Happy Friday, everyone!

What are you up to this weekend? It’s supposed to be negative 400 degrees outside and snowing for the foreseeable future, so I’ll be at home hanging with this nut. Sometimes I think he might be a cartoon he’s so cute. Thank goodness he lets me snuggle and kiss him to my heart’s content! (Ignore the heinous pillows, they came free with our new couch!)


I’ll also be – dunh-dunh-dunh – running! Long story short I’ve been dealing with some minor health issues since Lincoln was born which have resulted in very low energy levels. Translation, I’ve worked out exactly twice in six months. I know. As someone who used to run a minimum of three times a week for, gosh, 10 years? It’s been a big and, at times, emotional change.

Anyway, I’ve decided to push through so Ben and my brother lugged the treadmill that’s been sitting in our garage since we moved last summer into the basement last week, then I ninja kicked the screw that was keeping it jammed shut. When that didn’t work Ben pried it open with a crow bar and now I’m ready to rock!

It’s all very exciting. Low energy levels be damned!

Other than that I’ll just be working, waiting for Spring and all that comes along with it – walks, warmth, and feeding the ducks at a nearby pond. I think Lincoln will really like that. Or be scared out of his mind. I guess we’ll find out shortly!

Well wherever you are and whatever you do, have a good one and in the meantime please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites. TGIF!

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Favorite cute: Milk & Cookies Snack Mix. HOW ADORABLE are these baby chocolate chip cookie sandwiches? Great for Valentine’s Day, or any day, really! They’d also work well with those mini chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe’s, which I allowed myself to buy on a list-less grocery shopping trip recently. Demolished within a week. Never again. Well probably, but…


Favorite gift: Bama + Ry Custom Copper & Nickel Jewelry. Jasmine from Bama + Ry made these custom necklaces for my Mom and Ben’s Mom for Christmas – aren’t they fabulous? I liked them so much that Jasmine is offering 20% off your purchase of anything in her store using the code IOWAGIRL. Order today (February 7) for your best chance at delivery by Valentine’s Day. These babies would make a great gift for a Mom!


Favorite supper: Simple Chicken and Sausage Paella. Totally loving the flavors in this one pot supper, and I especially like the addition of artichoke hearts, which I adore. Definitely on the menu for next week.


Favorite find: Instagram Wall Tutorial. I have been waiting weeks for the tutorial on how to make an Instagram wall appear on my friend Ali’s blog. How fun is this?!


Favorite mmm: Hawaiian Marinated Flank Steak. This photo makes my mouth instantly water. Can’t wait to try this juicy steak recipe.


Favorite fitness: 14 Fitness Tips to Sweat Smarter and Lose Weight Faster. These are some great fitness tips – I’m especially loving #2. Will have to keep it in mind this weekend!


Favorite flavors: Honeyed Apple Peanut Butter Tart. I have been drowning cut apples in Whole Food’s grind-your-own honey roasted peanut butter lately, so of course this tart with the same flavors caught my eye. Simple, sweet, and wonderfully rustic.


Favorite funny. I dare you not to laugh!!


Favorite fashion. Head-to-toe, FAB.


Favorite forkful: Caramelized Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Fettuccine Alfredo. It wouldn’t be a Friday Favorites without a link to Half Baked Harvest! This amazing creation? Just…yes. All the things!


Favorite refresh: Homemade Garbage Disposal Refreshers. Apparently I’m obsessed with refreshing my garbage disposal lately? Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t sparkle!


Favorite list: The Ultimate List of Baby Play Ideas. Cabin fever is setting in hard at casa de IGE. If you’re in the same boat, er cabin, you’ll appreciate this list too.

Ultimate List of Baby Sensory Play Activities_mini

Favorite sweet: Valentine’s Day White Chocolate Dipped Krispy Treats. I really appreciate this simple and sweet, cute treat for Valentine’s Day. Easy and delish!

Valentine's White Chocolate Dipped Krispy Treats_mini

Favorite read: The Social Church: A Theology of Digital Communication. I am so proud to tell you that, as of this week, my big brother Justin is a published author!! If you or someone you know has an interest or stake in your church’s online communication strategy, be sure to check this book out!


Favorite DIY: DIY Photo Clipboards. Completely obsessed with this DIY display project!


Favorite fudge: Fudge Vegan Double Chocolate Beet Muffins. I have a few beets in my fridge that I’d planned on juicing – well, they’ve got a new destination – inside these crazy-looking chocolate muffins! Can’t wait to try!


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Have a wonderful weekend!