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Howdy, hello, and how are ya’? :)

I am so pumped that it’s Friday, and even more pumped to thank you again for voting for me in FITNESS Magazine’s Fitterati Blogging Awards a couple months ago. Because of your votes, I won Editor’s Choice for Best Healthy Eating Blog, and was included in this month’s magazine, on stands now – wheee!


The first-ever FITNESS Fitterati Awards aimed to highlight the best bloggers as voted by you, in such categories as running, personal training, weight loss, and more. Click here for a full list of the winners.


While I try to eat, and post mostly healthy and well rounded recipes here on IGE, I do think part of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle is occasionally splurging on things like Dirt Cake and Baked Beans, which is why I occasionally post indulgent recipes too. Willpower is not infinite, and I find that occasionally treating myself “resets” my resolve to make healthy eating choices the rest of the time. Hopefully this is the message you get from reading my blog, and is what inspired you to vote.


Either way, seriously, seriously, thank you x 1,000,000. You guys are the best. This is such a highlight for me and IGE! :D

At any rate, me and the happy spoon are wishing you a lovely Friday, and great weekend. And, please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites!

Favorite side: Cheesy Zucchini Rice. YES! YES! YES! The perfect summer side dish.


Favorite bling: Kate Spade Good as Gold Bangle. Must. Have. This. Bangle. So chic.


Favorite funny. I want to cuddle the crap out of this sweet pooch!


Favorite wow: Cherry Torte. Wow, now this would make an impressive 4th of July dessert. It doesn’t look that hard to make, plus it would make great use of the tart pan I just had to have on my wedding registry that I’ve used cough, NEVER.


Favorite boost: Ultimate Green Juice. I feel healthier just looking at this picture. :)


Favorite view. Somewhere Ben is barfing (he hates heights.) ;)


Favorite dinner: Chicken Taco Pasta. An easy, satisfying dinner using some of my favorite flavors. Total weeknight winner!


Favorite sip: Watermelon Mint Lemonade. Totally keeping this recipe around, as the watermelon plant in my garden is going to produce approximately 15,000 melons by the time August rolls around (I thought it’d produce, um, 3, max) and my mint plant is showing no signs of slowing down!


Favorite must have: Marc Jacobs Henry Watch. DROOLING.


Favorite snack: Blue Bunny Snack Size Champ Cones. I’ve been buying these babies at the store lately for a small, 140 calorie treat at night. They’re the perfect size!


Favorite place: Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkada Island, Greece. The name of this beach translates to “Port of the Goat” because it’s so remote that is used to only be accessible by goat. Breathaking!

Favorite light bite: Peach, Mozzarella, and Basil Salad. Perfect for these summer nights when it’s too hot to eat a big meal, or turn the stove on, for that matter!


Favorite accent: West Elm Andalusia Rug. Love this Moroccan-esque design.


Favorite site: I have been addicted to this font site for years! There are thousands of fonts to browse through and download for free. A great resource to anyone who needs…fonts.


Favorite local event: Tapas and Tunes – June 29 (TONIGHT) at 6:30pm! I’ve had a Facebook friend, Doug, for the past couple of years whom I love to talk running with. His daughter has juvenile diabetes, and Doug and his wife are sponsoring a JDRF fundraiser TONIGHT called Tapas & Tunes, featuring singer Roxi Copland. Check out Roxi, browse over $5,000 worth of silent auction items, and sample beer and tapas from Court Avenue Brewing Co and Rocking Bottom at this fun event held at West End Architectural Salvage. Tickets are available at the door, or click here to purchase ahead of time!


Favorite bite: Brownie Fruit Kabobs. SO adorable for the 4th, and I am definitely not mad at the awesome combo of fruit and chocolate.


Favorite workout: Eating Clean, Getting Lean 30-30-30 Workout. Do each of these 30 exercises for 30 seconds each, resting 30 seconds in between. Kick butt!


