Thank goodness it’s FINALLY Friday, amiright?!

For what feels like the first time in a long time, all of Ben’s and my summer fun cards are in alignment this weekend – good weather is on the horizon with just a few low key plans on the agenda – and it looks like we have a couple days ahead of us to do whatever it is our heart’s desire.

Let’s hope it doesn’t end up like the last free weekend with nice weather we had when, instead of doing a ton of cool outdoor things, I panicked at the overwhelming amount of possibilities and the highlight of my Saturday and Sunday ended up being dining at a Cajun restaurant overlooking a parking lot downtown.

Long story.

Anyways! Fingers crossed and sights set firmly ahead! Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend yourself, and without further ado, please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites!

Favorite treat: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie. I can’t think of much more I want to do than sink my teeth into one of these chewy cookies studded with chocolate and peanut butter right now. O.M.G.


Favorite craft: Outdoor Pumpkin-Filled Lantern. I know I was just complaining about unseasonably early Halloween candy out on store shelves, but HOW CUTE, RIGHT?!


Favorite slurp: Ale & Cheddar Soup. I’ve been finding the best fall and winter soup recipes lately, and this Ale & Cheddar Soup rose to the top of my list. Bacon, ale, cheddar, and jalapenos? Yum!


Favorite funny: Dogs Who Don’t Know How to Pose for Pictures. I seriously laughed for 10 minutes at these pictures. Hilarious!


Favorite cute: French Toast Sugar Cookies. French toast flavored cookies that look like french toast. Are you kidding me? So adorable.

Favorite escape: Tahiti, baby!


Favorite drool: Stuffed Cheese Buns. These remind me of the garlic cheddar buns I used to get all the time from Great Harvest before they closed last year. Gooey, cheesy, and chewy. Drooool.


Favorite improvement: IKEA File Drawers Hack. Awesome! So custom and antique looking.


Favorite tip: Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips. What I wouldn’t give to have my wretched pan cupboards look like this…


Favorite twist: Toasty French BLTs. BLTs made with French Toast is a fun twist on a Monte Cristo (one of my secret guilty pleasures.) ;)


Favorite bite: Snickers Brownie Bites. I don’t know if I could even bring myself to make these – I’m afraid of how many I’d eat in one sitting. :)


Favorite quote. A. Men.


Favorite idea: Baked Tacos. Instead of baking the shells, then filling them – fill then bake. Why didn’t I think of that? Such a time saver, and look at that melted cheese!


Favorite keepsake: Vacation Sand Vase. Totally kicking myself for not snagging some sand from the places Ben and I have been together over the past four years! Although…I think it’s illegal in some states and countries… Still!


Favorite fry: Sweet Potato Graham Cracker French Toast Sticks. Oh yeah. That’s right. GOT to check out this recipe.


Favorite free: Free Printable Canister Labels. Free labels to affix to sugar, flour, baking soda, etc. canisters. Super cute!


Favorite workout: Killer Kardio. Can’t wait to try this out at home when it’s too cold to leave the house this winter. :)


Favorite thing: Chocolate Snickers Layer Cake. Mmm, yeah, I’ll need that workout after a slice of this, but holy cow – SO WORTH IT!!


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Happy weekend, everyone!