I’m back – literally – at home in Iowa!

Our Denver vacation was cut a day short because of some nasty storms snaking through eastern Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa, that could have potentially kept us in Colorado for Christmas! :( I will say I was incredibly bummed, but after getting the weather report yesterday morning, we quickly changed plans and managed to squeak in about 90% of what we wanted to do while we were out there. SO, we’re now back at home but it least I can relive my vacation through photos – onto day 2!

Sunday in Denver was a snoozefest in the way possible… because it started at Snooze! An a.m. eatery, don’t you know. :)


Snooze specializes in breakfast and came highly recommended to us by several readers. After our success with the Cherry Cricket we, of course, obliged and headed down for breakfast on Sunday morning!


Snooze is a very popular restaurant and there was a 40 minute wait to get a table. We didn’t mind – we stood outside, basking in the beautiful morning air and sipped on the free, piping hot coffee they provided. Nice touch, Snooze!


Check out all these awards! We knew were in for a treat. :D


The inside of the restaurant has a retro, 60s vibe. Very bright and airy too.




After being seated we were presented with a menu, and my jaw dropped…


Pineapple Upside Down Cake Pancakes? Funky Monkey Pancakes? Fall Classic Pancakes? This was my sweet tooth’s dream come true!!! How would I ever decide? I decided that I couldn’t possibly decide, so I ordered a Pancake Flight. (I know.) In my customized flight:

  • Pineapple Upside Down Pancake (Snooze is famous for this one)
  • Fall Classic Pancake (Like apple and pear crisp in pancake form, eek!)
  • Blueberry Pancake (I decided I better keep it real and not have three pancakes for breakfast!)


We were giddy with anticipation.




Ben got so excited he even channeled the Larimer Square Bear!


20 minutes passed and our waiter came back. “I screwed up your order,” he explained. What. No. He went on, “Instead of putting your order in as a pancake flight with three smaller sized pancakes, I accidently put your order in as three full sized pancakes.” What. YES!!!



It was the most incredible thing I had ever laid my eyes on – each pancake was two times the size of my head!


The Blueberry Pancake was a light buttermilk pancake, packed with fresh blueberries, topped with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and served with a side of real maple syrup. omg.


The Fall Classic Pancake had caramelized pear and apple slices cooked right into the pancake batter. Drizzled with maple cream, sprinkled with crunchy streusel topping and dalloped with fresh whip cream – OMG.


The Pineapple Upside Down Pancake had caramelized chunks of fresh pineapple and was drizzled with homemade vanilla creme anglaise and cinnamon butter. O.M.G.! I literally could not stop myself from eating bite after decadent, sweet and fluffy bite of this pancake. Like Heaven on earth I’m telling you!!


I have never had a better breakfast than this trio of pancakes. Absolutely incredible!!!

Ben and I did what we could to polish these babies off…


But ended up asking the waiter to take them away because they were SO delicious that we would have eaten them all…and nobody would have wanted to see that…!


A serious pancake coma ensued, but there were things to do and people to see, darn it, so off we went to see our friends Drew and Meredith who live in Denver! Here’s a view from their balcony – isn’t it incredible?


We caught up until Meredith had to head out to see the Denver Broncos play at the nearby stadium. Drew, Ben and I headed to a local bar, Govnr’s Park, to watch along on tv!


Govn’r Parks is super cool, not at all what you think when looking at it from the outside, and in a residential area – I like that!


It was all decked out for the Holidays, too. :)


The Broncos ended up losing at the very end, but we didn’t mind (well, Ben and I, the out-of-towners didn’t mind!) because it was so fun to hang out and catch up.


And drink crispy cold Coors Light!


Later that night we met back up with Meredith to catch some dinner. We headed to Lime – an American Cantina. I ordered the Tres Enchiladas – three corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken, cheese and shredded beef. Amazing!


Also amazing was my Mojito (my favorite specialty drink) and Lime’s chips and salsa. The chips were almost like thin pita chips – great texture!


With full bellies, we parted ways, headed home and crashed. It was a day full of sweet eats, cool drinks and fun times with friends. What more could you ask for on vacation?!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s 2-part recap of day 3 of our Denver vacation, which includes views like this:

DSC_0072 (2)

And slides like this?!

DSC_0132 (2)

Have a good night! :D