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Happy Friday everyone!

Today the three of us – Ben, Lincoln, and myself – are heading up to Minneapolis for our first weekend trip. Eek! Ben and I have always agreed that we don’t want to be tied to the house just because we have a child, but at the same time L does well on a schedule and I just hope he’ll do ok away from home. I suppose it’s like any new experience with a baby – you don’t know how it’ll go until you try!

That being said, #prayforus.

Speaking of hashtags, check out this video which nearly made me spit out my Apple Izze. It is SO funny!

Anyway, I’ll be sitting on a panel at an agribusiness conference this afternoon, discussing my experience with the Join My Journey program, then we’ll play the rest of the weekend by ear. Hoping to sneak in a trip to IKEA and maybe West Elm to look at furniture for the house (yep, STILL EMPTY – told you this would take awhile!) and no trip to our old stomping grounds would be complete without brunch at Uptown Diner. I can taste the cinnamon french toast now, mmm… : )

Wish us luck!

Whatever you do this weekend, make it a good one, and in the meantime please enjoy my favorite finds from the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites!

Click on the blue links to be taken to the original source. 

Favorite bite: Apple Cider Caramel Glazed Pound CakeNow, I really love my Fresh Apple Cake recipe, but something it’s unfortunately missing? An Apple Cider Caramel Glaze. DROOL.


Favorite find: Merona Satchel HandbagI spotted this bag at Target earlier this week and swooned. Definitely not as luxe as the Coach bag I showed you a few weeks ago, but it looks really darn similar for a WHOLE lot less.


Favorite devour: Garlic Butter Spaghetti with Herbs. Pinch of Yum got it right with this recipe and post. Sometimes simple really is best.


Favorite funny: Bat Dad (click then scroll down for videos.) Oh my gosh, these videos of a Dad who disciplines his kids while wearing a batman mask are HYSTERICAL. I dare you not to laugh. 


Favorite reuse: Mason Jar Lid Pies: Spiced PeachWhat a brilliant idea to bake an individual pie inside a mason jar lid! The possibilities are endless.


Favorite fitness: Training for a 10KThinking about trying to fit this in before it gets too cold to run outdoors. The idea of a training plan to stick to as I get back into running is definitely appealing (yes I know the potential effects of exercise on nursing – I’m being careful!)


Favorite dip: Apple Pie FriesI’ve had this recipe pinned for months. Apple pie filling stuffed between pie crusts then cut into fries and served with caramel sauce. So clever!


Favorite space: Kid’s NookI have a perfect place in the house for a little learning/activity nook for Lincoln when he gets older. I love how this is both fun but neat and tidy-looking (although I suppose it wouldn’t stay that way for long!) ; )


Favorite twist: Quinoa. Cranberry, Almond Grilled Chicken SaladGreat fall twist on the classic chicken salad. Would be good between two slices of bread, stuffed inside a pita, or scooped over a pile of lettuce.


Favorite travel: Villa Honegg Hotel, SwitzerlandTalk about a spa with a view! The Villa Honegg Hotel in Switzerland was built in 1905, and comes complete with a one-of-a-kind view of Mt. Burgenstock from the spa pool. Sign me up!


Favorite drizzle: Brown Butter Buttermilk SyrupI think borrowing my parent’s waffle maker so I can drown homemade waffles in a thick drizzle of brown butter buttermilk syrup might be in order soon. Crazy decadent.


Favorite lounge: Skinny SweatpantsFor some reason I can’t quite put my finger on these skinny sweatpants really appeal to me. I just think they’re too cute!


Favorite snack: Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Granola BarsHomemade granola bars always seem to catch my eye. The combo of chocolate chips and almond butter in this version sound extra scrumptious.


Favorite bling: New York Stud EarringsI think I’ve featured these earrings in another Friday Favorites post, but in a different color. The tortoise version here looks so smart. The perfect cap to a cute fall outfit.


Favorite indulge: Skillet Brownies. DYING! Love the fact that this recipe can be made from start to finish in a cast iron skillet. Totally trying this sooner rather than later.


