Hello from Colorado!

Ben and I arrived in the mile high city at cough 6:15am local time on Tuesday morning. Our 5:50am takeoff in Iowa was bah-rutal, but it was nice to have the entire day ahead of us to spend in Denver.

IMG_1816 IMG_1821

We’re staying with my little brother while we’re here, who has a KILLER view of the city from his apartment. Check out the 180+ degree view of downtown and the mountains from his balcony! (Click to see it bigger!)

Unfortunately he has to work all week, but hooked us up with his car while we’re in town, so after we dropped off our bags at the apartment, we headed out to breakfast at Sam’s No. 3 in downtown Denver.


Not only was Sam’s featured on The Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, but Ben ate here when he was in town last year, and couldn’t wait to get back. Between the two recommendations, I was pretty pumped to eat. :)


The inside of Sam’s is kind of funky diner-esque, really bright and colorful, and BUSY. Holy cow, the waitresses and wait staff were hauling the entire time we were there. Workin’ hard for the money, honey!

DSC_0914 DSC_0915

While we (well, I – Ben already knew what he was getting!) perused the menu, we sipped on big mugs of hot and strong coffee. It was only 8am Denver time, but we had already been up for 6+ hours. Zzzz…

DSC_0912  DSC_0907

Breakfast Quesadillas with Sam’s Kickin’ Green Chili – UP!


What can I say, the description of a hot quesadilla stuffed with eggs, bacon and cheese, served with a side of green chili, and smashed home fries just sounded too good to pass up. :)


The CHEESE in this baby was like, melt in your mouth smooth, and the bacon was salty and decadent.


But the chili! Sam’s green chili is the best chili I’ve ever had. It was slightly spicy, super savory, and ugh, just dynamite. So glad I got it!




Ben got a Colorado Burrito which isn’t on the menu, but my brother let him in on the dish when he and my Dad were visiting last summer, and he fell in love.


Eggs, cheese, and bison meat stuffed between tortillas, smothered in the green chili, and topped with an avocado. He hated it. ;) Get to Sam’s!


The early morning, and our full stomachs, caught up with us after breakfast, so we headed back to the apartment shortly after for a nap, but rallied later that afternoon for beer tasting at the Great Divide Tap Room.


The Great Divide Tap Room is no frills, kind of industrial-esque, but really, really cool. I liked how the focus was on the beer, you know?

IMG_1840 IMG_1841

Ben and I had wanted to go during our last visit to Denver, then someone suggested it on Twitter, and we were pretty thirsty, so off we went. :)


The Tap Room has 16 beers on tap, and you could buy pretty decent sized tastes for $1. Sweet!


I started off by tasting a glass of Hades – a mild, slightly sweet Belgian-style ale, Samurai – another mild, really clean tasting, unfiltered rice beer, and Wild Raspberry Ale – a not-too-sweet fruity ale. AWESOME!


I choose the Wild Raspberry Ale to have in a regular pour, x1,000.


Tap room fun!

IMG_1859 IMG_1860

My brother came and met us for a couple beers after he got off work. So good to see the boy! He’s barely two years younger, but he’ll always be my “little” bro to me. Can’t even believe he’s old enough to have a career, life, etc. – you know what I mean! :)


I’m terrible and didn’t take any pictures, but I wanted to let all of you who suggested know that later that night Ben and I went to Linger for dinner!


It was the COOLEST!


Unmatched views of downtown Denver from their rooftop patio, and the food was aweeeeesome. Get the Duck Buns if you go, mmkay?


We went with Ben’s cousin and his fiancee, and had the best time ever.


Don’t miss the light brite bar inside if you go!


Lest you think all we’re doing out here is eating and drinking beer, we’ve spent the past day and a half in the great outdoors, which I can’t wait to tell you about. Colorado is seriously one of the most beautiful places on the planet!


In the meantime though, I’m off to drink margaritas (…) with my cousin whom I haven’t seen in 15+ years, and my brother’s girlfriend whom I have yet to meet – whee!

Toodles! :D