Modern travel never ceases to amaze me.


Friday afternoon I was thoroughly enjoying a private wine tasting session with David Georges under a long, ivy-covered arbor in the middle of a vineyard in northern California, and not 6 hours later I was stepping off a plane back home in Iowa. I mean, what?!


My disbelief was further heightened by the fact that I randomly ran into my brother in the Pheonix airport on the way home – BAHAHA! I knew he was traveling for work that week, so I wasn’t that freaked out to see him there, but he had no idea I was traveling and was convinced he was on some sort of hidden camera show when I nonchalantly walked up and stood beside him at the gate. Classic. ;)


I can’t wait to tell you more about my whirlwind trip to Flipflop wines’ headquarters later this week!

5 Favorite Spring Break Spots in the US


5 Favorite Spring Break Spots in the US

This afternoon my family all gathered at my parent’s house to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. You only turn 50, cough, something once! ;)


My Mom prepared a feast of all his (and my) summer grilling favorites. Their first appearance of the season.


Extra charred beer brats, just the way Dad likes ’em, Judy’s Baked Beans,

DSC_1016 DSC_1013

and the best potato salad ever. Ever!


After lunch we opened presents. I get presents?!


You bet! Both my brothers and I ended up getting him something deck related. It’s his favorite place in the house.


Well, besides the hammock. :)


Cake was next.


You know the kind – our¬†family’s traditional Pepperidge Farms Freezer Cake!


Pretty much!


Finn helped his Papa blow out the candles, then we all dug in.


I know I say this every time, but seriously, best cake out there, and for like, what – $4 or something insane like that?!


Happy birthday Pops!!!


We love you so much! :D