Favorite drool: Cheesesteaks. OMG!!


Check out past Friday Favorites >

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

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  1. Congrats on the feature!!

  2. Bev @ Bev Cooks 06.29.2012

    Congrats on that awesomeness!

    And thanks so much for including me in your round-up! I almost typed “found-up.”

    And I like it.

  3. congrats on getting featured!! i wanna go out and buy that issue now :D


  4. Lela 06.29.2012

    That’s amazing – congrats! :D

    Also, it’s nice to see someone else addicted to Da Font haha.


  5. Sabine 06.29.2012

    congratulations on getting featured. I always like your round ups. I especially like the watermelon mint lemonade thank you for sharing it with me.

  6. Alyssa 06.29.2012

    Have you tried the mini cones from Trader Joes? They are delicious and around 70 calories! Plus they have that little piece of chocolate at the very bottom :)

  7. JulieD 06.29.2012

    Huge congrats!! That’s very awesome!! Thanks for including my cheesesteaks! :)

  8. We made those cheesesteaks this week….They were to die for. Make them. Soon. You won’t regret it!

  9. Beth W. 06.29.2012

    Congrats on your award! I pinned the cheesy zucchini rice earlier this week and that chicken taco pasta looks fabulous! Pinning that one right now! Thanks!

  10. Jacki 06.29.2012

    We were flying home from Florida last weekend and I needed a magazine to read. I have never ever read Fitness magazine, so I picked it up at the airport, sat down at my gate and was pleasantly surprised to see you smiling up at me as I opened the magazine. Congrats!

  11. Alison 06.29.2012

    Congratulations on the Fitness mag feature!! Well deserved! :)

  12. Kristin 06.29.2012

    congrats! and so cool that you’re wearing an Iowa t-shirt! Represent!

  13. Sara 06.29.2012

    Congrats! I’m dying over that cheesy zucchini rice and the fruit/brownie kabobs….awesome!

  14. Mandy 06.29.2012

    Congrats on being featured in Fitness! You definitely deserve it. I love your blog because you make eating healthfully seem attainable. Some blogs get way too overwhelming with juice fasts, recipes with complicated ingredients and a big helping of guilt. Your blog is friendly and totally approachable. Thank you!

  15. Congrats on being in Fitness Mag!! I was reading it at the gym the other day and got way too excited when I saw so many bloggers that I read about every day featured in there. Well deserved!

  16. Congratulations!!! How exciting to be in a national pub! And yes, I’m drooling over that watch too. I’ve been on the lookout for a gold watch for some time.

  17. Deb 06.29.2012

    Congrats on being featured in Fitness magazine (and winning the Editor’s Choice award to boot!)

    I do not comment much (sorry), but do love IGE and especially the Friday Favorites!! Thanks!!!

  18. Hannah Tighe 06.29.2012

    Way to go! That’s awesome! :)

  19. Lindsey 06.29.2012

    Wow! Congratulations on being featured! You definetely deserve it.

    And I wish I lived closer to attend the Tapas & Tunes! I also have juvenile diabetes x 13 years. There will be a cure!

  20. Yay! Congratulations!!

  21. AbbieD 06.29.2012

    Congrats on the magazine! Very exciting!

    Ok I have a question regarding your “favorite workout” this week. Well, kind of. Do you know of an app for the iPhone that allows you to set this kind of timer? So…you want to set the timer for 30 minutes total, and you want it to “DING!” every 30 seconds.

    I can’t find one. :(

  22. Karly 06.29.2012

    Wow! Congratulations!

    And thank you so much for featuring my rice! :)

  23. Congrats on the magazine feature!!

  24. Congratulations on the features in Fitness! You totally deserve it :-) Love your blog and all of your recipes – and your approach to a healthy lifestyle!

  25. Holly D 06.29.2012

    Congrats on the feature in Fitness!
    Also FYI: The blue and white tie-dyed type shirt from the Gap you have sport on the blog at times is on clearance at the Gap $8.99 with an additional 40% off! I had to get it in a couple of colors!

