Top 5 Pregnancy Favorites

We officially scheduled baby girl’s c-section – T-minus 70ish days until this family of four becomes a party of five – WOW! As I mentioned last week, I incorrectly guessed that this pregnancy would fly by but now that we’ve circled a date on the calendar, I’m more impatient then ever. We cannot wait to meet and snuggle her…then put her in this adorable chambray romper a friend gifted us. Be still my heart!

Baby sis will be the last little one to join the family so before pregnancy becomes a permanent distant memory I thought it’d be fun to share my top 5 pregnancy favorites from the past five years. I sat down to write this post thinking it was going to cover my favorite maternity wear pieces, but seeing as how I hate maternity wear, well, my thoughts drifted. Additionally I haven’t bought too many new pieces since Lincoln’s pregnancy in 2013 – just a couple pieces with Cam, and just the epic leggings I’m linking to below this time around – so they aren’t available to link to.

That said, maternity wear is a huge part of pregnancy and I do have a few favorite brands/sources for the clothes I’ve worn over my past three pregnancies:

  • Target: Their Liz Lange Collection is fabulous – especially the tops/sweatshirts.
  • Old Navy: Nearly all my maternity maxi dresses are from Old Navy and they’ve been comfortable and long-lasting (again, purchased in 2013 so no links, unfortunately.) Additionally, their non-maternity Luxe line tops are super pregnancy-friendly – very flowy and forgiving – and perfect for the 1st and 2nd trimester. Also check Old Navy for drawstring maternity shorts (I don’t see any online at the moment.) Maternity jeans and shorts panels make me absolutely mental and Old Navy is the only place I’ve found that has, in the past at least, offered no-panel drawstring shorts.
  • Athleta: I have a sweatshirt and two tops from Athleta that are long, stretchy and fit through all 9 months. I LOVE Athleta’s fabrics which are forgiving and like I said – streeeetch. Anytime I can save a few bucks and purchase clothing I can wear post-baby is a huge plus, too.
  • LuLa Roe: Totally admit to falling hook/line/sinker for LLR a couple years ago and ordering a few pairs of leggings. Unfortunately they have not held up in the wash. Although I don’t wear them out of the house, they are my absolute favorite maternity lounge pants. The waistband stretches through the entire pregnancy and while they’re fitted, then don’t cling. I feel like I’m not wearing anything at all (sorry for the visual) and look forward to changing into them every single evening!
  • Stitch Fix: Believe it or not, a TON of the tops I’ve worn throughout my three pregnancies are from Stitch Fix! While SF does have a maternity fix option, they have all come from my regular fixes. Just ask your stylist for some super long tops.
  • Nordstrom: Maternity/Nursing Bras. ‘Nuf said. :)

Clothing aside, I’m excited to share my top 5 pregnancy favorites with you! These are the 5 items (ok maybe a few more) that have helped make the changes in my mind, body, and soul during pregnancy a little bit easier. What would you add to the list?

1. Maternity Leggings

Unlike my sweet children, I AM able to choose my #1 pregnancy must-have – Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Leggings. Of all the pants, jeans, and leggings I’ve worn over the years, these are the only ones that stay in place and keep their shape. Plus they have a cute ankle zipper detail and zero sheerness – obsessed. I’ve mostly given up on maternity jeans and wear these exclusively if I’m leaving the house. What can I say, hitting the third trimester tends to coincide with giving zero you know whats about wearing the same pants 24/7. My only regret is that I didn’t find these five years ago!

2. Snoogle

I nearly gagged spending so much on a pillow after becoming pregnant with Lincoln, but the Snoogle Total Body Pillow has been worth the investment. Why? Because when I haven’t been using it, BEN HAS. Oh yes, my dry-shaving, cold-soup-eating, hip hop-loving man uses a Snoogle and I don’t feel even a tiny bit bad about busting him out for it, hahahaha. Seriously ladies, this thing is a lifesaver. I personally don’t start using it until the second trimester because without the need to support my hips and stomach it actually makes me sleep worse, but when ya need it, ya need it. Especially if you’re normally a stomach sleeper like me. Wherever you end up getting one, be sure to get a removable cover (the one I’m linking to here is the one I own and comes with a cover.)

3. Splurges

While I absolutely don’t think pregnancy is an excuse to throw healthy eating out the window, it’s also a fun time to justify one ok several splurges. #treatyoself During Lincoln’s pregnancy I couldn’t get enough Culver’s soft serve with double cookie dough topping (OMG, RIP.) I can’t tell you how many Snickers bars and platters of nachos I ate while pregnant with Cam, and this time around all I’m craving are flavor-packed drinks like Chick-fil-A’s Lemonade and Caribou’s Sparkling Peach Black Tea. Oh my gosh, these gluten-free donuts too – YUM!!! Tell me about your pregnancy splurges – I love to hear stuff like this!

4. Essential Oils

I believe I’ve mentioned that I had 24/7 tension headaches throughout my second trimester this pregnancy, and throughout Cam’s first trimester. With Cam, my doctor suggested taking Tylenol with Coca-Cola, which did the trick, though the caffeine and acetaminophen combo didn’t touch the headaches this time around. Finally I tried the Collect Anxiety Aromatherapy Roller Ball from Little Barn Apothecary I already had on hand and ding ding ding, we had a winner! Not only did this little roller ball of violet leaf, lavender and petitgrain give me relief from my tension headaches, but it wasn’t Coca-Cola and Tylenol, know what I mean? Truly could not have survived this past trimester without it.

5. Comfy Kicks

The 90s called and wanted their footwear back but I said HELL NO THE BIRKS STAY WITH ME! Ahem. That is to say, Ben gifted me a pair of Arizona Birkenstock Sandals during Cam’s pregnancy and I wear. the. heck. out of them! Like most women, I’ve had lower back and foot pain accompany my pregnancies and these Birkenstock sandals have been extremely comfortable and supportive. I still wear them when I’m not pregnant so, for us, they were worth the price.

As far as everyday running around shoes, I adore my Nike Flex Experience sneakers – I tie them loose so I can slip them on and off which is key when you’re getting up there trimester wise and your balance and ability to bend is a distant memory. They pair perfectly with the Ingrid & Isabel leggings I wear everyday, too. ;)


What are some of your pregnancy favorites?