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Happy Friday, everyone! This has been a whirlwind week, what with it being BEN’S BIRTHDAY today (wooot!) and me making my live TV debut this morning (details to come!) This weekend we hope to continue to enjoy our record high temps for October by spending as much time as we can outdoors. Something tells me this weather isn’t going to last much longer! :D

Here are my favorite finds from around the web this week:

Favorite drink (perhaps of all time): Dizzy Apple Cider. Ok, so this drink has already made an appearance on FF before, but it is totally worth posting again. Fresh apple cider mixed with ginger ale and bourbon is the most amazing taste ever. I’ve made it twice in one week!


Favorite DIY craft: twig vase. I feel like I could actually do this, and who doesn’t have a million sticks laying around their yard right now?


Favorite tailgating accessory. This solves so many problems, right? Right?!


Favorite fantasy. I’ve GOT to get to Africa someday!


Favorite funny. This is SO Ben and me, hahahaha! Look how depressed the big dog looks!!! Doh dee doh.


Favorite unique decorating idea: butternut squash vases. This would be relatively inexpensive too.


Favorite dessert: Butterscotch Candy Bar Brownie Tart. Yes, yes, yes and, yes.


Favorite easy upgrade: tiled mirror edges. Clearance tiles + silicone adhesive + 1 hour = no more builder grade mirror edges!


Favorite sip. Need.  


Favorite fall photo. These are the colors I am seeing all over the city this week!


Favorite side dish: Roasted Garlic Pilaf. Looks easy to make and I bet the whole house would smell incredible as it bakes.


Favorite party dress. I just think this is so FUN! Plus I love the color. I’m sort of obsessed with navy.


Favorite way to remember a vacation: keepsake shadow box. I think this is so cool, and I have seen shadow boxes for really cheap at craft stores.


Favorite indulgent dinner: Gnocchi Mac & Cheese. I have been holding off on posting this for a few weeks. I could hold back no longer. OMG!!!


Favorite pup. Babe, have you seen my skinny jeans?


Favorite wrist accent: custom initial bangle bracelet. I am a sucker for initial jewelry!


Favorite Song: Adele – Someone Like You. Hurts my heart a bit, but damn that woman can sing.

Favorite Photo. Because don’t we all still feel like this deep down inside?


Favorite ingenious idea. Seriously – how clever and that looks awesome!

Cake Decorating

Favorite spot. This reminds me of Ben’s Aunt & Uncle’s house in Colorado. I could lounge by the fire here with a mug of cider allll day.


Favorite DIY decor: hand stitched vacation route. Wouldn’t a bunch of these look really cool all lined up on a wall?

MapStitch frame2

Favorite sweet treat: Instant Oatmeal Cookies. I have a severe soft spot in my heart for oatmeal cookies. Add some peanut butter in the mix and I’m SOLD!


Favorite outfit. I am a sucker for stripes. And scarves. And good jeans.

Outfit (2)

Favorite no it couldn’t be…: Cookie Dough Eggrolls. I laughed like a maniac for a good 5 minutes when I found these. Holy deliciousness!


TGIF friends!

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What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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  1. Kacy 10.07.2011

    That beer plate! Perfect! Love all of this. Definitely love the navy dress.

  2. Janet 10.07.2011

    Love your favorite photo. Also love the dishes you have. Where do you get them?

  3. Mellissa 10.07.2011

    I love all of these things, especially that cute outfit. I am rocking stripes and sandals today since its 80 degrees in Minneapolis.

  4. Summer 10.07.2011

    OBSESSED with that dress. Seriously, someone might get hurt if they try to block me

    Hipster pup= funniest thing ever

  5. Lindsey 10.07.2011

    It is Thanksgiving in Canada! Long weekend, turkey and pumpkin pie – it couldn’t be any better!
    LOVE that dress!

