Friday Favorites


Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and Christmas is only 37 days away? I seriously need to get cracking on my shopping! Have you started yet?

In the meantime, here’s a wrap up of my favorite finds from around the web! :D

Favorite thing this week: TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN OPENS TODAY!!!! I adore Kristen’s dress at the London premiere!


Favorite picture: Salted Caramel Six Layer Chocolate Cake. Incredible amounts of intense perfection in every single way.


Favorite home decor: Map candles. Kind of a cool twist on having a globe out or something.


Favorite sight. On the way to my log cabin in the wilderness. :)


Favorite 5 minute treat: Coffee Cake in a Cup. I cannot wait to try this.


Favorite prints: From A Vintage Poster. The posters from this designer are soooo adorable.

scoop whisk

Favorite soup: Slow Cooker Italian Sausage Meatball Soup. Sounds so yummy, plus I just love this picture. The meatballs are so uniform and perfect!


Favorite cheap DIY decor: Glittery $1 store fruit. Just spray paint with glitter paint, or brush with glue and add glitter.


Favorite bag: Michael Kors Hamilton Tote. Adore.


Favorite feel good photo. ‘Tis the season!


Favorite Thanksgiving side dish idea: Cheesy Corn Casserole. I was this close to making this for the week of Thanksgiving favorites!


Favorite vintage find. Doesn’t this LV trunk look amazing?!


Favorite clever dish: Grilled Cheese Rolls. Adorable!!!


Favorite workout. Seems butt kicking, but doable.


Favorite unexpected delight: Cinnamon Roll Crust. This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen since those cupcakes with a built in milk dunking cup!


Favorite giggle. Tee hee, this is so cool. :)


Favorite escape: Shipwreck Beach, Greece. I want to go to there.


Favorite space saving idea. Use an appetizer stand in the bathroom to corral clutter.


Friday night favorite: Buffalo Chicken Nachos. I am especially pleased that this recipe calls for Cool Ranch Doritos. :)


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Have a great weekend! :D

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  1. Coffee cake in a cup… oh my goodness that is heaven!

  2. Holly 11.18.2011

    MMM. I want the corn casserole… minus the Velveeta.

  3. so much great stuff this week!! that cinnamon roll crust… holy deliciousness. the cup of coffee cake is amazing… and that LV trunk, i have no words.

  4. Sara 11.18.2011

    I was actually at that MS photo shoot for the Mile High Desserts… we had to wait forever for that caramel to start dripping! Definitely worth it though, that cake is divine.

    Thank you for linking to my prints! I’m very flattered.


  5. Kristen 11.18.2011

    Seriously – this is my FAVORITE post every week!!!!!!

  6. Linda 11.18.2011

    I LOVE your Friday Favorites posts!

  7. Lindsey 11.18.2011

    So excited for Breaking Dawn tonight! And I love her dress too!
    I want to go to Greece and Italy I think it is on my next trip list :)

  8. Love Twilight!! :) Just got addicted to it. Yes, I’m almost 30 – so what??! :)

  9. Allison 11.18.2011

    I love grilled cheese. Will have to make those rolls with some tomato soup. :) Oh and that chocolate cake…. Can’t imagine how many calories are in that slab, but I’m sure it would be worth it.

  10. Pat 11.18.2011

    I am happy to say I own the Michael Kors bag and love, love, love it! It was a big purchase but I use it every day so that averages out, right?

  11. Lynette 11.18.2011

    This was one of your best “friday favorites” if you ask me :-)
    I especially like the cinnamon roll pie crust idea and the “workout” twice a day! Thank you and have a great weekend! Lynette

  12. Lisa 11.18.2011

    going to do the workout, but whats a headlift?

  13. Ty 11.18.2011

    I’m drooling over that dress… And that corn casserole.

    I want to wear that dress while I eat that corn casserole.


  14. Love these Friday Faves! I saw those sparkly DIY fruit on pinterest and definitely want to do them!

  15. Nicole G 11.18.2011

    Ok, that coffee cake in a cup looks amazing. I am trying this out tonight! After I try out making Maid Rites from your recipe. Hope the kids like them!

    Oh, and saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 this morning! The hubs and I were supposed to go and then have lunch but he was sick today and since we had already ordered non-refundable tickets, I made sure he was snug in bed and had everything he needed then I went to see it by myself. First time ever going to the movies alone. It would’ve been more fun to see it with him, but it was really good!!! Definitely the most romantic of the Twilight series and intense!!!

  16. The Salted Caramel Chocolate cake…OH EM GEE!
    How cool is the Cinnamon Roll crust?! That is a MUST TRY!
    Also, with our house filling up this next week- I am definitely making the buffalo chicken nachos!!
    Thanks for the great ideas IGE!