Favorite DIY: Outdoor Fall LanternsAren’t these cute? They’re not-so-cute craft store lanterns spray painted then filled with– well, I’ll let you click over to read the rest of the instructions. I think they’d look adorable on the front porch or fireplace mantel.

decorative-filled-lanterns 1_mini

Favorite sweet: Pumpkin Twinkies with Cream Cheese Marshmallow FillingOk, these babies make me giddy. Homemade Pumpkin Twinkies with Cream Cheese Marshmallow Filling?! Definitely favorite pumpkin recipe I’ve found this season so far!


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Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Emily 09.27.2013

    Amazing list once again! And FYI – I started back running 10 days after having all three of my kids and never had any issues with milk supply. I nursed all three for over a year, while running a lot. Good luck!

    • Anna Banana 09.27.2013

      I wanted to chime in too. People try to make nursing seem so complicated, but I’ve never had a problem running and nursing. You listen to your body and your baby, eat healthy, H2O, and your fine. It just doesn’t have to be that complicated.

      • Lauren 09.30.2013

        Yes, I was going to say that, too! Nursing and exercise can coexist! A good friend just posted a pic on Facebook of herself nursing her 10 month old right after finishing a marathon. I never managed that, but it can be done!

  2. kita 09.27.2013

    Watch out, once you make those brownies, you loved ones will want you to make them again and again then claim they don’t know how to work the internet or find the flour when you tell them they can try it themselves ;D

    A year go I would have thought skinny sweat pants were silly, today after my run, they look like the most comfy thing in the world! I need those.

  3. Kristi 09.27.2013

    I love that bag from target! They have cute bags for half the price of bags that I have on my wish list.

  4. Madison 09.27.2013

    LOVE those twinkies! I need them in my life now. :)

  5. I must agree, those skinny sweatpants are really cute…maybe it’s because they look a little more put together than big baggy sweat pants? ;)

  6. Thank you for doing Friday Favorites – they are one of the highlights of my Fridays!! Good luck with the trip this weekend. It is actually easier to travel with them when they are little than when they get bigger, so enjoy!!

    • JennP 09.27.2013

      Travel now and travel often! We did way more long drives and weekend trips with our first than we did with our second (it was just so much harder with 2 kiddos under 2). Our oldest is so flexible and easygoing. Our youngest is, well, NOT!

  7. C. 09.27.2013

    Love this list! Those pumpkin twinkies are SO so tempting. Funny, I just saw those apple pie fies on Pinterest yesterday on the “Popular” search of boards! They look delicious.

  8. DessertForTwo 09.27.2013

    Thanks for including me in your roundup, Kristin :)

    I’ve got to get some of those skinny sweat pants! Adorable!

    Happy Friday!

  9. You always find the best stuff! I think my favorite is the apple pie fries. No, the lanterns. No the spa with a view. Argh! Everything!

  10. Literally just pinned 5 things from this post…. love your friday faves!

  11. jen 09.27.2013

    I totally want those skinny sweatpants so I don’t have to worry about tripping on the hem of my pants when I’m walking down the stairs. Perfect for the cooler weather we will hopefully have soon!

    Also, I would second what Emily said about exercise and milk supply. I’ve run and done TRX and CrossFit classes while nursing, without issue. And had a friend who ran two marathons while nursing. Stay hydrated and do what makes you happy I say!

  12. kirsten 09.27.2013

    I have to second what both Emily and Jen have said. I started running again as soon as the doctor gave me the okay at 6 weeks after birth and have been running since. I also have trained for sprint and olympic triathlons and have had no effects on milk supply. My daughter is 19 months and still loves to nurse. Also, someone told me a myth once that running will make your milk turn sour and my lactation consultant confirmed that as a myth. Just make sure you stay hydrated and take in enough calories if you are having a longer run :)

  13. those skinny sweatpants remind me of a chic pair of long underwear…which is weird but awesome? enjoy mpls this weekend, we are going to have some rainy weather, but it should still be nice!

  14. Marnie 09.27.2013

    Hi! Love your blog. I’ve been following you for ages and recently learned my neighbor Ellen is your friend from childhood. Good times! Anyway, researched a bit on exercise and nursing because I got all worried after your post. Found some good info on the always helpful Kellymom site.

    Have a fan weekend here in the TC!!

  15. Angela 09.27.2013

    I have a pair of skinny sweats very similar to those!! I love them! I feel like they have so much more style than yoga pants (which I also love!)

    And I’m loving the baby updates! When your adorable little one came, I was worried my fav food blog would turn into a hub of baby gushing, but turns out I LOVE the baby gushing! Seriously he’s adorable!

