Greetings from our nation’s capital! :D


Ben and I grew up less than a mile away from each other, but his parents moved to DC last summer. Today, since the first time they moved here almost a year ago, the whole family convened for a 4-day vacay!


Crazy side story – Sigourney Weaver was on our flight from Des Moines to DC! As we were boarding our plane I was all… “Weird. That woman looks a lot like Sigourney Weaver. Clearly it couldn’t be her though. Why the heck would Sigourney Weaver be in Des Moines?!”


As we were waiting for our gate-checked bags in DC, standing directly across from the look-alike on the jet way, I whispered my suspicions to Ben. “I thought so too!!!” he replied.


She was with a guy who we assumed to be her husband (they were PDA’ing…) so I Google searched an image of “Sigourney Weaver’s husband” on my iPhone, and he popped right up. Sigourney Weaver was standing 2 feet away from me – HA!


According to several helpful sources on Twitter and Facebook, she was in Des Moines to speak at a local women’s talk series. So random that she was on my flight. I should have asked her about Ghostbusters… ;)


Anyways, Ben’s Dad picked us up from the airport and took us on a spin around town to see a few monuments and such before lunch. I am SUCH a history nerd – hello, I work at a museum – so I was geeking out!


When my in-laws moved here last summer, a reader told us to check out Easter Market whenever we made it out to visit. 058

It happened to be right by the restaurant we ate lunch at, so we popped inside to take a look!


Kind of a miniature version of the Ferry Building Market Place in San Fran, this indoor market had everything from fresh flowers, fruit & handmade Italian pasta,


to pigs feet, goat meat & enoooourmous fish!

040 041

Loved it!


Our stomachs began to growl, so Ben’s Dad took us across the street to a place he had seen on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Tortilla Cafe!


I took one look at the sign outside the door, and I was sold. PUPUSAS!


The inside is no frills, but what kind of frills do you need when Pupusas are on the menu anyways? And for $1.75 no less! :D


A traditional Pork Papusa was exactly what I ordered. It came out hot and was accompanied by spicy, crunchy cabbage slaw.




The outside was crisp, the inside was tender, and it seriously melted in my mouth. The vinegary heat from the slaw was literally. perfection. Loved it!


The Tortilla Factory’s Tamales were also featured on their Triple D episode, so I had to get one too. Fresh cornmeal wrapped around tender, baked chicken then steamed. Incredible.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. ;)


Well the troops have all rallied and we’re back at Ben’s parent’s place now.


Check out this view! :D


Awww, check out THIS view – Ben’s parent’s pup, Emma. Missed this little gal!


Off to go hang with the fam for the evening. We’ve got a full, 4 days of fun planned and we need our rest!

ps I’ll post the winners of the Sabra Hummus VIP Coupon Giveaway tomorrow!

See ya!


Are you into politics?

Eeeek, no. I have zero interest in politics. My Grandmother – who, at 92, is still VERY informed – hates this. ;)