This afternoon Ben and I drove 30 minutes north to Madrid, IA, to hike on the High Trestle Trail!


The High Trestle Trail is 25 miles long, packed with bikers,

(bananas too…)

and features the beautiful High Trestle Bridge that towers over the Raccoon River Valley.

It used to be a train bridge, actually, and is HUGE. 1/2 mile long and over 13 stories high!

Each end is anchored by two massive pillars,

and stunning, red angled arches called “cribbings” run the entire length.

Cool huh?!

It was a beautiful summer day and we walked about 4 miles total on the trail – 1 mile coming completely from the bridge!

Note to self: do not use camera’s “vivid” setting on people. Can you say Oompa Loompa? ;)


We’re back home now, sipping on some Summer Shandy’s and deciding between what feels like 50 things to do tonight.


I guess when it rains social outings, it pours! ;)

Happy Saturday everyone!