  6. i’m making the dizzy apple cider for a football sunday get together this weekend! can’t wait to try it out :)

    those butternut squash vases are genius! and that photo of the little girl gazing out the window just melted my heart…

  7. I love the vases! What a clever idea. Happy Friday and Happy Birthday Ben!

  8. Cynthia 10.07.2011

    Love love love your Friday favorites posts!!the photo of the little girl…..melts my heart….reminds me of my niece. Happy Birthday Ben!! :)

  9. Heather C 10.07.2011

    Do you know that this is my favorite post of the week? I look so forward to it and have each one starred in my Reader because there’s always something I want to refer back to!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby and congratulations on your first TV experience, what an exciting day! :)

    PS – that pinterest outfit …totally wearing it today, after getting the idea from Pinterest

  10. Machelle 10.07.2011

    all very very cool and cute and yummy! (ps…… HaPpY BiRtHdAy Ben!!!)

  11. AmyE 10.07.2011

    Loved them all! Jackson’s Bar and Bistro in Nashville was the first time I had ever heard of/tried Cookie-Dough egg rolls – pure amazing-ness!!

  12. Hi there! Just found your site…loving all the recipes! Nice to “blog” meet you!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  13. stefanie-anne 10.07.2011

    I cannot tell you just how much I LOVE your Friday posts. Favorite of all time.

  14. colleen 10.07.2011

    Love all of these – the favorite spot is the best. You did great on the news. Happy Birthday to Ben!

  15. Lindsey 10.07.2011

    I love your Friday Favorites posts!! They’re so entertaining! Someone Like You by Adele is currently my favorite song and I want to make those cookie dough eggrolls sooo bad now!

  16. I LOVE that outfit! That picture with the dogs is hysterical, I have a big dog and a little dog and I can picture something like that happening! So funny!

  17. jen 10.07.2011

    Love the shadowbox. I actually have one that was intended to capture our honeymoon. Um, maybe I can get it completed before our 5th anniversary next April! :)

  18. Rachel 10.07.2011

    I look forward to your friday favorites every week! I love all the awesome things you post!!

  19. Allison 10.07.2011

    I love that Adele song! I have been thinking I need to get on ITunes and buy all of her stuff.

    I am looking forward to the Hawkeye football game tomorrow. My fiancee’s dad and stepmom are going over to my mom and dad’s house for the game. Of course, my fiancee and I will be there too. Our families meet for the first time! Kinda nervous though too – just want everybody to really like each other.

    Nice post. Lots of great pics and fun stuff.

  20. Lindsey 10.07.2011

    Wow! Those cookie dough egg rolls better be showing up soon as one of your blog posts! I wanna know the verdict! They look declicious!

  21. That Adele song gets me everytime. Just this past summer my ex-bf from high school / college (we dated for 4 years) whom I hadn’t spoken to since I was 23 (I’m 29) randomly came back into my life and told me that this song reminds him of us. I regretted breaking up with him for years and thought he had moved on, turns out the feelings were mutual, but life has just taken us in such different directions at this point. Unfortunately real life doesn’t always work out like you want now does it :/ *sigh* Anyways… on a lighter note, adore that navy dress! I need one!

  22. nicole 10.07.2011

    I love these posts! I love getting to see all your favorite things. fun post for all random ideas.

  23. Hi,thanks for a cute site,will be checking back .
    Am a retired Iowan in Florida.
    LOVED the squash /flowers ,fun idea !
    Keep searching the world for ideas we’d miss otherwise !
    Don’t forget to post on the IOWA FALL FUN PLACES !

  24. Anita 10.07.2011

    Oh my gosh. The puppy!? So adorable. And I love your caption!

  25. Erin 10.07.2011

    I totally made that garlic rice pilaf (exact recipe) last week paired with some simple salmon and roasted brussel sprouts and it is totally easy to make and savory. My only advice is add more than just a squeeze of lemon juice, i used almost an entire lemon’s juice and it was perfection!

  26. I love Friday Favorites posts. I also love that outfit!

  27. I loved this post! I had to double take on that gnocchi mac and cheese. That seems down right incredible. Enough to put plain ole mac and cheese to shame!