  16. Maria 09.27.2013

    Thanks for featuring our syrup! It is so good you will want to drink it:) Happy Friday! xo

  17. Amy 09.27.2013

    Have FUN in Mpls! How can you not? Ha……says this proud to be from here–fan of your blogging:)
    Have you been to Hell’s Kitchen? It’s sooo good, the carmel roll feeds 2-3 people, the lemon ricotta pancakes are amazing…’s family friendly……delish food!
    IKEA is so fun…..I need to get over there……it’s 20min’s from where I live and I don’t go too often, probably because it’s easy to find things…I never overspend though—they have great towels!~

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.27.2013

      LOVE HK! Their homemade peanut butter (of all things) is one of my favorite things ever. :)

      • Amy 09.27.2013

        Good—so you know the place:)
        West Elm is so cool and The Container Store is across the parking lot from there……..along w/ so many restaurants on France Avenue.

  18. Sara 09.27.2013

    I got that purse from Target in black and with in 3 days of using it a piece of the hardware came off…I didn’t even bother getting another one. Almost all the ones in my store had broken zippers, so I just don’t think the quality on this one is worth even the $40 price tag :(.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.27.2013

      Ack – good to know! Will continue saving my pennies… ;)

      • Sara 09.27.2013

        yeah, same here! :) such a let down too because it really was a nice faux leather purse!

  19. Apple Pie Fries…Pumpkin Twinkies! Are my eyes deceiving me? I am pinning these babies right away.

    Per usual, this list is on point!

  20. sharon weaver 09.27.2013

    So true, will be easier to travel now, before he gets used to his crib and wants to crawl all around the hotel room.

  21. Kelly 09.27.2013

    We have been to Uptown Diner now at least 4 times, and we have only been living in Minneapolis for 8 weeks! We love it!

  22. Julie 09.27.2013

    What? Not Bryant Lake Bowl? Bowling, atmosphere, Amy’s breakfast burrito, Sundays. Perfect.

  23. Richella Parham 09.27.2013

    Thank you SO MUCH for linking to my lanterns! I’m so glad you liked them, and your sharing them just made my day! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Safe travels!

    • melinda ragle 10.06.2013

      I love your fall lanterns!! If you live near a Gordmans Store – they have tons of lanterns in the $20’s. They are very reasonably priced and they have many styles and sizes.

  24. Lisa 09.27.2013

    Get the skinny sweat pants! I just bought a pair from the Gap with the tuxedo stripe down the leg and I LOVE them! You will wear them all the time! They can go with sneakers, flats, you name it! Very versatile!

  25. Trisha 09.27.2013

    I can’t get enough of that hashtag video. Well, really I can’t get enough of JT period, but throw in JF and I’m like, beyond obsessed. #hilariousduo
    And those apple pie fries might just be my newest obsession.

  26. I love your “Friday Favorites!” Those apple pie fries are going on my must-make list for my next party. How cool!

  27. love those lanterns.

    happy friday, kristin! :)

  28. Liz 09.27.2013

    Bahaha Bat Dad! Can I guess what your first favorite is? “MAKE SURE YOU POINT IT DOWN!!!”

    Love it.

  29. Lyndsay S. 09.27.2013

    I was going to leave a comment on nursing and running as well, but see others beat me to it! I trained for a marathon as well while nursing, and had no issues (well, beyond needing better supporting sports bras!). In fact, “they” say that you’re V02 max goes up in the year after having a baby, so now’s the perfect time to try to train and get faster, if that’s your goal. I improved a lot in the year after I had my son.

  30. ppp 09.27.2013

    Always love your Friday faves!

    Also will just chime in and say I have been an active exerciser after both my pregnancies and nursed both girls past one year (still nursing #2 at 15 mos old)!

  31. Lara 09.27.2013

    Love this list – so many fun (and funny) things. And how did you know I’m aiming to train for a 10K? Well, in between bites of that amazing pound cake! LOL Very much enjoy your blog so thanks for sharing!

  32. Those apple pie fries are genius!! Those sound AMAZING.

  33. Tracy 09.27.2013

    Good luck on your trip and have fun! Sounds like you have a good attitude. It’ll go well!

