Hello from the other side of baby!! Thank you so, so much for your well wishes and congratulations via visits, calls, texts, emails, and comments over the past several days. It is such a joy to share our joy – Baby Cameron!


We welcomed Mr. Cameron (thank you, Summer Olympics 2016 and Australian swimmer Cameron McEvoy for the much needed naming inspiration!) into our lives Thursday morning and he is doing wonderfully. Over the past six days he’s been smothered in snuggles and smooches by both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and big brother Lincoln, of course. ❤️

Now, by some complete miracle the dishwasher is running and both boys are currently napping, so I wanted to pop in to say hi. HI! I’m working on a “Life After Baby” post series that will publish over the next couple of months with my thoughts on having baby #2, but here’s what’s currently going down at casa de IGE:


A friend told Ben and me a few months prior to Cameron arriving that having 1 kid was like having 0 kids, and having 2 kids was like having 10. NAILED IT. Having two children who depend on you completely – and for totally different things – is definitely more difficult than I imagined. People with more than two children, you are amazing. I need to know when you get things done. The balancing act has been really difficult and we’ve only been home two days! ? Maybe that’s the key thing though – it’s only been two days.

Mostly we just want to make sure Lincoln is doing ok with this enormous transition. We’ve been doing lots of one on one time, hugs and kisses, and a few fun presents like Floam. Can you say mega hit? I know once everything isn’t so raw it will feel less complicated but, at the moment, when I think about Ben going back to work I break into a cold sweat. And not even a hormonal one. Although that’s also happening.


The other day I made the horrible mistake of reading a Dr. Laura column about a 4.5 year old child who still resents his mother 16 months after his baby sister arrived – can’t unread the words, can’t unfeel the feels. That’ll teach me to Google anything parenting-related besides like, whether a Rock ‘n’ Play is worth it.


Our house is a Disaster with a capital D. Today for lunch I ate chunky peanut butter by the spoonful for lunch. Ben arrived to the hospital the day after Cameron was born with his shirt inside out. Edited to add: and fell asleep at Walgreens waiting for my pain medication prescription to be filled!!! #thatguy Despite having been here before, we are total parents of newborns right now! ? Let’s just say the first night at home was REAL. Thank you Lord for perspective and the knowledge that this is all temporary.


I am enjoying the newborn scents and cuddles more than I ever thought possible – there is nothing better! Probably because I can literally see in front of my face how quickly it fades away when I look at Lincoln. Prior to Thursday I though he was the tiniest little person on the entire planet. When he came to the hospital after Cam was born I had to squint to make sure I was looking at my 3 year old and not a 13 year old.


When I was pregnant I was legitimately worried I couldn’t love this baby as much as Lincoln – my first born, child soulmate, little buddy, and constant companion. Everyone said my love would expand not divide, which I knew of course, but it’s crazy just how true those words are and how instantaneous it happens. I am obsessed with/love all my boys equally (including Ben!)


I never went into too much detail about Lincoln’s birth but it was beyond horrific (not the hospital, doctors, or nurses – many of whom we were reunited with again when we had Cameron!) Anyway, this time around I had a planned C-section and could not have felt better leaving the hospital – mind, body and spirit. Just wanted to mention this to anyone whose first child came into the world in a way you’d rather not remember and are planning on, or want more children. It can be so much better the second time around!


We are relying on the generous help of our family right now and are asking for lots of prayers and as we navigate this chaotic world of loving on our two beautiful children. It does get easier though, right? ? Have a great rest of your week!