Roasted Jalapeno Popper Potato Skins + Friday Favorites


Happy Friday, everyone!

I feel like I lived an entire day already, all before 7am! Maybe it’s because I showed up for my Super Bowl-themed KCCI appearance this morning, cough, an hour early. D’OH! I have no idea what I was thinking. Luckily the sweet folks there took pity on me and we split my segment up into two parts, one dish at 5:40am, and the other at 6:40am, so I wasn’t standing around twiddling my thumbs for an hour.

First up, the Feta-Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Meatballs I posted yesterday, then these babies – Roasted Jalapeno Popper Potato Skins!

Roasted Jalapeno Popper Potato Skins via Iowa Girl Eats

I am so obsessed with these poppable bites! Crispy baby red potato skins filled with a creamy, roasted-jalapeno popper filling then topped with bacon and cheese and broiled until golden brown. OMG!


Here’s the video of the second segment, in case you care to watch:


I think it’ll be a low-key day, what with my earlier than average wake-up call. Other than that, the biggest plans Ben and I have this weekend involve visiting a new cupcake shop in town. I’ll take it! Have a wonderful weekend, friends, and please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites!

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Favorite twist: Red Velvet SconesUmm, gorgeous! What a great twist on a scone and Red Velvet Cake. Some people are so creative!


Favorite place: French Polynesia. Ok, forget what I said a couple months ago about preferring a cozy, mountain-side vacay over a trip to paradise. Anything over 50, hell, 30 degrees sounds like total bliss right about now – especially a floating hut in Bora Bora!


Favorite fresh: Peach Mango Smoothies. A fresh, vibrant, good-for-you smoothie. I can’t even imagine how delicious this must taste!


Favorite Fitness: Sexy Leg Workout. Love the looks of this leg, core, and butt workout. Totally doable.


Favorite sweet: Carrot Cake Loaf with Thick Cream Cheese Frosting. Sweet, moist and slathered with thick cream cheese frosting, I would devour a slice of this loaf for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I LOVE carrot cake, especially when it doesn’t have raisins. The horror!


Favorite fashion: LC Spring Collection by Lauren Conrad. I am obsessed with the combo of pink and white. I haven’t found any of LC’s Kohls pieces to be as cute in person as they are in photos (although they look ADORBS on my friend Laura) but I’m thinking these pants are kind of no-fail-cute, especially with those heels.


Favorite dinner: Roasted Salmon with Avocado and Grapefruit Salsa. A beautiful, creamy, tropical, and tart recipe. Can’t wait to try it.


Favorite space. I’d never know what to put on top of cabinets that have space between the top and the ceiling. LOVE this idea for displaying unique kitchen pieces through see-through cabinetry, instead of dusty ivy!


Favorite bite: Buffalo Oven-Fried Goat Cheese. If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time then you know how obsessed I am with all things buffalo-flavored. Combine it with warm goat cheese then feed it to me and I will love you forever.


Favorite collection: Healthy Pressed Juice Recipes. An awesome collection of healthy, yummy juice recipes – which is a good reminder to dust off my juicer this weekend. It’s been awhile!


Favorite redo: Chex Scotcharoos. Brilliant! I would love to try these with honey chex. Can you even imagine?!


Favorite furball. Pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling all week. Cold, and upset about it.


Favorite sip: Peach Sangria. Raise your hand if you cannot WAIT for peach season!? In the meantime, I bet frozen peaches would work really well in this recipe – they’d keep your drink cold, too!


Favorite song: Carry On – Fun. I could NOT fall asleep for the life of me a couple nights ago – this song would not stop playing on repeat in my head! Love all things Fun.

Favorite bite: 100 Calorie Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing. NEED. NOW!!


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Have a great weekend!

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  1. Jen 01.25.2013

    Are you visiting the new Scratch Cupcakery in WDM? I am from Cedar Falls and Scratch cupcakes are the best!! My favorites are Toffee and Peanut Butter Cup. I am not a big cake/cupcake fan, but these are to die for!

    • Megan 01.25.2013

      I agree Jen! I went with some co-workers to Scratch earlier this week and they were so delicious! We all split the cupcakes so we could try different ones. The Lemon Rasberry was really yummy!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.25.2013

      You got it! I was going to go last weekend and never made it – I can’t wait!

  2. These might be better than the original poppers!

  3. Tieghan 01.25.2013

    Thank so much for featuring my Oven fried Buffalo Goat Cheese! I was so excited because I read your blog daily!!!!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.25.2013

      They are so brilliant, Tieghan! Plus I have all the ingredients already in the house, so I hope to make them this Sunday. :)

  4. Roasting jalapenos totally takes the edge off – I can’t even TELL you how good those potato skins are looking right now. My lunch just isn’t gonna cut it ;)

    PS – I completely agree with you on LC’s clothes – I’ve ordered one too many tops online only to be bummed out. Womp, womp!

    • Erin 01.25.2013

      the LC clothes make me sad always. they require a store trip, and even then are a one in a million chance!

  5. Erin 01.25.2013

    those red velvet scones look absolutely amazing. and since we’re also talking about love of all things buffalo, have you ever been to cooney’s in north beaverdale? it’s a dive bar that has popcorn you can toss with buffalo sauce. every time we visit dsm it is a requirement that we stop there!