  17. erica 11.18.2011

    your friday favorites are the best! i look forward to them every week :)

    can’t wait to see breaking dawn!

  18. WHOA. i just clicked over from reader and your site is totally NEW!!! amazing. love it :) and i pinned those vintage prints last week – obsessed with them for my kitchen!

  19. Lindsey 11.18.2011

    Wow!! I love the new site! It looks great!!

  20. Love the new site design! The color scheme is so soothing :)

    And that Michael Kohrs bag is GORGEOUS. Why do I fall in love with every single piece of his that I see??!!

  21. I’m loving the cinnamon roll crust. It sounds like such a fun idea. :)

    And thanks so much for linking to my soup!

  22. Jessica 11.18.2011

    I have that Michael Kors bag in the camel/brown is soooo beautiful!! Such a great investment bag! :)

  23. LOVE the new layout! Maybe I missed it but its adorable!

  24. Love your Friday Favorites posts. :)

    And the new blog design is adorable!! Love it.

  25. Melissa 11.18.2011

    The new design looks great!!

  26. Iowamom 11.18.2011

    Love the new design! I’m off to check out the things you love…….MK handbags are a definite luv of mine. Also, anything chocolate!

  27. Susie 11.18.2011

    Love the new site design. Very modern/classy looking. I also love your friday fav’s!

  28. Lesley 11.18.2011

    I love your new blog look, Kristin! A few girlfriends and I took the afternoon off to see Breaking Dawn and it was excellent. Kristin Stewart has come a long way from the first film, and she really did look gorgeous at the London premier. That coffee cake cup thing looks bomb too. Have a great weekend!

  29. Rachel 11.18.2011

    The redesign looks great! And so do the Buffalo Chicken Nachos…I need to try those ASAP!

  30. You always find the best stuff!! Now I want to go to Pinterest and pin all of those pictures! :)

  31. FIrst of all, I love all of these but OMG NEW BLOG DESIGN!!! HAWT!!

  32. First off, I love the new layout! Then…everything here is wonderful! I can’t decide what to eat first…the coffee cake or the pie crust! Both sound creative and delicious :)

  33. Omg I don’t even know where to begin with this, I love it all!! I need to make a cake with that cinnamon roll crust!

  34. Trisha 11.18.2011

    Beauuuuitful new page design! Those buffalo chicken nachos look amazing…did you see the buffalo chicken grilled cheese circulating on Pinterest this week. Awesome.
    Happy weekend! :)

  35. girliefriend 11.18.2011

    LOVE the new layout, Kristin! So fresh and inviting!

  36. Courtney 11.19.2011

    I never comment on these posts, but I just love your Friday Favorites every week!

  37. Mimi 11.19.2011

    I always look forward to the Friday Favorites! I especially love the Disney princess-inspired looks. So fun!

    The redesign also looks great!

  38. Helena 11.19.2011

    Hello, fab friday favourites!! Love them all!!
    I read your blog everyday , but i never comment before :-)
    I’m shy!!
    If you ever come to Greece , and Go to the Shipwreck Beach, Be prepared for the freezing cold water!! I tell you ,even i who am not afraid to challenge my self occasionally , I was freezing and stayed into the sea for 5 minutes.
    Greetings from Greece

  39. Anne Weber-Falk 11.19.2011

    I really enjoy your Friday Favorites. The new look is very nice too. Fancy!

  40. Ashley @ coffee cake and cardio 11.19.2011

    Awesome favorites. We’re thinking of going to Greece for our honeymoon.

    I love the new look of IGE too!

  41. Meliss 11.19.2011

    Love the new look!

  42. Serena 11.19.2011

    LOVE the new layout!!!!! I check your blog daily and love how much easier it is to navigate through it! Thank you!

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  44. Jeri 11.22.2011

    Where did you find the Disney picture? Did it have a link to a website to find those clothes?! I love Disney (too much for a 28 year old), and love the princess and would love to stylishly dress like one.

  45. I’m catching up on your posts so forgive my 8 days late comment. I have never seen your Friday favorites but I really, really loved this post. I’ve done one “Favorite Things” post on my blog and was so worried that no one would care what I ‘liked’ so I haven’t sone another one…but after seeing this I am completely inspired again!!!

  46. Courtney 12.25.2011

    Where on earth did you find that appetizer stand?! I’m in love!

  47. […] – You can see the picture at Iowa Girl Eats. This is a very easy craft. Simply brush with glue, sprinkle with glitter, and let dry! Then […]

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