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The holidays have arrived at the IGE household!


I don’t think it really hit me until very recently that Christmas was so close to Thanksgiving this year. I had barely polished off the last slice of leftover turkey before my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds were blowing up with pictures of people putting up their twinkly lights and holiday decor.

Umm, my tree just went up this Wednesday. So behind the times…!


We do a “collection” tree rather than a themed one, full of meaningful ornaments from events and occasions from years past. Like the Rockette’s ornament my Mom got me when we went to see them a few years ago


And the Mt Vernon one I picked up on our visit last year.


My little elf was very helpful, telling me where each ornament should go, and I assured him that Santa would put him on the nice list because of it. SANTA?!


Hehe. Anyway, this weekend will be full of taking care of household projects. We’re hosting Christmas Eve this year and, believe it or not, there’s still some boxes and stuff from the move this summer that we have to officially, finally get out of the way. Wish us luck!

Wherever you are, and whatever you do have a wonderful weekend and in the meantime please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites!

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Favorite twist: Cheesy Sweet & Sour Pomegranate Thai Chicken Enchiladas. An enchilada recipe with pomegranate seeds is definitely something I could get into. Can’t wait to make these!


Favorite DIY: DIY Orange Clove Pomanders. What an easy, inexpensive, and yummy smelling centerpiece for the holidays.


Favorite treat: Gingerbread Cookie Cups with White Chocolate & Caramel. White chocolate mousse? Sign me up! These look so decadent.


Favorite fashion. I am loooooving this pale pink coat from J Crew. So cozy and girly. (Says this totally un-girly-girl.) ; )


Favorite plate: Roasted Winter Vegetable Salad. There’s those pomegranate seeds again, adding a sweet burst to this ultra healthy salad featuring all my favorite winter veggies.


Favorite place: Beaver Chief Falls, Glacier National Park, Montana. Uh yeah, my wanderlust is officially back in full force. Who knew this view existed outside of the Alps? Amazing!


Favorite sip: Coconut Fizz Cocktail. Total new years eve perfection.


Favorite baby: Custom Baby Subway Art. I am obsessed with this collage – it’d look perfect above Lincoln’s changing table. So cool, right?


Favorite hack: Microwave Potato Chips. Ben and I attempted these DIY potato chips in the microwave last week and they were amazing. Be sure to slice your potatoes at least 1/8″ thin. We seasoned ours with a spritz of EVOO and a dash of the Ultimate Steak Seasoning (<– obsessed with that stuff.)


Favorite find: Perfect Picturewall. So you know Claire’s picture wall going up the stairs on Modern Family? I’m obsessed. Maybe this company could help me achieve a similar look!


Favorite slurp: Chicken Meatball and Orzo Hearty Soup. YES. This soup looks so perfect for the sub-zero temps we’ve been rocking all week.

Favorite funny: 50 Most WTF Animal Pics of the Year. Ummm high-larious, however don’t click if you’re easily offended. (Clearly I’m not!)


Favorite bite: Fried Brussels Sprouts with Smokey Honey Aioli. THESE!!!! Anyone care if I break my no-frying rule for these crispy bites? No? Great. Done!

Favorite decor: Bon Voyage Print. This handmade canvas print is so cool. Would love to have it hanging in my house.


Favorite sweet: No-Bake Candy Cane Sugar Cookie Bites. Peppermint is one of my favorite flavors of the holidays. These babies look dangerously delicious!


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Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. I love your Christmas Tree! It looks so beautiful :)

  2. Bri 12.13.2013

    I love your Friday favorites! I cannot believe how big Lincoln is getting. So cute!

  3. Sarah 12.13.2013

    I love all of your recipes, and your little boy is too cute! Just wanted to vouch that Glacier National Park is one of the most breathtaking places on earth. I spent every summer there growing up and feel so fortunate to have had that opportunity. There is no place like it, and is one of the best kept secrets around. You should visit once in your life. Merry Christmas!

  4. Margaret 12.13.2013

    I echo Sarah’s comment. Glacier National Park is an absolute must. It is indescribably beautiful and there is nothing like it. There is a reason it is called “The Crown of the Continent”. You don’t need Europe for breathtaking beauty!

  5. C. 12.13.2013

    Christmas really snuck up on me this year too! Your little guy is so cute next to your tree:) Happy holidays. Great list this week!

  6. Jade 12.13.2013

    The idea behind your Christmas Tree is a very nice one. I particularly like that you have Santa hat sitting at the top as opposed to an angel or star – you know the more traditional ornament.

    Bits & Bobs

  7. Sara 12.13.2013

    LOVE those little tiny bow on the picks for the cookie bites! And I am def trying that coconut drink for our Ugly Sweater party tomorrow night! Have a great weekend!

  8. Em 12.13.2013

    Great post as always. Recently, there have been ads on your site that advertise games and play loud sounds and music. I find them very unappealing and distracting, and they don’t really have anything to do with your site’s content. The one today is for “War Thunder” by glispa. Will these be going away anytime soon?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 12.13.2013

      Ack – sorry about that, Em! Ads that play music annoy me to death. I usually keep my computer on mute for that very reason! Do you remember which ad spot was playing music? I will try and get it taken care of right away. Thanks for letting me know!

      • That’s weird! I didn’t hear anything and my computer wasn’t on mute. I only see the adds on the sidebar that quietly wait for you to pay attention to them.

