Modern travel never ceases to amaze me.


Friday afternoon I was thoroughly enjoying a private wine tasting session with David Georges under a long, ivy-covered arbor in the middle of a vineyard in northern California, and not 6 hours later I was stepping off a plane back home in Iowa. I mean, what?!


My disbelief was further heightened by the fact that I randomly ran into my brother in the Pheonix airport on the way home – BAHAHA! I knew he was traveling for work that week, so I wasn’t that freaked out to see him there, but he had no idea I was traveling and was convinced he was on some sort of hidden camera show when I nonchalantly walked up and stood beside him at the gate. Classic. ;)


I can’t wait to tell you more about my whirlwind trip to Flipflop wines’ headquarters later this week!

This afternoon my family all gathered at my parent’s house to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. You only turn 50, cough, something once! ;)


My Mom prepared a feast of all his (and my) summer grilling favorites. Their first appearance of the season.


Extra charred beer brats, just the way Dad likes ’em, Judy’s Baked Beans,

DSC_1016 DSC_1013

and the best potato salad ever. Ever!


After lunch we opened presents. I get presents?!


You bet! Both my brothers and I ended up getting him something deck related. It’s his favorite place in the house.


Well, besides the hammock. :)


Cake was next.


You know the kind – our family’s traditional Pepperidge Farms Freezer Cake!


Pretty much!


Finn helped his Papa blow out the candles, then we all dug in.


I know I say this every time, but seriously, best cake out there, and for like, what – $4 or something insane like that?!


Happy birthday Pops!!!


We love you so much! :D