  34. Alexa 09.27.2013

    I ran a half marathon six months after having my son, and never had issues with my supply because of it. I like how you preemptively call people out not to say anything before they do (like with the car seat straps). People give such annoying unsolicited advice.

    I will surely be looking the sweatpants. Old Navy trip planned this weekend anyway!

    Also, your new mom must haves inspired me to do a post on my must haves for the first year, as my little guy approaches one:

    Take Care!

  35. dana 09.27.2013

    Oh man, those sweatpants. MAMA WANT MAMA NEED. Thanks for the share, friend! Hugs.

  36. Lisa Foote 09.27.2013

    Skip IKEA (It’s awful on the weekend) and invest in some long lasting and beautiful from the Room and Board outlet. It opens at 10am on Saturday but you must be in line by 9:30am.

    I have never been disappointed with a purchase from Room and Board. And you can even have them deliver it for you, instead of lugging back boxes of furniture from IKEA.

    Someone else mentioned Hell’s Kitchen and it is AMAZING for breakfast. Also do NOT miss out on Patisserie 46 in the Kingfield neighborhood Even if just for coffee and an almond croissant. If you have time, Travail will change your life.

    I could go on for paragraph in other suggestions … I’m from Ames and have lived in Minneapolis for 10 years. We love our restaurants and cafes and coffee shops. And our lakes. And our bike trails. And our lives.

  37. dana 09.27.2013

    And Bat Dad? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? John and I just peed a little.

  38. Rachel H 09.27.2013

    I am sure you get more unsolicited advice than you could ever need…but I learned this one the hard way. If you travel (and you should!) and are supplementing with formula at all, bring water from home. We visited grandparents on the farm with well water and my little babe didn’t care for their water. Made for a long weekend!
    Love your blog, have a fun time in MNPLS!

  39. Debtgirl 09.27.2013

    Love the lanterns! Enjoy you weekend!

  40. I WANT those skinny sweatpants. They look so comfy! Love this Friday faves….

  41. Have fun on your first weekend trip! I totally agree about not letting everything change because you have a baby! We just took our 9 week old son to Greece and it was incredible (on my blog)! The memories travelling with your baby are even better (the photos, too!)!

  42. Heather 09.27.2013

    I started running three weeks post partum (slowly and carefully!) and training for a half marathon about 6 weeks PP with no problems whatsoever with my supply. I hope you have a great transition back to running and enjoy the time doing something for yourself!

  43. We were stilling living in Cedar Falls/Waterloo when we our first child was born. We had to travel 4 hours on Hwy 20 (UGH!) just to go home. I learned that traveling with infants often better prepares then for road trips when they are older. Good luck!

  44. Nicole 09.27.2013

    So many good finds this week I want to make all the baked goods! Have a great weekend and best of luck on the road trip.

  45. I love that DIY craft!!! I actually have one hanging in my kitchen filled with fall-ish pears but I love that they put theirs in front of the house. Have fun in MN this weekend and good luck with the babe!!

  46. Those bat dad videos were hilarious!

    I’m drooling at the twinkies and apple pie fries! I also love that pie lid idea it is genius and looks so delicious too :)

    That hash tag video also really made me laugh.

  47. nancy 09.27.2013

    Hurray for a road trip! It’ll go smoothly as long as you have Lincoln’s food ready and dry diapers to go.

    Now if you need a place to collect your traveling jitters, come here. You are certainly welcome whenever in Minneapolis — and we are just off 35 and Crosstown (probably better known as Hwy. 62). Have fun while you are in our city of just about the greatest things to do/eat/see! It is supposed to rain tomorrow but will clear up later in the day. My personal recommendation for you is Café Maude (54th and Xerxes). I’ll babysit.
    Or if you want a more family-friendly and the best experience, go to the International Market on Lake Street. It is in the old Sear’s building and is a MECCA of cultures. So absolutely fabulous, you will thank me for the suggestion. And the food is to die for. On a rainy day, this will be your favorite place to go, I promise!! Drive safely.

  48. Karen 09.27.2013

    A great place to shop for furniture is Room and Board, be sure to check it out!

  49. Tieghan 09.27.2013

    I think I need to pin everything from this post. I loved it all!

  50. So glad you posted the hashtag video. My daughter has been telling me to watch it. You saved the day. And yes it was really funny. Have fun on your getaway# !

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