One Ingredient, Must-Have Dessert



This has been the strangest day! It looked gorgeous outside, but on my lunch time walk, I was freeeezing in a light jacket and no gloves. :? Now it’s overcast and windy. Oh Spring, I’m looking…where are you?!

To cheer myself up, and to squish my angry sweet tooth that had me aimlessly  wandering around the kitchen looking for something to eat after work, I whipped up some Frozen Banana Custard! It’s been faaaar too long!


This gold star recipe comes from Gena and is comprised of, wait for it, one ingredient. One. Frozen bananas!


To make sure I’m always prepared to whip some up, I buy a bunch of bananas, cut them in half and freeze them. When I want to make custard, I take out two halves, slice them up, pop them in my food processor, and start whirrin’. :)


First your banana will look like dippin’ dots.


Then it will start to clump together.


Then, with angels singing in the background, it will turn into frozen banana custard!


Better than any custard you’ve ever had! No sugar, no fat, no nothin’. Just bananas. That’s it!


You’d be surprised how much custard one banana makes, too. Almost a full cup, I’d say! :D


Thick, luscious and decadent. Perfect for a guilt-free dessert…


Or an after school work snack. ;) Bliss. Make some, won’t you?


While I was enjoying my bowl of creamy goodness, I heated up dinner – which I made yesterday afternoon – a big pot of Grandma’s Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup!


Perhaps my subconscious was telling me that yesterday’s warm weather was just a teaser, and tonight I’d really need a big, warm bowl of chicken soup. ;) I made this batch the same as always – starting with a big pile of fresh veggies.


Tip: I rarely use an entire onion in one recipe, so I go ahead, chop the whole thing up and store the rest in the freezer. The next time I need chopped onion for a recipe, it’s all ready to go! :D


For the “noodle” part of my chicken noodle soup, I used a mixture of Reames Frozen Flat Dumplings and Egg Noodles. You can find these in the frozen foods aisle – they are SO good!


All I had to do tonight was pop the soup pot on the stove to reheat, and dinner was as good as done! :D


Comfort in a cup.


Served with some Parmesan Garlic Bread.


That’s one slice of EarthGrains Honey Wheatberry bread, spread with some butter, garlic powder and parmesan cheese. Popped under the broiler until golden brown. The best!


Sooo…while you’re whipping up some of that banana custard, do yourself a favor and whip some of this soup up too. Hurry, while the cool weather lasts! :D


I have no shame in admitting that tonight is a “butt-firmly-planted-on-the-couch-because-oh-my-gosh-there’s-some-reeeeally-good-tv-on!!” kind of night. ;) First we’ve got 20/20 Behind the Bachelor, Gossip Girl (eek!) and Jessica Simpson’s new show, The Price of Beauty. I think that one’s going to be REALLY good!!

Dessert war too: duck or truffle? I can’t decide! Maybe both… muwahaha!

Take care! :)


What do you think makes someone beautiful?

I think a genuine interest and concern for other people’s wellbeing makes someone very beautiful on the inside. And this may sound cliche, but I think confidence is a very beautiful thing too. NOT to be confused with cockiness!!

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  1. Evan Thomas 03.15.2010

    Banana whip is so delicious. I might have to whip some up tonight now that I’ve been enticed!

  2. I have got to try that banana custard! The only thing that makes me cautious is that I think frozen bananas smell and taste a little funky. Everything’s worth a try though!

  3. ShutupandRun 03.15.2010

    Seriously very cool about the banana custard. I so want to try that. Seems almost too good to be true!

  4. Loooove banana custard! I always need a little milk to make it work in my blender though ;-)

  5. Jenny 03.15.2010

    I thought I used to trust ya, but I don’t know – I’m gonna have to test this dessert out for myself- looks wayyyyy too good to be true!

  6. Run Sarah 03.15.2010

    I love banana soft serve! I keep meaning to freeze bananas so I can make it again.

  7. Rachael 03.15.2010

    Your garlic bread looks amazing! I’m watching 20/20 The Bachelor right now :)

  8. Thanks for the tutorial. I have a bunch of frozen bananas to use up.

  9. Becky 03.15.2010

    Ooohhh that banana custard looks amazing! I’ve been looking for new dessert ideas – perfect timing! Can’t wait to give it a try.

  10. Jenna 03.15.2010

    I am so proud of Jessica for The Price Of Beauty. I agree, I think this is going to be a very wonderful show.

    Like you, I think confidence is everything. I have even seen it reflected in the way I carry myself. When I am having a cruddy day and am not feeling good about myself, I do not feel beautiful. But the days that I have pride and walk tall, people notice me and compliment me. It is all about the inner peace and beauty that sines through!

