    So jealous of that warm weather and sunshine!

  20. kellyo 04.19.2011

    Looks like such fun! I absolutely LOVE your hair in that profile picture with the tea!!!

  21. It looks like you are having an absolute blast in VEGAS! I have always wanted to go there! Congrats on your win – any winning amount at a casino is good! :)

  22. fun fun!!

  23. Darien 04.19.2011

    zomg, sushisamba is the.bomb. also (pricey but worth it!) delmonico! and the paris restaurant. theres also a little french bakery in the paris.

    i really really loved vegas! (we even ate at the dennys on the strip to save a little money so we could afford one great meal a day without feeling incredibly guilty! or like we had to pawn our first born before its even born.)

  24. emily ruth 04.19.2011

    Looks like fun! You are missing a cold/rainy day here in Iowa.

  25. girliefriend 04.19.2011

    Such fun! Love your dress and shoes. You are such a cutie. And I hope you’re going to replicate those meals when you get home. Enjoy!

  26. Brittney 04.19.2011

    Where did you find the purple dress that you are wearing in one of the night photos? I love it!

  27. jad18 04.19.2011

    Mesa Grill at Ceaser’s. I have been there for dinner and brunch and both were excellent. I also recommend having a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3 which is outside Ceaser’s. Delicious!

  28. Karen 04.19.2011

    I love pennie slots!! I just won a progressive on the pennies a few weekends ago at Stratosphere!

  29. katie d 04.19.2011

    We loved bobby flays restaurant in ceasars palace. Pretty expensive, but OMG.

  30. Bridget 04.19.2011

    These are a must-see in Vegas-
    1. The Mix bar at the top of THE Hotel. You’ll have to take a cab but the view at night is amazing!
    2. NYNY Dueling Piano bar around 9:30 or 10pm. Best time!
    3. Binion’s Steakhouse on Fremont Street. Total old school Vegas and awesome food.

  31. Emily 04.19.2011

    Mmmmm…..brunch (or I’m sure dinner too!) at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon. One of my favorite meals EVER!

  32. AbberJabber 04.19.2011

    FUN! I’ve only been to Vegas once in my life, and only for two days. I’m dying to go back and really see everything. Also curious about where you found the purple dress in the night photo.

  33. Nina 04.19.2011

    Check out Switch in Encore, every 15-20 minutes, the decor completely chnages i.e. (walls, ceiling, music). they have 4 scenes and all are completely different. At minimum stop, for a drink, just see the place change.


  34. hillary 04.19.2011

    You MUST go to Max Brenner restaurant in the Forum. Just went last week with my daughter–went twice in fact! They specialize in chocolate everything….Also try the “Max Brenner Extraordinary Tuna Sandwich.” It’s on grilled brioche and has chipotle aoli, crushed BBQ potato chips, and pickled jalapenos. Sounds odd, but soooo good.

  35. Whitney W 04.19.2011

    Please check out the Blush lounge in the Wynn hotel. They serve some kind of fruit fusion drinks that my brother and I are still trying to recreate after three years of trying. They’re about $20 per drink, but totally worth it! I am so jealous of your Vegas trip right now.

  36. JennyV 04.19.2011

    Keep having a blast!! Looks like a fabulous time — food, sunshine, husband, fun!! :) Love the dress — where did you get it?

  37. Kasey 04.19.2011

    You gotta love those giant eiffel tower drinks at the Paris casino! Also, the old strip was fun and I won $400 on the penny slots in the Golden Nugget casino and had a blast getting into a harness and riding the zip line!

  38. Sara 04.19.2011

    Glad you’re having a good time!

    When I went to Vegas we stayed at the Paris hotel, they have an amazing crepe place there that makes all kinds of sweet and savory crepes, the last night we were there we had dinner at the restaurant on top of the Eiffel Tower, the food was excellent and the view of the Bellegio fountains at night is just spectacular!

    If you’re looking for a good lunch place you should hit up ‘Wichcraft, which is the sandwich shop owned by Tom Coliccio (Top Chef) the sandwiches are really unique and yummy.

    Vegas has become a foodie’s dream I didn’t have a bad dining experience once while I was there.


  39. Daisy 04.19.2011

    ahhhhhh i love penny slots. I won $40 last time on one! wheeeeee

  40. harrismm 04.19.2011

    Try Hash House a Go Go in Harrah’s. You will not believe the food. Portion sizes are emormous. Pancakes are to die for. Amazing and its a very cool place. Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner. Slogan: Twisted Farm Food. :)

    • harrismm 04.19.2011

      Not Harrah’s, Imperial Palace. Sorry. There is also one in the M Hotel and also North Las Vegas. Cheap also.

  41. Wow you two have covered a lot of ground…I’ve been to Vegas a couple of times but can’t remember that many places I went to, in terms of food…Must have been all the “cubbin” haha. BUT I hate to be the one to say this: Have you tried a buffet yet?? Vegas is famous for its buffets…I had a couple and they were gooooood. If you have the time, I recommend!

  42. Kelly 04.19.2011

    holy hottie in your purple dress!!!
    Enjoy Vegas…my parents live there and I NEVER go! :/

  43. Abbie 04.19.2011

    You have to eat at a buffet when you’re in Las Vegas ! Go to the planet hollywood buffet, it’s fabulous … food from all over the world, awesome dessert bar complete with cotton candy :)

  44. Presley 04.20.2011

    Looks like you’re having a blast! WIN BIG :)

  45. Nicole 04.20.2011

    If you are in the mood for sushi you must go to Shibuya in MGM! Sooooo good!!

  46. Hope 04.20.2011

    Looks like you are having a fun time! So jealous! Enjoy the sun and good luck with those slots!! :)

  47. Traci 04.20.2011

    Are you staying in Planet Hollywood?! Go to Earl of Sandwich in the Miracle Mile Mall for lunch – you will NOT be disappointed! We stayed there last year and ate there…oh, almost every day…for lunch. I strongly encourage doing the buffet at the Wynn or the Aria for breakfast. And I heard Fremont Street is cool to see all the lights on the ceiling. Have a great time! I’m going in July and this is making me excited, haha!

  48. Lisa 04.20.2011

    I’m a local so very little impresses me but these are musts on your to do list: Cosmopolitan. The hotel is A-mazing. Like nothing in Vegas. Go to Rao’s (inside Caesars), sit at the bar and order a drink and the beggars purse appetizer. You can thank me later.

    If you’re feeling uber adventurous head to Freemont street and go zip lining, visit the downtown for an absinthe cocktail…

  49. nicole 04.20.2011

    ooo i’m a high roller compared to you… i play nickle and quarter slots!!!

  50. Monica 04.21.2011

    That is what is brilliant about Vegas, no sense of time whatsoever!

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