Friday Favorites


Happy Friday!!!

I’m still in shock that it’s really 2012, although the reality is setting in now that all the Christmas decorations are down, and plans for spring break are underway. Onward, right?! :)

Hope your short week went fast and a weekend full of fun is on the horizon. In the meantime, here are my favorite finds from around the web this week, for your viewing pleasure!

Favorite sweet treat: Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes. A flattened cinnamon roll “crust” is filled with sauteed apples and topped with streusel. BAHAHA – OMG!


Favorite thing, maybe ever: Iowa Nice. I have watched this video at least a dozen times, and laugh harder each and every time. GO IOWA! (Not work appropriate, or for people who get offended by swearing. Dad, I’m looking at you. Click here for clean version.)

Favorite getaway. Even though the weather has been insanely mild lately, I’m in complete winter getaway mode. I can’t stop thinking about taking a relaxing beach vacation!


Favorite learn: Silhouette Tutorial. Love this easy photoshop tutorial for creating classic and out of the box silhouettes.


Favorite slurp: Chicken Bacon & Wild Rice Soup. Mmmm – this might make an appearance on Soup Sundays very soon.

Favorite outrageous idea: Buttercream Truffles. You need to see these. Mind melting!


Favorite party nosh: 7 Layer Dip Cups. There’s nothing nastier than the community 7 layer dip dish at a party or get together, right? This is such a cute solution.


Favorite funny. I think I laughed for 18 minutes the first time I saw this. Winner!!!


Favorite splurge: Classic Q Little Ukita Marc Jacobs Bag. I have never been a shoe or bag girl – I’d rather spend my money on Dairy Queen, for instance – but lately I have been obsessed with purses. This one is the perfect size!


Favorite bling: Quintessentially Blue Necklace. Love the retro feel of this piece.


Favorite time suck: All Thing Europe Tumblr site. You’ll see. ;)

europe blog

Favorite Frankenstein recipe: Jalapeno Popper Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese. Can someone make this for me? Please?


Favorite truth. Hey, even 10am would be great. ;)


Favorite home accent: Industrial Pipe Shelf. One of these will be in my future dream home.


Favorite crock pot recipe: Chicken Caesar Sandwiches. I cannot wait to try these!


Favorite outfit. I am obsessed with navy and coral right now.


Favorite furballs. No words.


Favorite sip: Skinny Mango Margaritas. Muy bueno! (thanks reader Michelle for passing along!)

Favorite kitchen helper: Dual Stand Up Spoon Rests. I need this! My spoons and whisks are forever rolling off my standard, flat spoon rest!


Favorite dessert: Peanut Butter Pie. My Mom made this again for Christmas this year and – pardon my French, but – OMFG.


Click here for past Friday Favorites >

Have super weekend everyone! Toodles! :D

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  1. I love the necklace and will have to try Skinny Mango Margaritas next time I get together with my girlfriends!

  2. 58Teresa 01.06.2012

    Have to share for Friday fave – ready? TODAY is Epiphany! We are exchanging gifts today to honor the wise men! AM SO EXCITED – and let me tell you – what can be better than hitting after christmas sales up? ha ha ha! Christmas was reserved for church and awe – today – reserved for fun!

  3. LOVE every dog photo you put up!! It has given me some inspiration to possibly try your “Favorite Funny” this with my own dog! My house is a photo-gallery of my dog, this may just make the collection complete! (My husband and I don’t have kids yet, so we take a lot of photos of our dog) haha! :)

  4. Katie@KatieVanCan 01.06.2012

    I made the crockpot chicken ceasar sandwiches last weekend (although, we had it on wraps instead) and both my husband and I LOVED it!

  5. Diane 01.06.2012

    Love the All Things Europe site. I HAVE TO GO!

  6. Heather Burkart 01.06.2012

    Mu Friday favorite is your Green Monster…I have been playing with this everyday this week! LOVE it!

    • Randi 01.06.2012

      I tried today also and have to agree, its my Friday fav!

  7. Trisha 01.06.2012

    Omg, that necklace! And omg, that peanut butter pie!
    We take off bright & early tomorrow morning for the beaches of Playa del Carmen. Who knew that when we booked a trip for early Januray there wouldn’t be a bit of snow on the ground. I hear ya though, despite this mild midwestern winter thus far, heading to the beach is sounding SO awesome regardless! Happy Friday!

  8. Katie C 01.06.2012

    This post made me SO HUNGRY! And this winter thing is making me think about moving to Hawaii…maybe some day….

  9. Wendy 01.06.2012

    The soup looks wonderful, but full of fat. Would u work your magic on it for us and make it more figure friendly?

  10. Nancy 01.06.2012

    Lots of great new favorites and esp. recipes to try here. Soup weather will be here, despite the 55 degree temps today.

  11. Ashley 01.06.2012

    Ahhh Kristen! That video was fantastic!! I just moved away from Iowa after living there for 3 years (which I really enjoyed) and I have been rather upset about some of the things said about it in the news recently. Stereotypes and generalizations do not become anyone. The video made my day. Thanks, girl!

  12. Kelley K 01.06.2012

    Love the favorite outfit! Is there a way to see what stores the various pieces are from?

  13. LOVE the favorite truth :)

  14. Claudia 01.06.2012

    Thank yo so much for inspiring my day Kristin!
    Want to check more All thing Europe!


  15. I am with you on Coral colored clothing… it’s so pretty and I feel like it looks good on everyone :)
    And the buttercream truffles and margarita have been bookmarked! Thanks for these favorites and happy Friday!

  16. Cheryl 01.06.2012

    Being from Iowa (and still living here), I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE “Iowa Nice!!”

  17. Kim K 01.06.2012

    Good taste on the Marc Jacobs bag – I have that one (in coral).

