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Hello, hello!

So glad you want to come eat and chat with me at Panera next week! I had visions of sitting alone surrounded by half eaten pink ribbon bagels, so, thank you for not making that a reality. ;) If you’re just tuning in, locals: I will be at the Panera on University Ave in WDM next Tuesday, 10/2, from 7-7:45pm with free nibbles. Leave a comment on this post if you plan on attending (so they can plan for food!)

In other news, I was up at the BC of dawn this morning, working like a crazy person to get a bunch of projects out the door so I can semi-relax this weekend. I think a few beers while watching my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes take on the Minnesota Gophers tomorrow morning are in order (especially after the way they’ve been playing this season) and, let’s be real, nothing productive ever gets done after day drinking.

C’est la vie!

Hopefully you have plans to get out and enjoy the weekend. It’s supposed to be gorgeous around here, so thinking a long walk will be in order at some point, too. :) In the meantime, have a fabulous Friday, and please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites!

Favorite fall: Spiced Sugar Pumpkin Doughnuts. Possibly Most definitely worth breaking my no deep-fat frying in the house rule…

Favorite pooch. Awww! Fall foliage furball!

Favorite thing ever: Butternut Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Bacon, Caramelized Onions, and Apples. OMG!!!!! I am SO making this!

Favorite tip: A Year of Mantles. This blogger has some seriously adorable mantle designs for every season and holiday throughout the year. So cute!

Favorite sweet: Loaded Cookie Bars. Mmmm – look at the dense, squishy goodness. :)

Favorite fashion. I am all about wearing white jeans this fall. I love mine!

Favorite upgrade: Bacon-Cheddar Cornbread. Cheddar cornbread > cornbread. Bacon-cheddar cornbread >>> cheddar cornbread!

Favorite crunch: Honeycrisps. Well, I finally caved. Soooooo worth it! These might have been the best, most crisp and sweet Honeycrisps I’ve ever tasted.

Favorite grab & go: Make-Ahead Healthy Egg McMuffin. A healthier version of McDonald’s Egg McMuffins, which you can make ahead to grab & go in the morning. These look soooo good.

Favorite tool: Favorite Paint Colors Blog. Want to know what a specific paint color looks like in real life before you paint your walls? Search for the name on this blog to see a real-life photo of a room painted in the shade you’re after. Gee – wish I had found this before my cotton-candy kitchen fiasco! ;)

Favorite healthy snack: Sweet Potato Chips. You’ll never guess how this blogger gets super-crispy, HEALTHY, sweet potato chips at home!

Favorite DIY: Criss-Cross Headband. Super cute, and so easy.

Favorite game-day dip: Caramelized Onion, Gruyere and Bacon Spread. Upscale football watchin’ food! I would destroy a dish of this.

Favorite view: Naples, Italy. Sigh! This totally reminds me of Ben’s and my trip to Italy a few years ago. Every corner we turned there was a new and unexpectedly beautiful surprise.

Favorite bite: Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes. Oooo these looks so buttery and decadent. YUM.

Favorite jewelry: Initial Necklace. These necklaces are adorably dainty.

Favorite BFF: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars. Forget diamonds – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars are a girl’s best friend!!

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Have a FABULOUS fall weekend, everyone!

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  1. Trish 09.28.2012

    Pretty sure I just had a heart attack over those chocolate chip cookie dough bars. The good kind of heart attack though.

  2. Lauren 09.28.2012

    I should just call your Friday Favorites my pin board (along with a bunch of your recipes too!)

  3. I’ve made the butternut squash mac and cheese. It is absolutely incredible. We DEVOUR it. Def two thumbs up!

  4. Susietron 09.28.2012

    look on pinterest – there are some great looking baked pumpkin donuts – they would keep you from breaking your no fry rule.

  5. Nancy 09.28.2012

    Love all your Friday favorites, but I have to say Go Gophers – beat those Hawks!

  6. That cornbread looks awesome!!

  7. We got a couple of gala apples in our CSA box this week! They aren’t quite honeycrisp, but still soooo good.

    Those chocolate chip cookie dough bars look in-SANE!

  8. Lindsay 09.28.2012

    I keep getting an error message for the sweet potato chips…

    This might be my favorite of your FF posts! Holy cute- and yummy- ness!

  9. Those chocolate chip cookie dough bars would be EXTREMELY dangerous in my house. Love that necklace too! Wish I lived closer, I would love to meet up with you at Panera.

