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Howdy, all, and happy Friday!

I kicked my day off with a 6:42am segment on KCCI News, where I made Key West Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with Grilled Avocados for a healthy Labor Day grilling option!

This sandwich is inspired by the Key West Grilled Chicken with Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice I made a few months ago, but I think I like it even better on a squishy, toasted bun. So yum!

I also made Grilled Avocados – cut avocados brushed with extra virgin olive oil and lime juice, then grilled on each side for 5 minutes, or until they’re warm and creamy. AHHH!

Click here for the recipes >

Click here to view the video >

I have to say, the bonus of getting up early to do the 6:00 news is that I’m now showered, make up’d and ready for the day. Hope to blast through some admin stuff, then get started on a project I’ve been procrastinating for months – nay, years! Crossing my fingers that it actually gets done, and I have something awesome to show you next week.

In the meantime, I hope you have a fantastic, loooong Labor Day weekend (got any awesome plans?) and please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites! :D

Favorite cute: Mini Grill Cupcakes. OMG how adorable! You have to see how these cupcakes that look like little baby grills are assembled. Perfect for Labor Day!

Favorite pooch. I CANNOT even handle the cuteness. Cannot even.

Favorite indulge: Tomato Soup Mac & Cheese. I want to dive into a giant bowl of this tomato soup inspired mac and cheese. 100 degree weather be damned!

Favorite vantage point. Fantastic wedding day photo opp!

Favorite view. This is so sweet to me for some reason. :)

Favorite indulge: French Toast Dumplings. I cannot imagine how insane these gooey, sweet dumplings taste. Holy cow!

Favorite fashion. Loving the infinity scarf, earrings, and cute embellished flats.

Favorite recipe: Greek Macaroni and Cheese with Roast Garlic. Yep. Another mac & cheese recipe. Sorry, but roasted garlic?! I had to!

Favorite keepsake: Coin Art. Fantastic idea for displaying all the foreign coins you have from international vacations, and a great way to remember them every time you pass by!

Favorite place. Lake? Check. Lounge chairs? Check. Fire? Check. BEER? CHECK! I’ll be here if ya’ need me. :)

Favorite dip: Hot Corn Dip. Two words – TAILGATING. FOOD.

Favorite tip: How To Style a Bookcase. Seems so simple, but yes, I DO need a tutorial for this kind of thing!

Favorite find: Little Green Pouch. Ok, this is actually for all the Mamma’s & Papa’s out there. Although I don’t have any children, I thought this was too cool not to share – a reusable food pouch for pureed foods! Awesome!

Favorite fresh: Nectarine Caprese with Honey Balsamic Reduction. The colors, the nectarines, the cheese, the HONEY BALSAMIC DRIZZLE.

Favorite room. Want everything about this room from the rug, to the ottoman, to the cozy, squishy chair.

Favorite sip: Naked Coconut Water. Naked (tee hee) sent me a few of these 100% coconut waters to try a few weeks ago, and they’ve now become a regular purchase for both Ben and I at the grocery store. They’re SO refreshing and thirst quenching!

Favorite slurp: Crock Pot Minestrone Soup. Hearty, flavorful, AND made in a crock pot. What’s not to love?

Favorite place: Paris. I feel both cliché, and like a broken record saying this, but, oh Paris! Take me away!

Favorite Workout. Oooo, hurts so good!

Favorite DIY: DIY Wainscoting. You will never guess what this wainscoting is made of. Just. Brilliant! SO much easier than measuring, sawing, nailing, praying…

Favorite sweet: White Chocolate Brownies. Cannot get over the gooey factor. These look like they’d melt in your mouth!

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Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone!

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  1. Julia 08.31.2012

    Hot corn dip is AMAZING!!! I’ve made it twice now and my friends have already started requesting it!

    • Ann 09.03.2012

      I can’t seem to find the recipe for the hot corn dip, could someone help me out? Thanks!

    • Ann 09.03.2012

      I just found the dip recipe! :)

  2. That wedding picture is hilarious – I may have to recreate that in my eventual wedding!

  3. Sara 08.31.2012

    I can’t see where it says what the wainscoting is made of… can anyone clue me in? :)

    I love the picture of the elephant! The colors are so crisp!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 08.31.2012

      Sorry Sara, I linked to the wrong place! The correct URL is now up. :)

      • Sara 08.31.2012

        Thank you! :)

  4. that sandwich looks delicious! i’m going to have to make it :)

  5. Love the coin art and the outfit! Your Friday favorites are SO much fun to read:)

  6. jennyv 08.31.2012

    I always look forward to your Friday Favorites — and this week is awesome (per usual!) The French toast dumplings — wow! The coin art was pretty amazing, too. I always thought I was good at scouring the net, but somehow I you always have things that I’ve never seen.