  26. jacie 06.29.2012

    WOAH!!! awesome job!!! whoop, whoop!

  27. mary 06.29.2012

    It’s a no clothing/ensemble/purse-accessory friday.

  28. How exciting to be in Fitness magazine. That is a huge accomplishment. Congrats!

  29. Teresa 06.29.2012

    I live in UK and follow your blog – it’s seriously addictive. I LOVE the Friday Favourites and your recipes. Unfortunately we can’t get all of the ingredients here in UK, but the recipes are still great to read. Reading your blog cheers up my day!!!

  30. Congrats!! BTW, if you ever visit Porto Katsiki it will take your breath away!!
    I love Friday Favorites!

  31. Abbey 06.29.2012

    I was so stoked when I opened my Fitness and saw you on there. I’m a new follower and it just confirmed how much I love your blog. Congrats.

  32. Andrea 06.29.2012


    One of the reasons I really like your blog is you include healthy recipes along with some treats and tasty drinks. My style of healthy eating for sure!

  33. Candace 06.29.2012

    Wow! Congratulations on your magazine feature! I know there are plenty of healthy eating blogs out there, but you not only share with us healthy recipes, you also do it in a fun and entertaining way (and your page is so cute!). This feature is well deserved. Congratulations!

  34. Dee 06.29.2012

    I just got my fitness last week and I opened it up and saw you and said to my mom. I READ HER I READ HER!!! LOL She wasn’t as impressed as I was.

  35. Monica 06.29.2012

    Congrats on being featured in Fitness, that’s awesome! And regarding the mini ice cream cones, have you ever tried Trader Joe’s Hold the Cones? They are only 70 calories and so delicious! I have a vanilla one almost ever night for dessert. You should try them!

  36. Cathy 06.29.2012

    Was happy for you to see you recognized and honored by the editors. You do a great job of combining healthy, tasty recipes, with fun indulgences. Also a great sense of style and a down to earth attitude. Finally, a love of family that ties it all together.

  37. Rebecca 06.29.2012

    I love your healthy living approach- it is definitely healthier having a splurge then being extremely healthy 24/7. It’s even better when you make the splurge yourself so you know exactly what you’re putting in it! Ice cream is my vice ;) oh and pb- jars of it.

  38. Hannah 06.29.2012

    I get my Fitness Magazine at work because I signed up for Live Healthy Iowa and they didn’t accept an apartment address. I was there and one of the kids saw your Hawkeye shirt. He freaked out! “OMG She’s from Iowa!” I looked and was like “OMG I READ HER!!!!!” The girl I was working with said “WOW I do, too!” It was exciting :)

  39. Rachel 06.29.2012

    Congrats Kristin! I was so excited to see your face in my Fitness magazine yesterday!

  40. Leslie 06.30.2012

    I made the Chicken Taco Pasta tonight and it was delicious!

  41. Congrats on the feature! Another great round-up of favorites, all the food looks delicious!

  42. Tracie Marshall 06.30.2012

    WOW! Congratulations on the Fitness article! You’re a great blogger!!!

  43. Jill 06.30.2012

    Congratulations! This is my favorite blog.

  44. HippyFitMom 07.01.2012

    Just read this magazine and wanted to check out your site….so glad I did! This is so great. Congrats!

  45. Julie 07.01.2012

    Thanks for sharing your Friday favorites! I’m excited to try out some of your recipes!

  46. Concrete Texas 07.03.2012

    Congrats on the feature… thanks for sharing all of the links to these delicious recipes!!! I actually found the brownie fruit kabobs on Pinterest the other day… the brownies just came out of the oven!!

  47. Shannon Odom 07.03.2012

    Congrats on the publish!! That’s awesome!!!

  48. Caroline 07.06.2012

    Congrats, Kristin!! Well deserved!

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