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You caught me!

Last night I told you I freeze my leftover tomato paste in plastic baggies, but I didn’t tell you how to do it!

All you do is spoon the leftover tomato paste into a bag, then spread it in an even layer pressing the air out. Zip the top then separate the paste into rectangles using your fingertips. Since the paste is so thick, it will stay put. Place the baggie into the freezer, then when you’re ready to use just open the bag and push a segment out. Easy as that! :)


In other news, my Mom and I have started up our morning walks again. Getting up even earlier than normal to knock out our 1.5 mile loop before work has been a little rough, but an ice cold coffee after working up a sweat is a real treat. I make a French Vanilla Brew Over Ice K-Cup with a splash of almond milk, which is just divine!


Might just have to make another one to sip on while spring cleaning today. I’ve blocked off the entire afternoon to start making a dent in all the decluttering and dusting plans I have for the house. Is it weird that I am totally pumped to get started?!

While I’m wrist deep in cleaning solution, I hope you enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites! :D

(PS: I apologize in advance for the abundance of desserts in this week’s roundup. I gave up sweets for Lent, and they’re pretty much all I can think about right now!)

Favorite find: Cuppow Lids. Sorry to shout, but, NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!! No wait, HAAAAAAAAAVE!!! Just bought one!


Favorite dessert: Cosmic Brownies. I’d never turn down a fancy-schmancy dessert, but classics like this simple-yet-utterly-luscious-looking brownie is what really does it for me. YUM.

cosmic brownies

Favorite print: We’re All Mad Here. ‘Cause it’s true!


Favorite Cocktail: Sunshine Dazzler. Like a mimosa on ‘roids. Perfect for a shower or girlie get together.


Favorite dream home find: Porthole Laundry Shoot. This is so fun, Ben might actually use it!


Favorite nibble: Iced Oatmeal Cookies. Thin, crisp, and iced. My ideal oatmeal cookie.


Favorite color pop: Charlize Teardrop Earrings. Turquoise, turquoise, turquoise!


Favorite flip flop: Brownie Cookies. The baker of these cookies claims they’re the best cookies she’s ever had. If they taste half as good as they look, I believe it!


Favorite whaa?!: Zero Energy Bio Robot Fridge. Stick your groceries into the gel, which conforms to the item’s shape and cools it without using any energy whatsoever. WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT?!


Favorite threat. As a girl who grew up with two brothers, I know how serious this is.


Favorite tip: Built-In Card Holder. Always losing the card that goes with the gift you’re taking somewhere? Add a pocket into the wrapping paper with an extra fold. Brills!

Johnny Miller 03_07_08 Good Things D103916

Favorite flavorful pop: Churro Tots. Growing up, my Dad would sometimes fry biscuit dough in our Fry Daddy then shake them up in a paper bag with cinnamon-sugar for an extra-special weekend treat. This recipe totally takes me back!


Favorite view. Equal parts thrilling and barf inducing.


Favorite funny. Been there, done that! ;)


Favorite supper: Caramelized Peach and Brie Quesadilla. You better believe I’ll be making these ‘dillas this summer. The peaches are coming, the peaches are coming!


Favorite fun. If I only do one thing in Jamaica, it will be cliff jumping into the ocean. I CAN’T WAIT!


Favorite DIY: Living Succulent Wreath. What a pretty wreath to hang outdoors! All it needs is a light misting of water every few days. Something even I – the anti-gardener – can handle!


Favorite bite: 10 Minute Stuffed Figs. Figs > no figs. Stuffed figs > figs. Stuffed baked figs > stuffed figs.


Favorite pooch. I have been obsessing over French bull dogs lately. Look at that little tongue!


Favorite tip: Sweater Shaving. This tip might save my entire winter wardrobe. I can’t wait to try and shave the fuzzies off.


Favorite photo. This type of picture make me feel so small in this big world. Amazing.


Favorite upgrade: Nutter Butter Rice Krispie Treats. Can I have some?! ’nuff said.


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Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. no such thing as too many desserts!! love this week’s roundup, especially that fridge thing (although i’m still not certain i totally get it!)

