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Happy Friday everyone!

My apologies for being randomly MIA this week. A combo of spring fever, a full moon (I always sleep terribly during the week of a full moon) and taking on too much in my personal life has left me feeling like I’d lose my head if it weren’t firmly attached to my body.

Thanks to Evernote, Google Tasks, and Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss’s (goll, seriously, delicious) I think I’m back on track, and feeling super organized.

By the way, would you guys enjoy a post on how I (try) and stay organized in my daily life? My boss and I get a kick out of sharing tips and tricks with each other, which made me think you would too.

At any rate, please enjoy a roundup of my favorite finds from around the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites, and have a super weekend! :D

PS: Voting is still open for the Fitness Magazine Fitterati Awards – just click here to vote. Thank you so much for your support!

Favorite thing in the whole wide world: Kate Spade Gramercy Watch. PER.FEC.TION!

Favorite sweet treat: Healthified Carrot Cake. This looks incredibly moist, and check out that frosting!


Favorite tutorial: 15 Ways to Pull Back Your Bangs. Perfect timing for the windy spring and warmer weather ahead.


Favorite funny: $h!t People From Des Moines Say. HIGHlarious, but not work friendly – grab your earphones!

Favorite brunch: Breakfast Bread. Kind of like breakfast casserole stuffed inside a baguette. Genius!


Favorite dream home piece: Readable Bookcase. HOW COOL IS THIS?! Click the link to see it all filled it up.


Favorite story: You need to read this story about a mysterious, sleepy dog. It is a HOOT!


Favorite soup: Chicken Gnocchi Soup. Easy & pleasy!


Favorite earrings: Boho Drops. I am really into bright colors this spring.


Favorite exterior. RIGHT?! All the things!


Favorite bite: Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites. I cannot wait to make these – and how cute for Easter with colored almonds in the middle!


Favorite place: Elan Valley, Wales. Which is the sky and which is the water?


Favorite idea: Find the Time Print. So easy to recreate on the computer – and what a great reminder!


Favorite Friday night food: Cheesy Bacon Oven Chips with Chipotle Ranch Sauce. These look like Granite City Idaho Nachos – my fave!

loaded oven chips dip

Favorite DIY: Map Artwork. Stitch your vacation path on a map with bright red string, then frame it. Love this idea!


Favorite BLERG: Peanut Butter Passion Cake. I might start making this cake for every single one of my friend’s & family’s birthdays. BLERG!


Favorite sip: Skinny Sangria. This looks ruthlessly refreshing!


Favorite kicks: Sperry South Hampton Wedge. Adorable for the summertime!


Favorite hairspiration: Top Knots. I straight up had a dream earlier this week that I had a rockin’ top knot after seeing this pic! ;)

top knot

Favorite print: Holstee Manifesto. Must. Have. ASAP. Love, love, love, this – I want it front and center somewhere in my house!


Favorite bite: Oatmeal Butterscotch Bars with Brown Sugar Glaze. There is NOTHING about these that I don’t adore!


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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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  1. All looks awesome!! That watch it to die for!!

  2. Emilia 03.09.2012

    As always, awesome post. I seriously wish my hair was long enough to put into a top knot now. And that I had enough money for that watch. Not to mention, I’m craving that gnocchi soup like crazy now. Happy Friday! I hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend. :)

  3. Steph 03.09.2012

    I would love to hear your organization tips! Great post! BTW I missed breakfast and all that stuff looks supper yummy. : )

  4. Oh wow, I’m loving everything in this post! The outside of that house…AMAZEBALLS :). And that cake, good lawd I’d be in heaven eating that.

  5. I love Friday Favorites, but they always leave me craving something! Food, travel, shopping… HELP!

  6. Gabby 03.09.2012

    Woahhh I’ve never heard of people not sleeping well during full moon weeks? Is that really true? Maybe that explains my restlessness…

    Also – i. want. that. watch.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.09.2012

      Yes, it happens every time – I hate it!

      • Gabby 03.09.2012

        I’m going to have to start paying more attention to that!

      • Becky 03.09.2012

        I have NEVER put that together–but I slept HORRIBLY this week as well! I will blame it on the full moon & keep fingers crossed for better sleep next week! (Tonight may need a dose of Tylenol PM…I feel like a walking zombie!)

  7. Love it! You always find the coolest things!

  8. I would like one of every single food item you posted here (especially the sweet stuff) AND a full pitcher of that sangria. WOW!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Evon in Oklahoma 03.09.2012

    Absolutely love your Friday Favorites. You rock!

  10. Amber 03.09.2012

    Leiny’s Berry Weiss is where it’s AT!!!!

  11. Lauren 03.09.2012

    O-M-G! Peanut Butter Passion cake looks RE-diculous… I would have to do A LOT of Body Rockin after taking a face-dive into that puppy

  12. Sandy a la Mode 03.09.2012

    i wish i knew how to do a topknot w/ my hair!!

  13. did you watch the video that goes with the Holstee Manifesto?? made me get a lump in my throat the first time i watched it… aaaand i bought the print 2 seconds later.

    it’s in our kitchen right now, where we spend most of our time. it’s truly a great reminder of how good life can be, only if you WANT it to be, and “just do it.” (not to be stealing any slogan’s from old school nike ads) …and that life’s all about how you see your life in YOUR eyes, and not try to live through someone else’s eyes.

    on another note, that chicken gnocchi soup is on the menu for next week! looks so delicious :D

  14. Britta 03.09.2012

    I would love a post on how you stay organized! I just started using Evernote a bit and would love some tips.