  6. Kristina 01.25.2013

    I agree with you on the raisins! I like raisins by themselves but not in things.

  7. Sara 01.25.2013

    OMG while I was getting ready for work this morning my husband was flipping through the news and I was like STOP STOP! That is Iowa Girl Eats!! He was like Who?! But after watching he is a fan…and wants to make those little bites of heaven potato things. :) Let us know how the cupcakes are…I hear they are AMAZING.

  8. Awww so great to see you doing your thing live (well, almost!).

    I agree with a little mid-winter trip to Bora Bora but if not, those mango/peach smoothies might satisfy tropical cravings for now!

  9. I love the furball picture! So cute! You must have had to wake up so early to get there at 5:40am. I would definitely be taking a nap right about now if I were you…

  10. The carrot cake loaf, Salmon and Buffalo goat cheese all sound SO good! You just made me hungry!

  11. Lisa 01.25.2013

    Looks like Jen beat me to it about asking it you were going to Scratch this weekend! You will LOVE the cupcakes and I have great confidence you will be blogging about them soon!

  12. Andrea 01.25.2013

    Those jalapeno potato skins look so great!

    I was planning to make the buffalo chicken meatballs to munch on while we watch the hockey game tonight. (We’re more hockey than football fans in my house!) While I was shopping shopping today I saw that mini hoagie rolls were on sale SO….mini buffalo chicken meatball hoagies are definitely happening tonight!

    Also, that Bora Bore picture is amazing and just making me long for vacation during the snowstorm we’re having today!

  13. I hope you are going to Scratch! I love the one in Cedar Falls!

  14. Renee 01.25.2013

    Kristen, You were great on TV!! So proud of you girl! I just made your chickfila bites a couple of days ago. So delish!!

  15. Shelley 01.25.2013

    I really enjoyed your segments this morning on KCCI. It was nice that you and Katie coordinated your outfits; she really jumped in and helped you out. Way to go, Eats!

  16. The peach mango smoothie looks sooo good. I don’t know why, but my smoothies always turn out the weirdest/grossest colors! They’re always purple or brown (instead of green), I swear!

    Anything involving chocolate and cream cheese that is only 100 calories needs to be in my possession, like, yesterday!!

  17. Shannon 01.25.2013

    Love that you and news lady always coordinate.

  18. Your jalapeno popper potato skins look and sound super delicious! What a great appetizer :).

    I love Lauren Conrad’s clothing and those pink pants are adorable. I am going to have to head to Kohl’s and try to find them!

    Chex Scotcharoos?? Um, yes please! I absolutely love Scotcharoos. They are one of my favorite treats. These absolutely have to be good!

  19. Connie Conlon 01.25.2013

    Stopped in at the Cupcake shop and it is totally worth the wait! Absolutely delicious and it was very busy !!

  20. Bek @ Crave 01.25.2013

    Chocolate cream cheese icing? And only 100 cals! Sign me up woo! Haha. Love that little pug photo awwww.

  21. Brittany 01.25.2013

    My bf & I were super disappointed by Scratch. We much prefer the place across from Living History Farms. They were way more moist and yummy!

  22. Kristen 01.25.2013

    Oh, it’s soooo cold and the peach sangria sounds amazing!!!

  23. Elise 01.26.2013

    You and Ben are going to love those cupcakes. I tried the Almond Joy on TH. today there’s a cupcake called Sully, which they told me was a Monster Bar in a cupcake. YUM!! Have FUN!!

  24. Jeri Wendzel 01.26.2013

    If you are going to Scratch, I highly recommend “Doughlicious”. They make them on Friday’s.

  25. Regan 01.26.2013

    Random question… I saw ur last name was Porter….I have followed ur blog for years and never caught it… R u by chance related to the late Orville Porter from Cresco IA?

  26. Denise 01.27.2013

    I am definitely making the meatballs and the potato skins for Super Bowl! They look great! And, I loved watching your tv clip, so cool and you did GREAT!

  27. Paul 01.28.2013

    Made the carrot loaf this weekend–both the bread and the frosting are awesome! Thanks for the link!

  28. Denise 01.28.2013

    I made the roasted salmon last night. My husband never, EVER likes anything but grilled salmon that I marinate. Despite me continually trying to find a baked recipe he doesn’t balk at. Guess what?! He liked this!!! Interested to hear your comments after you try it!

  29. Polly 01.28.2013

    I’m addicted to your Friday Favorites posts! I always get introduced to something new and fun, and now I can’t get Fun.’s song out of my head either!

  30. Jess 01.28.2013

    Oh wow – I’ve got potato skins on the brain this week – superbowl fever, I guess! So many fun things in the round-up this week!

  31. […] stole this workout from here and switched up some of the exercises. Got through it pretty quickly, so I did 20 min on the bike […]

  32. Lilly 01.30.2013

    Just had to say – this is a seriously great Friday Favorite’s (p.s. look forward to this post every week!) The Sexy Leg Workout is great, I have done it before… LOVE tribe sports workouts. Scotharoos are one of my fave desserts! And – LOVE the various drink related links.

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