  2. I ordered those mason jar toppers too. I think mine will be here in a few days. Can’t wait!!

  3. this tomato paste tip just changed my life. seriously. life. changed.

    • wait can i also just say that this struck me as so fantastic that i created an entirely new Pinterest board just to hold it.

    • Kate 03.17.2012

      Even better, once it’s in the baggie, you can use a chopstick to make good sections. Same with garlic and ginger.

  4. Sarah 03.16.2012

    Trader Joes now has tomato paste in a tube! ..and it is awesome.

  5. Those lids are amazing! I just ordered two. Now I just need to find someone who can make me a sleeve for my mason jar so I can use it for hot coffee!

    • Jen 03.16.2012

      They have mason jar cups that have handles on them, my friend has them!

      • MOM 03.20.2012

        I have the handled mason jar glasses- got them at Cracker Barrel!

  6. Lisa L 03.16.2012

    Love the dog/cake picture – classic! Not sure about the gel fridge WTH? How wierd!!

  7. Jenna 03.16.2012

    I love your tomato paste trick!

    “Equal parts thrilling and barf inducing.” describes that pictures PERFECTLY!!!!

  8. Emily 03.16.2012

    I adore succulents – so that wreath is DEFINITELY on my to-do list now! :)

  9. Rachel 03.16.2012

    Love Fridays here! I am glad to know that the cup lids are available for purchase. I snuck a whole bunch of them in my coat a few weeks ago while at the gas station after seeing the idea on Pinterest; the lids completely failed me. I was also thinking these would be perfect to use for homemade dressings! Going to buy some now :)

  10. I had to scroll down SO fast when I saw the bridge photo.. Ouch. I love Friday Favorites!! :D

  11. Sarah O. 03.16.2012

    Those cookies look amazing! I need those earrings!

  12. Tracey 03.16.2012

    LOVE the churro tots and the SF Gate picture! Just got my cuppow lids yesterday and they are as cool as I thought they would be ;-)

  13. Julianne 03.16.2012

    Oh my goodness, I gave up chocolate for Lent too and I had no idea it would this hard. I normally tune out radio commercials and then all of a sudden all I heard was “salted caramel mocha” on a commercial for McDonalds. But, over half way there and I have decided that my Easter brunch is going to be 90% chocolate :) You are not alone!

    • Julianne 03.16.2012

      Oh, I also wanted to say that I am a long time reader and I love your new redesign and Friday favs posts.

  14. Victoria Brown 03.16.2012

    I totally went all in for a cuppow. Shipping is slow… But its the best thing EVER!!!

  15. Sarah 03.16.2012

    as another girl with 2 brothers, I love your threat!!

  16. kate 03.16.2012

    omg i too have been obsessing over french bulldogs!! for *ahem* years…lol they’re so cute! frenchies & boston terriers are my favorite dogs! :)

  17. I am totally making those cosmic brownies! I used to love the processed ones you buy at the store as a kid. Thanks for the idea!

  18. “The peaches are coming, the peaches are coming!”

    I love it!! Haha – peaches are probably one of my favorite things about summer :-)

  19. Elizabeth 03.16.2012

    Thanks for including my brownie cookies! Now I want to make them this weekend! :)

  20. Ummmm I totally need to buy one of those Cuppow things! Genius!

  21. Those ‘dillas look delicious! And that dog photo is adorable :)

  22. Life's a Bowl 03.16.2012

    Fun finds! I have been a Pinterest-holic the past couple of weeks and so I think I’m gonna do my own Friday Favorites today to share some of my finds… Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    P.S. I’ll totes track back to IGE for credit ;)

  23. Amy 03.16.2012

    Love Friday Favorites posts! Unrelated to all of your great finds–how do you like that K-cup brew over ice coffee? I have them in two flavors and find that they are really watered-down. If I brew them normally, let it cool and then put it in the fridge they are better but directly over ice they are ick!

    • Dawn 03.16.2012

      I was having this problem too! I ended up bewing a cup of coffee, pouring it into ice cube trays and freezing it for coffee ice cubes. Then when I made the coffee, they would melt but it would add to the flavor not water it down!