  10. Debbie 09.28.2012

    Love your Friday Favorites! GO GOPHERS! (sorry)

  11. Melissa in IA 09.28.2012

    All the goodness of fall…in one post! I’ve been looking for things to paint the past few days! Seems like autumn does that to me! Will have to check out that paint blog before I buy paint this time around! :)

  12. Emily 09.28.2012

    Not that I don’t love your Friday Favorites every week but I’m loving every.single.thing. on the list today. That puppy? The mac and cheese? The necklace? Ahhhhhh!! Everything!!

  13. Emily 09.28.2012

    What the what??! Those Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars look amazing.

  14. Morgan 09.28.2012

    Honeycrisps in Washington are only about $1.99 a pound right now. Sooooo lucky that we have great orchards in this state! As much as I love them, I don’t know if I could do $3.99 a pound!

  15. Bek @ Crave 09.28.2012

    Those loaded cookie bars! Ughhh num num! Can’t wait to visit Italy :)

  16. Cher @ Weddicted 09.28.2012

    Omg. That Mac n Cheese.. and those cookie dough bars. How dangerous!! They look delicious!

  17. Kim 09.28.2012

    The most expensive item on my grocery bill was $16.50 worth of Honeycrisp apples (worth every penny thought;)

  18. Love the copycat english mcmuffin idea. I make the boyfriend something similar most mornings, these would be great on mornings that I’m gone!

  19. Krystle 09.29.2012

    Ahh!! You’re finally hosting a hang out with your blog followers and I’m not in Iowa! Totally bummed right now, but can you host another one when I come back in the Spring??? Pretty PLEASE :)

  20. Donna 09.29.2012

    New to your blog since KCCI appearance and Loving. It. I’m an OLD Iowa Girl who loved to bake before the nest became empty. The sweet tooth must be monitored these days so I’m enjoying your blog that much more. Love your happy enthisiasm — it is catching!

  21. I love your Friday Favorites posts! You always pick such amazing things. The macaroni and cheese looks delicious as do the chocolate chip cookie dough bars! And I love those dainty little necklaces, too!

  22. Joy 09.29.2012

    You had me at Butternut Squash Mac ‘n Cheese!!!! :-)

  23. Brenda 09.29.2012

    Is that Panera west of the interstate?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.30.2012

      Yep! It’s across the street from the Country Club housing entrance, and just east of the HyVee on 74th!

  24. Allison 09.29.2012

    I pinned a the bacon cornbread earlier this week. I must try that butternut squash mac & cheese.

    I saw you and Ben at the mall Saturday. I was too star struck to say anything though. :)

  25. Stacie Gorkow 09.29.2012

    I made the chocolate chip cookie dough bars today. Amazing, but really rich. Very simple but they need time to chill in the fridge. Think fudge, but cookie dough. Thanks for sharing! I would like yo try using chocolate and butterscotch chips instead of the peanut butter next time for the frosting.

  26. Mandy 09.30.2012

    Um, bacon/cheddar cornbread? GET INTO MY LIFE!

  27. Abby 09.30.2012

    My hubby and I have been dying for the fall chill to creep in just so we can make that Butternut Mac n Cheese again. We made it probably five times before I had to retire the flavors for summer and because the squash got so dang expensive.

    Definitely a must.

  28. Tracey 09.30.2012

    Love your Friday Favorites, and so super excited to see that you included my spread this week. Thank you :) Hope you had a great weekend!

  29. Josie 10.01.2012

    Just order my initial necklace!

  30. Amber 10.02.2012

    What color did you happen to type in to find that nusery…its exatly the colors I want for my nusery!

  31. nicole 10.03.2012

    I’ve been paying through the nose for the honeycrisps for a few weeks now but this weekend I check our local Sam’s club and they finally have them in! Instead of $12 for 3lbs I got a 4lb bag for $9. I’ll take it!

  32. Cait C 10.07.2012

    Just made the chocolate chip cookie dough bars and WOWSERS. I could eat a whole bowl of cookie dough but I refrain due to the raw eggs. This is an awful(ly good) discovery. I subbed light sweet condensed milk to lighten it up, just a tad. Love your Friday Faves!

  33. Hayley 10.12.2012

    I ordered the inital necklace and I think it was a hoax! Never received and they took my money…no conformation or anything. I thought it was so darn cute!

  34. Jen Barnes 09.08.2014

    Hi! Where did you get the original posting for the favorite fashion: the white jeans with the navy jacket? I’m specifically after that blue button down top. I have to have it!

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