Happy Mother’s Day!


Maybe it’s because I’m knocking on the door of Motherhood itself, but I was feeling particularly mushy this weekend. I spent a lot of time hanging out with my Mom, thinking about my Mother-in-Law who lives out of state, and picturing what life will be like when I become a mother to my little boy in less than three months (GULP/WHEE!) I just love the Mamas!

Anyway, since Ben was playing golf and my Dad was working on Saturday morning, I swooped up my Mom bright and early and we headed off for our first Farmers’ Market visit of the season!


Stopping to grab some Dunkin’ on the way, natch. My Mom had never tried it, and now totally gets the hype. ; )


I’m so lucky I live in the same town as my parents. My Mom is my favorite Farmers’ Market shopping buddy and it’s tradition to go together every Saturday morning in the summer when we’re both free.


I was worried it would be too chilly with gusty winds in the area, but the buildings downtown where the market is located protected us pretty well and the bright sunshine was warm on our faces. It turned out to be a gorgeous morning!


Since this spring has been so cold, with snow falling, gosh, up until last week in some areas, there wasn’t much local produce yet. Lots of seedlings for gardens though, and tons, and tons of lovely flowers. This year I’m crushing on sherbet-colored begonias, and hot pink hibiscus.


Oh, and all colors of dahlias!! I can’t keep a flower garden alive to save my life, so my Mom bought a bunch to plant in hers for me. The green thumb skipped a generation, you see.


She also stocked up on bright orange Black Eyed Susans. I thought she might literally implode from excitement after spotting them at one of the first stands we visited. BLACK EYED SUSANS!!! she screamed as she knelt down to gaze and plan. It doesn’t take much. ; )


A trip to the Farmers’ Market, especially the first one after a long, cold (did I mention long?) winter, would not have been complete without a stop at the Pupusa tent on the way out.


Oh how I have missed these babies!!


Thick, hand-formed corn tortillas sandwiching a fresh cheese and spinach filling, griddled until golden brown, then topped with fresh cold slaw and salsa. EPIC.


Perfect way to kick of Mother’s Day weekend!


Afterwards we hit up the mall so she could pick out a few charms for her charm bracelet from Brighton, Ben’s and my gift to her,


then we treated ourselves to pedicures!


Awesome day with Mom!


This morning we reconvened at my parent’s house along with my brother, sister-in-law, and their two children for a Mother’s Day lunch on grill. (Remind me to never wear this non-maternity tank top again while pregnant, mmkay? I felt like a tent!)


The kids were on their best behavior for Mom and Grandma. :)


Lunch was a big potluck so the Mamas wouldn’t have to cook a thing.


The menu included Margarita Chicken with MAS GUAC on top (just avocados mashed with lime juice, garlic powder, salt & pepper.)


A mixed salad with veggies and bacon (an optimal combo.)


Grandpa’s Pasta Salad,  an old family fave.


And fresh grapes and strawberries. Those grapes were the best I’ve had in a long time. Snappy, crisp, and sweet.


Kind of like this one. ; )


Dessert was my Mom’s favorite – Blueberry Pie from Sweets by JoAnn. We. Were. Stuffed!


Afterwards Finn showed Grandma the painting he had made for her.


And Evie dazzled us all with her new walking skills. She is one little lady on the move!


Happy Mother’s Day from us to you! :)


Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and even better week!