    Btw, love your turquoise necklace with the red for this morning’s segment on KCCI.

  7. Ahhh that setup at the lake looks divine! I’m waiting for a fall trip at the Ozarks!

  8. I love that weiner dog! He looks so cuddly and sweet. That tomato soup would be so perfect for a cold and rainy fall day. It is like a grilled cheese and tomato soup combo. I may have to figure out a healthy version of that@

  9. hollie 08.31.2012

    I’m been craving macaroni and cheese sooo bad lately.. I’ve pinned and printed out 5 new recipes in the last 2 weeks and about to print these off too :)

  10. Maria 08.31.2012

    Loved the video from your morning news feature! Great work! I need to try out the grilled avocados ASAP!

  11. Eva 08.31.2012

    Those all look so wonderful, and thank you so much for the link love! :)

  12. Wish I had that reusable pouch for my homemade baby food about 6 months ago! Maybe on the next one!

  13. Trisha 08.31.2012

    Love grilled avocadoes! I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to wait to try that tomato soup mac & cheese. Seriously!

  14. Awesome choices this week!! Cannot even pick one!

  15. Erin 08.31.2012

    Tomato Soup mac and cheese? I’m going to die. After I eat this every day and weigh 500 lbs!

    Erin –

  16. Awesome job on the news.. loved it! And your recipe sounds great! Now I need to learn how to cut a mango. The last time I tried, it didn’t work out too well for me!

  17. Hannah 08.31.2012

    The corn dip looks amazing! I immediately bookmarked that!

  18. I love the key west chicken and mango salsa! I’ve made it before and it was great and I’m definitely going to be trying it as a burger. I’ve still yet to try grilled avocado and I don’t know why becase avocados are one of my favorite foods….I’ve got to get on that. You did an awesome job on the news show! Awesome Friday Favorites as usual!

  19. Totally pinned the Corn Dip recipe! Sounds soooo yummy. Love the BBQ cupcakes too!

  20. I love these posts. I get such great ideas. I especially love the tutorial on how to style a bookcase.

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  22. Bek @ Crave 08.31.2012

    Your friday favs are my fav post! Omg white choc brownies…mmmm! Too good. Please make them and healthify them so I can eat the entire batch yeh? ;)

  23. Linda 09.01.2012

    Ha Ha! I love that baby pouch! my daughter uses those with my grandson!!! I bet you could use it for a beergerita or something!!!

  24. What I wouldn’t give to be lakeside with a nice cold beer right now…

    And tomato soup mac and cheese? Ugh. Sounds incredible.

  25. Susie 09.01.2012

    Love, love, love! Especially the mini grills and the pooch, they could definitely both fall into the cuteness category. Thanks!

  26. Tessa 09.01.2012

    Can we say perfect day for tomato soup mac & cheese… and an Iowa Game!!!!!!! Go Hawks!

  27. OMG that elephant pic…too cute. It warms my heart!

  28. Jessie 09.02.2012

    Little Green Pouch = Genius! My little one will eat anything pureed in a pouch but they are a budget killer so this could be the answer! Thanks, I love Friday Favorites!

  29. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THE reuseable food pouch. I was LOOKING FOR THIS!!!!!

  30. em@simplypresent 09.02.2012

    BBQ/Grill Cupcakes – too adorable! Who would have thought of creating those?!

    Bookshelf – This is totally my style. I plan on using this picture as inspiration as I decorate my new apartment.

    Paris Photo – This picture reminds me SO much of a similar one I took while studying abroad in Paris!

  31. Kelly 09.03.2012

    I’ve made two of your Friday Favorites over the weekend; the corn dips and the grilled chicken. Instead of putting it on a bun I made it with cilantro/lime rice and served it with the salsa on top. I make a version of the mango salsa with avocado mixed in.

    Thanks for sharing.

  32. Melanie 09.06.2012

    Oh my! Your key lime grilled chicken sandwich recipe is delicious! I made it last night, it’s so refreshing.

    BTW I love reading your blog! It’s very inspiring and I look forward to many more delicious recipes and ideas

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  34. Ardex Sd T 09.10.2012

    I don’t even know what recipe to start with here… the grilled carribbean chicken sandwiches… the tomato macaroni and cheese… my oh my!

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