  11. Stephanie 03.15.2010

    I’m with Jenna, I love Jessica and can’t wait to see her new show! I definitely think that confidence plays a major part in external beauty as well – and def not cockiness! If someone is comfortable in their own skin it really shines through. There’s so much to be said for how an individual treats others too – a nice person is a million times more beautiful than one that is not. External beauty is so superficial, and can be taken away in a heartbeat, thus being beautiful on the inside is really worth so much more :D

  12. Jenna 03.15.2010

    I tend to have that “moment” with someone where they do or say something and it makes me realize how unique and beautiful they are. It could be anything, usually depending on person to person. A generous action, a kind compliment, anything. It’s hard for me to summarize beyond that.

    I made the St. Patrick’s Day pie tonight as a trial run for the holiday, and it was amazing! Props for that one!

    And by the way…I had a nice laugh about the cheerios/Family Guy joke yesterday. I remember that episode well…or at least that part of it.

  13. Kristin 03.15.2010

    Kath at KathEats just made this SAME BANANA THING on her blog–just read about it 20 seconds ago. :) So weird! Great minds think alike!


  14. I tried the banana custard in my old blender and it was a big FAIL. It broke my blender. Maybe I should try it with the food processor…
    Jessica Simpson’s show was really good! I was impressed! It’s sad what lengths some will go to for “beauty” and so interesting how the meaning of beauty can differ all over the world. I think beauty also comes from confidence.

    The soup sounds GREAT!

  15. Mmm that banana custard looks GOOOOD! I’m definitely gonna have to give that a try!

    I just finished watching Gossip Girl! haha Love that show!

    I definitely agree that confidence is what makes someone beautiful. :)

  16. Elizabeth 03.15.2010

    That banana custard looks delicious! I can’t believe it’s just frozen banana’s. I’m forwarding it to my sis she LOVES anything banana!

  17. Jessica 03.15.2010

    I love frozen banana custard. I add protein powder to mine with a few ice cubes and water. You get WAAAY more :)

  18. LOVE the banana custard!! I just saw the exact same thing on Kath’s blog lol!
    Confidence and funny-ness make people beautiful IMHO – it’s definetly not about the physical.

  19. rachel 03.16.2010

    That banana custard is giving me banana envy. Kath made it down in NC too! Great minds think alike :) I also use Reames noodles in my chix noodle soup – the best kind IMO.
    Sorry you didn’t have a gorgeous spring day in Iowa yesterday. It was sunny and 60 here in southern MN! I am so ready for the official end of winter. I have to keep my excitement down because I know we could still get a major snow storm :0

  20. Holly 03.16.2010

    hey IGE, just wanted to let you know i finally got around to trying your broiled apricot sandwich, made with sourdough bread and roasted turkey. thank you for that recipe! the flavor combination was out of this world and i felt like i was in a french cafe enjoying a gourmet sandwich. sooo yummy. keep em comin!

    -a grateful reader

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  22. shannon 03.16.2010

    I cannot wait to try that banana custard!!!! I am dumbfounded that just frozen bananas can give you that texture! The bad part is that I just threw out all of my frozen bananas cause we’re moving this weekend and I was trying to clean out the freezer, now I have a whole new reason to collect frozen bananas… they’re not just for banana bread any more!

  23. Sara 03.16.2010

    That chicken noodle soup looks so good and comforting!

  24. AP 03.16.2010

    It’s a fine idea for a show but she is not the right person to be hosting it.

  25. Kate 03.16.2010

    Hey Kristin,
    Question about your custard, which looks delish by the way. Pure banana flavor is not really my fave. Have you ever tried adding a little bit of another fruit, perhaps a few berries? I’m curious if it would wreck the creamy texture the bananas give you.

  26. NS 03.16.2010

    My toddler (& I) loved the bananna custard. He thought it was ice cream! SNEAKY Mommy:D

  27. Lindzee 03.18.2010

    Hi! I tried this banana custard today with a little Cocao Bliss. AMAZING! Thank you for the great recipe. I love your blog and your positive, uplifting demeanor. Keep up the great work!


  28. Brittany 03.30.2010

    Oooh The Banana custard was AMAZING! So good with a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top. I bet it would be good with a dash of nutmeg too! Thanks for the recipe!

  29. Courtney 05.30.2010

    Genius! It’s so delicious.
    I tried adding a packet of diet hot chocolate mix to the custard and it turned out great!

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  32. Just made this tonight!! Another fab-o recipe!!!!!!

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  37. Steph 08.01.2011

    This looks so good! If you don’t have a food processor but only a blender, could you make the custard still?

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  44. mary anne 03.05.2014

    Hi Iowa girl, You inspire me!
    My husband is a runner, so bananas are a staple in our house; we will be trying frozen banana custard!!

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  46. Ernie 04.20.2015

    On the menu for tonight! Cant wait!

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