Green Monster Smoothie


The most refreshing, nutritious smoothie you’ll ever have! Feel free to personalize by adding different kinds of berries, milk or even protein powders.



2 big handfuls spinach

1/4 cup uncooked, old-fashioned oats

1 frozen banana (un-peel and freeze)

1 Tablespoon almond or peanut butter

1 cup skim milk

1 handful ice



1. Place spinach, oats, frozen banana, almond or peanut butter and milk in a blender. Blend until spinach is completely smooth. 




2. Add frozen banana and ice, then blend until mixture is smooth.




3. Pour in a large glass and enjoy!



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  1. RunToFinish 07.20.2009

    mmmm green monsters are so very very nice

  2. Kailey 07.20.2009

    oh wow this looks fabulous! Love that you put oats in the GM

  3. Lexi 07.20.2009

    I “officially” started on the Green Monster movement today. Thanks for the recipe. This will help me along :)

  4. Angharad 07.20.2009

    I have major green monster envy – that looks so good!

  5. leianna 07.20.2009

    I’ve been reading your blog for a week or so and when I saw your recipe for drunken pasta I was excited. I made it tonight for my husband and I and we loved it. I told him it was an Iowa recipe so he appoved. He’s from Iowa and is hard to please with food so thank you for the amazing recipe!!

  6. nutritionbyeve 07.20.2009

    That smoothie looks divine! Why am I so nervous to try green smoothies? I love my vegetables :)

  7. zlie17 07.20.2009

    so wait. un peel and freeze? does that mean i just pop the banana in the freezer or does it mean i peel it and pop the banana in the freezer.

    But i bought 6 bananas today – normally i would’ve only bought 4 (just enough for the week!) and a bag of spinach! YAY!

  8. Lindsey 07.21.2009

    thanks for taking a picture of your blender– I say this because I have been avoiding the GM due to a lack of a juicer.. for some reason I assumed that was the only way to get spinach to blend up properly. I am so pumped for this as breakfast tomorrow!

  9. Allison 07.29.2009

    Yum. I have been wanting to A. find good ways to to get my veggies and fruits B. use my new wedding shower gifts ( hooray for the blender!).

    I tried this today and it was delicious. I used vanilla soy milk and I think that added a little extra sweetness that made it delicious. Keep up the great blog Iowa Girl.

    Another Iowa Girl,

  10. Amo 08.07.2009

    Ok lovey… I am going to try one of these infamous monsters tomorrow for b*fast… hope it lives up to its reputation!! :)

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  18. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds also, Thanks.

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  21. Girl Puppy Names 09.22.2010

    I adore puppies. I just got 1 a week ago and it has not been trained yet and has bitten me a few times but its absolutely nothing to be concerned about, i can train it perfectly. I hope :-)

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  23. Roch 04.16.2011

    Great easy to prepare! even on weekdays.

  24. wow, nice images and cool recipe…

  25. Jennifer 02.13.2012

    Does anybody know if you can make this the night before? If so, freezer or fridge?

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  28. Newbie 03.21.2012

    Does anyone have the nutritional info on this smoothie? Looks delish and can’t wait to try it!

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  30. Sierra Johnson 04.23.2013

    OMG I loved, I always try different kinds of food, I have replaced the evening meal for this delicious smoothie.

    Thank you so much.

  31. Lucy 04.23.2013

    Great recipe, very delicious and healthy.

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  34. Heide M 06.30.2014

    Sounds interesting, will have to give this a try.

  35. Kristin 07.20.2009

    Awesome! Welcome aboard :)

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

  36. Kristin 07.20.2009

    DON’T be nervous at all!! And if you are, just try making a half batch!

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

  37. Kristin 07.20.2009

    Oh good – I’m so glad you guys liked it!!

    Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats

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