  24. Emily 03.16.2012

    I need one of those mason jar lids – genius! Also, I always love hearing about your mom walks! I’m moving back to my hometown this summer and can’t wait to start a similar tradition :)

  25. Mandy 03.16.2012

    I have those earring (and half of the S&D collection) and they are my absolute favorites!

  26. Ouch! That lego one brought me back! My brother loved his legos and now his kids do, too.. Payback for him, I guess!

  27. Susan Daniel 03.16.2012

    Thank you. I love your Friday Favorites. I think I pinned almost all of them this week!

  28. Catherine Adams 03.16.2012

    I look forward to your Friday Favorites every week. You do all the searching and sharing, and we all reap the rewards of your efforts. Thanks so much for sharing all this good stuff. And you’re doing a great job on TV. I’m up in the Ames area and it’s really fun to see you succeed in print as well as television.

    How about hosting a live “Iowa fans of the Iowa Girl Eats” gathering where we get to meet you and you present mini-seminars and bring in a few vendors of your choosing. Anyone who agrees with me please comment. Kristin…how many people need to comment on this concept to get you to consider it? Challenge us and see how we respond! Sincerely – Catherine A.

  29. Emily 03.16.2012

    Looove the Friday Favorites this week, especially that fridge!

  30. um I love all things nautical and I want a porthole laundry chute! That is kick ass! Also great find on the Cuppows! I just pinned those cuz I know my mother and all my friends would love to learn about them!

  31. Wendy B 03.16.2012

    I could so relate to the dog/cake picture yesterday. I was my birthday and friends bought me a cake. We ate some, but then I took about half of it home and couldn’t resist. No wonder I couldn’t sleep last night!

  32. Rebecca 03.16.2012

    I’m a newer follower & must say I LOVE your Friday Favorites posts! So many awesome tips and finds!

  33. Emilia 03.17.2012

    Love the French Bulldog picture! they are my favorite breed of dog by far.
    Those stuffed figs look delicious, I’m a recent convert to loving figs, so I think making those will help “expand my fig-eating palate”… :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  34. Crystal 03.17.2012

    Is that canned tomato paste or do you make your own?

  35. TastefullyJulie 03.17.2012

    Love the plastic bag idea. No more orange-stained tupperware!

  36. Dee 03.17.2012


  37. KaraHadley 03.18.2012

    My brother and I were all about Legos. I think my mom still has all our giant tubs of them. So yes, I totally get the stepping on a Lego thing.
    Oh, and after Easter you should totally make those krispy treats. Or, if you want less nutrition in them, skip the nut butter and add browned butter. O’m’gah so good.

  38. Matt 03.18.2012

    Frenchie and boston cross pups. My friends have one and lil Luna has soo much character

  39. […] the tomato paste as sort of a binding agent. Plus, now that I know about Iowa Girl Eats tomato paste trick, I’m not so afraid to use a little bit of the pasty stuff every once in awhile. I had no […]

  40. Sharla 03.22.2012

    Earlier this week, I felt bad tossing out the rest of my tomato paste that had been in the refrigerator way too long. I was thinking there had to be a way to save the rest. Now I know.

  41. MelindaK 03.23.2012

    Kristin, I just recently got a cuppow lid…’s awesome. I’m really digging using them and bought a bunch to give as christmas gifts for next year. I even brought my cuppow to work and some pretty jealous co-workers. Enjoy it when you get yours! I’m hoping to make some coozies for mine this weekend.

  42. Jenny 04.04.2012

    I made the nutter butter rice krispie treats this morning. They are quite good. Think I might try a modification and use the scotcheroo recipe and tweak the butter/marshmellow/peanut butter amounts to account for the increase in “stuff”…lol…These were very good though…but I just think peanut butter always needs chocolate! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  43. […] Scoop leftover tomato paste into a plastic baggie, separate into portions with your fingertip, and then freeze flat. Break off a chunk the next time you need a little for a recipe (same goes for chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.) Since tomato paste is so sticky it’s easier to scoop it into a bag then into a ice cube tray. Details > […]

  44. […] […]

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