    And the truth is right on. It should be socially acceptable to eat lunch at 10:30

  18. Diane 01.06.2012

    Loved that Iowa video!

  19. Rachel 01.06.2012

    Good one! These always make me want to eat massive amounts of sugar.

    On the purse obsession. I know how you feel. Have you ever checked out T.J. Maxs or Marshalls for bags? I got a Michael Korrs bag from there and love it. Just an idea.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.06.2012

      Yes! My current black one is a Michael Kors from TJ’s – great reminder to go give them a check!

  20. Love that outfit, and I’m with you on the whole coral and navy thing :) Have a great weekend!

  21. Those cinnamon roll cupcakes are out of this world!!! I can’t wait to try them! :)

  22. Ok, you have had some great Friday Favorites before, but this one was incredible! Each picture/item just got better and better. So many things to pin ;)

  23. Julie S. 01.06.2012

    I made the peanut butter pie for Xmas again this year, too (I got the recipe from your site last year)… I couldn’t agree more! OMG! Can only make this pie once a year! I got smart this year & ate 1 piece (ok…2) & left it at my mom’s. :P

  24. Emily 01.06.2012

    I love your blog! And FYI, Von Maur has the same Marc Jacobs purse in nylon for $300 cheaper! Happy Friday :)

  25. erica 01.06.2012

    omg. that dog pic is HILARIOUS! totally made my morning!

  26. i can tell you from experience that you would LOVE that MJ bag. a total splurge, but a classic that will never go out of style. SO worth it!

  27. Johanna 01.06.2012

    Awww I can’t believe you posted a picture of my university town :) Hello from Germany :)

  28. I love the all things Europe… It got me so excited about our honeymoon to europe

  29. Lily 01.06.2012

    Ahh I love you friday favorites! I look forward to them each week! :D And those cupcakes look soooo good!!!

  30. hahaha I love the dog pictures!! Animals are so friggin adorable!

    I like how you do your friday favorites about different things…I think I’ve only seen the favorites of the food variety. Speaking of food, I want that macaroni!!!

  31. Susan 01.06.2012

    Oh, what great Friday Favs! Many are hard on my 2012 goals though. Lol

  32. Thanks for the shoutout! And PS. I love the shakeyface dog picture. That’s a Friday favorite, for sure. :)

  33. Jeri 01.06.2012

    Have you seen the new Geico commercial with the pig on the zipline? I remember you liked the one where he was in the car (I did, too!)

  34. HAHAHHA. Photoshop is possssibly the greatest thing ever.

  35. Monte 01.06.2012

    I just love your “food finds” Kristin!
    Have never “lived” in Iowa, but living in Wisconsin for years, and traveling West has caused me to spend quite a bit of time there. Anyone that does will agree on the hospitality and general good will of the folks there. Travel the river on the Iowa side, spend time in Dubuque, Dinner at the Lark Supperclub, time in the Amana Colonies, and You will agree that Iowa is a very special place. The folks that live there are golden. Scr@w the naysayers on the news, they have nothing good to say about anything.

  36. Summer 01.06.2012

    My mind is BLOWN about Iowa right now…

    Friday favorites are so awesome :)

  37. Eric 01.06.2012

    That Mac and cheese looks AWESOME! Have you tried Z’Mariks Buffalo chicken mac and cheese?

  38. Ahhh, I love that Marc Jacobs bag! I have one similar that is from Fossil, but I had anxiety over the spending the money on THAT one, spending twice as much on the MJ bag would probably send me into shock or something. ;)

    I love your Friday Favorites, at first I thought you didn’t post yesterday, but now I’m cleaning out my Reader and saw you did. Yay!

  39. Em 01.07.2012

    A good pal passed along the Iowa video earlier this week, and I LOVE IT! So hilarious. And true! :)

  40. 1. I clicked on that elite vacations link – omg. We are looking at going to Mexico in early march to save some $$. I hope it happens!

    2. I think I might have to make that pb oreo pie for a dinner party I’m going to tonight. YUM.

  41. I, too am obsessed with any summery warm getaway. I dream, several times a day about where i NEED to go over spring break. Glad i’m not alone!

  42. Michelle 01.08.2012

    Get the bag!! I was lucky enough to find a verrrry gently used one at a local consignment shop and I am obsessed with it. Aside from the size, the other best thing is that you can wear it cross-body or on your shoulder.

  43. Allison 01.08.2012

    One of my elementary school teachers did a silhouette of each student in the beginning of the year and hung them on the wall- I thought it was so cool and probably still have it in some box in my momma’s basement… I should do them for my students [great memory]!

    BTW, I’m gonna have to share the the 7 layer dip cups idea with my momma- she makes an awesome homemade version and this would be great for a party!

  44. I love your Friday Favourites, they always give me loads of ideas :-)
    That Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll Cupcake looks absolutely amazing!
    And that quote made me giggle, that’s definitely how I feel, especially when I’ve worked all morning!
    I hope you had a lovely weekend :-)

  45. nicole 01.08.2012

    I cracked up with that video. Awesome. I love your friday favs!!

  46. the cinnamon roll idea looks delicious!

    Its funny you mentioned navy and coral, I bought a navy sweater this weekend and a coral red top.. and was thinking what nice colors!

  47. Emily 01.11.2012

    Navy and coral? I’m obsessed too. To the point of making them my wedding colors. With a pop of turquoise/teal/aqua. What do you think?

  48. Jodie 01.16.2012

    Chantel from the bachelor had this necklace on from your Friday Favorites, when she came to San Fran to surprise the terrible haired bachelor :)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.17.2012

      I know – isn’t that the most nuts thing ever?! I was like, wait a sec…no that couldn’t be…whaaaa?!?!?

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