    Oh, and that tailgating necessity made me laugh. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more people walking around with those on game days. ;)

    Thank you for linking to the Instant Oatmeal Cookies!

  28. erica 10.07.2011

    so many great photos here! i loooove that small dog/big dog pic and the dog w/the scarf (too adorable!) and the little girl w/the mug. i feel like that all the time :)

    happy birthday to iowa guy eats!

  29. Beth B. 10.07.2011

    HAHAHA! That tailgating plate is hilarious and a total necessity!!! Also, I totally pinned that same outfit on pinterest the other day. So cute!

  30. Jenna 10.07.2011

    Saw you on today! Great job!

  31. Meredith 10.07.2011

    I love your Friday Favorites posts! Keep ’em coming, please!

  32. debbie 10.07.2011

    omg, I saw that picture of the dog on Pinterest and I almost died. And that picture of Africa is beautiful!

  33. That living room in the mountains is gorgeous. Give me a cup of that cider and I’d be a happy woman!

  34. June 10.07.2011

    Let me tell you about my day…. alarm goes off, hit snooze, repeat. Give up since the dog is awake. Turn on the tv so I can keep track of the time in the corner on Channel 8… wait, wait, who is that I see?
    you looked great and I had already made the carmelized onios and love them. but they did not make it to the bread… just ate carmelized onions for dinner (don’t judge!)

  35. Jane 10.07.2011

    Happy Birthday to Ben! Your Friday fav’s are killing me! I have bookmarked/saved so many recipes, jewelry sites, etc!! The initial items are too cute, thinking about a bracelet for my daughter for Christmas! Love your site, can’t wait to see/hear about your tv debut! :D

  36. Carrie 10.07.2011

    Court Avenue Brewery has delicious Wonton Cookies. Their menu describes it as “Homemade chocolate chip cookie dough in a fried wonton, with powdered sugar.” Dee-lish

  37. Karen 10.07.2011

    They have those cookie dough egg rolls at Court Ave Brewery here in Des Moines, I had them last week and they were delicious!

  38. Imwaytoobusy 10.07.2011

    I’m loving your Friday posts! Gnocchi mac n cheese? Macaroni and cheese is my favorite comfort food! Gnocchi comes in right behind. Just genius…

  39. Kristen W. 10.07.2011

    This is quickly becoming one of my favorite posts of yours! Of course, I always get excited when I see a post from you in my rss feed!
    I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend. And perhaps, a trip to do some apple picking.

  40. AC 10.07.2011

    That striped outfit was one of my first pins on! Too cute!! Congrats on your tv debut this morning! You definitely rocked it!

  41. Lesley 10.07.2011

    Omg, the dogs, hahaha. Poor big dog.

  42. Regan 10.07.2011

    I HIGHLY recommend the Gluten Free Oatmeal cookie recipe on the back of the Trader Joe’s Oatmeal Package….. I know you don’t have gluten issues, but seriously…they are the best oatmeal cookies…WITH PEANUT butter…I made some last night and instead of choc. chips I put mini peanut butter cups from Trader Joes’…… I LOVE LOVE… your Friday Fav’s…..I look forward to it!!!

  43. Alyssa 10.08.2011

    Love these posts – always fun and filled with so many great ideas!

  44. Jen 10.08.2011

    I love these posts! That tailgate plate is awesome and those dogs are hilarious!

  45. ashlie 10.08.2011

    Please don’t EVER stop doing these FF posts!! I love them!!!

  46. Trisha 10.09.2011

    Thank you so much for sharing your love for Dizzy Apple Cider! It inspired me to make it yesterday for a little cocktail party and it was a hit. So SO good! Once again, an Iowa Girl Eats idea that I absolutely loved!

  47. Kathi 10.10.2011

    Thank you for sharing these… I loved the Dog pic :-)

  48. Evan Sheline 10.11.2011

    Thanks for the linkback :)

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