  15. love those earrings AND that inspirational quote board!!

  16. Hope 03.09.2012

    I would definitely appreciate any tips you have on being organized, as I am the farthest thing from it. And I am making that carrot cake today!! *Fingers crossed*

  17. Staci G 03.09.2012

    Rockin’ a top knot even as we speak…great for this crazy wind we’ve been having, & no need to mess it up..the weather does it for me! Love the map artwork idea!!

  18. Thanks for linking up my Egg in a Nest PB Cookie Dough Bites.

    This post is full of goodies…that choc/PB cake, the sangria, the carrot cake, the cute it!

  19. kristen b 03.09.2012

    I can’t find the Find The Time print via the link? I think it’s so cool – would love to download!

  20. Elissa 03.09.2012

    You can buy the Holstee Manifesto poster on right now for $19! I ordered myself on yesterday :)

    Here’s the link to join Fab (you have to be invited):

    Fab’s an addicting site. Just a warning…

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.09.2012

      1. Daaaaaaang, it’s sold out! :(
      2. Where has this site been all my life? Holy awesomeness!

      • Elissa 03.09.2012

        Oh bummer! This is the second time they’ve done a sale on that poster since I’ve joined (about 4 months) so I’m sure it will show up again! Just be patient!

        So many amazing things on this site. And new sales every day! Ridiculousness. Have fun with it! And I’m going to apologize now for fab taking all of your money.

  21. Sarah 03.09.2012

    I’d love to read a post on organization!

  22. That dog story had me laughing at my desk! Great finds.

  23. Sarah O. 03.09.2012

    All the food looks so good! I love the bright earrings as well, can’t wait for spring. The map idea looks really cool, I wonder if it is as easy to create as it looks?

  24. Lindsey 03.09.2012

    Oh I love that dog! :) That is so cute. And I want those earrings! Adorable!

  25. Samantha 03.09.2012

    sangria… yes!! and the Kate Spade watch is so gorgeous! You should totally do a few posts on how you stay organized, I think we would all enjoy.

  26. Cutest dog ever :) Love your Friday Faves <3

  27. Lauren 03.09.2012

    I just told my husband I want that print for my birthday! Hoping he got my subtle message. :)

  28. Erin 03.09.2012

    The best part of the map stitching? The trip starts in “Nummytown.” That is going to be my new word for everything YUM. DELISH. etc.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.09.2012

      Bahahaha! I didn’t even notice that – but yes, nummytown = everything from now on.

  29. I think I fell in love several times over reading that post! That bookshelf is amazing; As a writer, I have a habit of collecting books and that would be an amazing way to keep them all :)

  30. Kelly 03.09.2012

    Yes, please do share organization tips! :)

  31. Jenna 03.09.2012

    Have you ever tried to mix your Leinie’s beers?? I have a cup at home that has recipes on it… I know you can mix half berry weiss and half honey weiss and its called a Honey Bear. My favorite, was 3/4 berry weiss and 1/4 creamy dark…but I can’t recall the name of it. I tried to find the recipes on Leinie’s site, but failed. I know they had cards to take that lists the the mixes & recipes. The tour is so fun! You should definitely go if you get the chance!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.09.2012

      No – I will look for that though! I’ve been mixing halfsies with Bud Light platinum which is good for cutting the calorie count a bit.

  32. That PB cake looks divine! Seriously makes me want to get baking right this second. Drool.

  33. While scrolling down your blog, I fell in love with that Kate Spade watch at first sight… then started salivating although I had my lunch lol

    Will definitely try that PB CHOC CAKE!! :D

  34. Amy 03.09.2012

    Yes, your organizing tips would be fun to read!
    The carrot cake looks so good, nice to see a less horrible fat/cal version too:)

  35. Birds Nest 101 03.09.2012

    Sh!t people from ______ is hysterical! I love the one from Chicago, it is right on the money!

  36. Amanda Betts 03.09.2012

    I love everything on here today!!

    And I would LOVE to hear your organization tips!

  37. I was so happy to see my Oatmeal Butterscotch Bars here. Thanks for the little feature:)

  38. Marie M 03.09.2012

    Definitely want to hear your organizing tips please!

  39. Deanna 03.09.2012

    I just ordered the earrings, but in the aquamarine color. Can’t wait to get them!

  40. Heather 03.09.2012

    I would also enjoy your organization tips!! :)

  41. I would love to see an organization post! I love anything and everything concerning organization :-)

  42. i LOVE that poster. In fact, I love it so much, I think I’m going to ask my parents to get it for me for my birthday. :)

    And that bookcase is pretty freakin’ awesome!

  43. Thank you so much for sharing my Cheesy Bacon Oven Chips as one of your Friday favorites this week! And now you have me craving Sangria :)

  44. Jill 03.09.2012

    Yum…berryweiss….very good on tap, too.

  45. Jodea 03.10.2012

    Organisation tips, please!

  46. Cindy 03.10.2012

    This is a great post! Gonna spend all weekend reading it. I’m obsessing over topknots now. I knew there was a reason I grew my hair out…have a great weekend!

  47. Emily 03.10.2012

    Wow, I love that Kate Spade watch! It rivals the Michael Kors & Fossil ones I’ve been coveting for a year.

  48. Brenda 03.10.2012

    WOW! This is by far your best Friday Favorites! I’ll be clicking away…

  49. Matt 03.10.2012

    Be sure to try the Summer Shandy, its out already. I look forward to it every year.
    And from one of the above comments I bet mixing it with Berry Weiss would make an amazing berry lemonade beer :)

  50. That breakfast bread looks so good!

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