Greetings from Cedar Rapids, IA! :D (PS I watched the movie Cedar Rapids a couple weekends ago – hilarious…)

I’ve been on the go since yesterday at the crack of dawn. Whoo! Destination #1: the Farmer’s Market.

I didn’t think it was possible, but it was packed with even more colorful produce than last week, and I had to stop myself from buying a million more pumpkins. I was itching to buy a few more – they’re just so perfect. :)

My favorite find were these incredible dahlias. I hadn’t even heard of a dahlia before yesterday, and my Mom, the flower whisperer, had a good chuckle when I pronounced it dahl-ee-yah, instead of dahl-ya. Hey, I didn’t know!

They had the brightest blooms I have ever seen, in so many different colors. They’d make a perfect Fall wedding bouquet.

I left the market with an acorn squash (destined to be halved, roasted & stuffed,) some flavored Pappardelle’s Pasta,

and an Oreo Cake Pop from the Sweet Cakes Gourmet Cupcakes tent!


My Mom and I were actually just strolling the market when I noticed some yummy-looking cupcakes laid out on a corner. I looked up at the woman working, and it turned out to be an old sorority friend from college!


She and a friend started a cupcake business several months ago and I just had to buy something from her. This Oreo Cake Pop was dense, sweet and AMAZING. Muuuuch better than my failed attempt… ;)


After the market I packed up the car, picked Ben up from a Saturday shift at work, and we were off once again.

This time to reunite with tons of Ben’s family in Cedar Rapids, IA, about 3 hours east of Des Moines, for the Especially For You race against breast cancer 5K this morning.

Ben has 3 breast cancer survivors in his family, so the event is especially meaningful. Today was the 21st anniversary of the walk, and the 19th time one of his Aunts had participated!

It was cha-chilly at 7:30am when we arrived at the starting line. 35 degrees!

We quickly warmed up though, when the race kicked off at 8am.

Aside from the initial chill, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Bright blue skies and not a breeze to be felt. The streets we walked were lined with huge trees too, that were turning fall-yellow, orange and red. So pretty. :)

It was nice catching up with family as we walked the course.

And one hour and one minute later, we crossed the finish line!

Then promptly came home to stuff our faces. :lol: Covering three miles before 9am definitely calls for egg casserole, fresh fruit and a Panera Pink Ribbon Bagel for breakfast.

These bagels are my FAVORITE.

And now that we’re all exercised, stuffed and sleepy…it’s time to drive home.