The weekend of all things family continued today at my folks’ place! (Uh, nevermind that sign in the background… ;) )


Today my sister-in-law, brother and nephew were able to join the party, as they were out of town on Thanksgiving. Finn was sporting a new ‘do that makes him look about 16 years old. Right?!?!


I am so thankful that my Mom is such an incredible caretaker and, well, takes unbelievable care of us all. In addition to all she did on Thanksgiving, she had a wonderful lunch made for us today!


My brother requested her signature Thanksgiving dishes he missed on Thursday including crispy, buttery Party Potatoes Deluxe,


and sweet, creamy Grandma’s Holiday Salad.


In addition, she also had some boooomb Maid Rites going in the crock pot,


and Grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup simmering on the stove. BLERG! I am going to explode from eating so much this weekend!


After lunch we burned some calories laughing our buns off at dear Finn. He found a whistle while playing with Ben this afternoon, aaaaand it was kind of hysterical.

DSC_0594 DSC_0592

Your turn!


Finny went down for a nap next so the adults had some pie and played some cards – my favorite!

Hearts was the name of the game and, while I didn’t win, I didn’t lose either. My Dad claimed that title. Teehee. ;)


I’m sad that this weekend of family time is coming to an end. We have been together every single day since Wednesday night, and it’s been a blast.


Alas, my little brother flies home to Denver tomorrow, and it’s back to a normal routine for the rest of the family.


At least we’ll get to do it again in less than a month for Christmas, and I’ll also get to spend a whole week with Ben’s fam when we head to DC the day after. Ahhh, I just love this time of year!


In the meantime, Ben and I are winding the evening down with a blanket, movie,


and a roaring fire. Perfect way to end the night. :)


Hope you had a terrific weekend! Talk to you tomorrow!


What are your plans for the holiday season this year?