      • Em 12.13.2013

        Thanks for the quick follow up! The ad appeared below your image for your Amazon store link. Interesting that other readers don’t have that ad…I’m visiting the site from Canada, maybe that makes a difference?

  9. Stacie 12.13.2013

    OMG…all of a sudden Lincoln has a very big boy head of hair! I love it!!

  10. Lincoln is getting so big! Just wait until next year you will have a Christmas tree that only has ornaments dangling from the top of your tree. That’s where we are right now ;) Love the list perfect to browse through while slurping hot coffee.

  11. Tieghan 12.13.2013

    It is so crazy how close together Thanksgiving and Christmas are this year. There is just not enough Christmas time if you ask me!! Your tree is so pretty and the photo of “your little elf” in the bumbo is the cutest!

    Thanks so much for including my enchiladas this week! I am highly obsessed with pomegranates and cannot get enough! Love the other picks as well. The pink pea coat and Jess’s brussels are both awesome!

  12. Your little elf is getting so big!!

  13. So many good things! I always love Friday Favorites. Your tree is beautiful!

  14. Sally 12.13.2013

    Those enchiladas look like heaven! And your little one is just too precious. I’ll bet you are so looking forward to the holidays this year – they are always so much more fun and special with little ones around. My nephews make Christmastime such a joy. Have a great weekend!

  15. Melissa 12.13.2013

    Such a great post day, per usual! I just pinned at least half of these recipes!

  16. Cassie 12.13.2013

    Your Friday Favorites are awesome!!! I love your tree, and I am definitely going to try some of those recipes and the clove orange decor!

  17. Baker Bettie 12.13.2013

    Your child is seriously THE cutest. I can’t get over him!

  18. Kelly Mitchem 12.13.2013

    I love all of these, your Christmas decorations look great!

  19. Hilary 12.13.2013

    Hey I know Doug from the Ultimate Steak Seasoning! I’ll have to show him your post!

  20. Andrea 12.13.2013

    I made an info graphic for my son’s first birthday that reminds me of the subway art:

  21. Lindsay 12.13.2013

    Great list of favorites, but mine is that ADORABLE pic of Lincoln! Oh my, he’s just so cute!!

  22. ErikaMC 12.13.2013

    The pink coat looks so cute and cozy. I would totally get it dirty in like 2 seconds though!

  23. I look forward to these posts every week! I love them Kristin! That pink coat is amazing and Lincoln is getting so big. Your tree looks gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend

  24. I love your tree! Ours is the same way, a collection of ornaments plus a few red and silver to fill in! He is getting so big! Love all the favorites especially the pink jacket!

  25. Happy holidays to you and your family, Kristin! Your tree is beautiful and Lincoln would make an adorable little Santa’s helper! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Kelsey 12.13.2013

    Happy Holidays Kristin! BTW the little lake in the Glacier National Park photo is called Lake Lincoln. Thought you’d appreciate that more than anyone :)

  27. Betsy 12.13.2013

    I LOVE collection trees. My mom had one filled with ornaments we made and collected over the years that I loved, but this year she decided to finally have a nicer tree now that all the kids are gone. I hope to have a tree for my children like I had growing up. I also love the santa hat as a tree topper!

  28. Candy 12.13.2013

    That picture of Lincoln….I can’t even…I would be so smothering that little face with kisses all the time!!

  29. What a lovely tree and your little one is adorable! Thank you for including my soup this week!

  30. LovestoCook 12.13.2013

    May I ask where you got your tree? I am assuming it is fake. We are looking for a taller, more full tree and yours looks hearty!

  31. debtgirl 12.13.2013

    Good luck!
    Yes, Lincoln is adorable, cuter every time we get to see him!
    Lovely tree too!
    Have fun IGE!!!!!

  32. Ambar 12.14.2013

    This post made me smile! I think your baby is soooo cute! Super cute!

  33. Ella 12.14.2013

    Your Christmas Tree looks fab, def going to do the oranges with cloves and try the bruseel sprout/honey aoili !!

    Ella |;

  34. Jess 12.16.2013

    Love the list this week, Kristin! Montana is one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever been – in and outside of the US, but that photo is breathtaking.

    And PS…I’m not sure there’s anything cuter than Lincoln in that orange Bumbo. Seriously – love that.

  35. Monica 12.16.2013

    I LOVE your blog. I always get caught up in all of the delicious recipes that you share. HOWEVER today that gorgeous pink coat that you are sporting is a must have! I checked J Crew and I don’t see it. Can you help?

  36. stephanie 12.16.2013

    Honestly. Lincoln is the cutest boy ever! He makes my heart melt! (Those wtf pics are great!)

  37. brittany 12.17.2013

    Oh. my. goodness. Please thank Ben on behalf of ALL of us as that looks like the best beef stew/gravy EVER. I am going to make this Saturday…as the man in my life would pretty much drool over it.
    And Lincoln-and that plaid shirt-I mean, I keep thinking he can’t get any cuter…and then the next picture happens! Precious little man.

  38. Those fried Brussels sprouts had me drooling all week. We decorate our tree the same way. I couldn’t imagine a tree without my special ornaments.

  39. Erin 12.20.2013

    Just wanted to say that your Friday Favorites have always been a treat. Now that you post them every few weeks, they are even more of a treat that I look forward to. Thank you for making the time in your busy life as a new mom for keeping these up!

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