Frozen Breakfast Burritos


Frozen Breakfast Burritos take just 30 minutes to make! Assemble on the weekend then reheat and enjoy all week long.

If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself with like, negative 15 minutes to get out of bed, get ready, grab your bag and head out the door in the mornings.

You contemplate throwing your hair into a ponytail to save some time, but remember they give you headaches. (Same with headbands, which sucks because they’re so dang cute!)

You wonder if you can get away with putting your makeup on at work, but what will your boss think?

Well unfortunately I can’t help you locate that blasted missing shoe, or make the coffee that’s brewing at a snail’s pace drip a little bit faster, but what I can do is give you a breakfast recipe that’s fast, portable, and ready in under 2 minutes: Frozen Breakfast Burritos!

Take 30 minutes on Sunday to make and freeze a batch of these burritos, then enjoy a hot and incredibly filling breakfast all week long, that only takes 1-1/2 minutes to heat in the microwave. These babies are the BEST, and keep me full for hours!

You can fill your breakfast burritos with whatever ingredients you like best, but I dig the OG combo of Bacon, Egg & Cheese. Start by cooking 3/4lb bacon on the stove top, low and slow, just like I did for my Buffalo Chicken BLAT Wraps. After the bacon is crisp, drain it on a paper-towel and set aside.

Meanwhile, turn your attention to the ingredient that makes a breakfast burrito a breakfast burrito, and provides tons of protein and staying powerscrambled eggs. You’ll need 1 dozen eggs for 8 breakfast burritos.

Crack the eggs into a large bowl, then season with salt, pepper, and hot sauce, to taste.

I like Lousiana Hot Sauce best. You don’t have to add hot sauce, but the amount I used, about a teaspoon, didn’t make them spicy at all, rather it just added a little somethin’ somethin’.

Poke the yolks, then use them muscles to whisk until well beaten.

Next, heat a large, non-stick skillet over medium-high heat (about 6 out of 10) and spray generously with non-stick spray. You don’t want to scramble the eggs over too high of heat, otherwise they’ll be watery after they’re cooked. When the pan is hot, add in the eggs and let them cook for a minute without stirring.

After a minute, start scraping the eggs from the outside edges of the pan, in towards the center.


At this point I like to keep the eggs moving pretty much non-stop until they’re just cooked and still a little glossy. You don’t want them super hard set because you’ll be reheating them later.

Pour the scrambled eggs onto a plate, and set aside.

Breakfast burrito assembly is next!

Lay 8 large (8″) flour tortillas out on a clean surface. Ben and I usually go for La Banderita flour tortillas for their taste and fluff factor.

Divide the scrambled eggs evenly between the tortillas. It’ll come out to 1-1/2 eggs per breakfast burrito.

For added flavor, I like to add about 1 Tablespoon salsa on top of the eggs. Ben likes ’em straight up, so I only added it to half.

Add the cooked bacon on top.

Then finish with 1-2 Tablespoons shredded sharp cheddar cheese.


Roll the burritos by folding over the top of the tortilla, folding in the sides, then rolling to the end.

Wrap each one in plastic wrap then, if the ingredients inside differ, mark the outside with your initials.

Date and label a freezer bag, then place the burritos inside and freeze. When you’re ready to eat in the morning, simply discard the plastic wrap, wrap the burrito in a paper towel, and microwave for 1-1/2-2 minutes, or until hot. Breakfast is served!

Frozen Breakfast Burritos

Serves 8


Frozen Breakfast Burritos take just 30 minutes to make! Assemble on the weekend then reheat and enjoy all week long.


  • 3/4lb bacon
  • 12 eggs
  • salt & pepper
  • hot sauce, to taste
  • 8 large (8") flour tortillas
  • 1/2 - 1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1/4 - 1/2 cup salsa (optional)


  1. Cook bacon in a large skillet until crisp. Drain on a paper towel, then chop into bite-sized pieces. Set aside.
  2. Crack eggs into a large bowl, then season with salt, pepper and hot sauce. Whisk until well beaten. Heat a large skillet (could use same skillet as bacon) over medium heat, then spray generously with non-stick spray. Pour in eggs and scramble until set, but are still glossy. Remove to a plate and set aside.
  3. Lay tortillas on a clean, dry surface. Divide eggs and bacon between the tortillas, then top with salsa and cheese. Fold over the top of each tortilla, then fold in the sides, and continue rolling to form a burrito. Wrap individually in plastic wrap, then freeze in a large freezer bag.
  4. To reheat: unwrap and discard plastic wrap, then wrap burrito in a paper towel. Microwave for 1-1/2-2 minutes, or until hot.

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,

I leave for work at 6:15am everyday, and never seem to have enough time to make a nice, home-cooked breakfast (get up 10 minutes earlier, you say? Pssht!) The result is that I usually snag a piece of fruit, yogurt, and/or a granola bar on my way out the door. This is fine, but sometimes I crave something hot in the morning. Something I can really sink my teeth into, you know?

Frozen Breakfast Burritos are totally the answer! They’re incredibly satisfying, and usually keep me full for 4-5 hours.

Have fun customizing your breakfast burritos by adding veggies, going meatless, adding different types of cheese, or even beans. It will depend on what ingredients you go with, and what brand/type of tortilla you end up using, but my Bacon, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Burritos clocked in at 325 calories, nearly 4 grams of fiber, and 17 grams of protein a piece. Not bad for breakfast on the go!


What do you usually eat for breakfast?

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  1. Lindsey 03.27.2012

    Such a great idea!

  2. Stephanie 03.27.2012

    I make fruit smoothies with added spinach every morning and usually have that! I, too, have to leave early in the morning and don’t have time to make anything for breakfast. Sometimes I will have a toasted bagel with nutella, cereal, and/or a granola bar :)

  3. This is SUCH a good idea!

  4. Beth 03.27.2012

    Kristin – maybe you mentioned it above, but what would be the harm in wrapping them in aluminum foil before you freeze them? Does it give them freezer burn more easily? Thanks for the post.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.27.2012

      No harm – I think that’d be just fine!

      • WendP 08.17.2015

        Plus, the foil is recyclable, where the plastic wrap isn’t.

        These breakfast burritos make for great lunches too!

  5. LOVE this idea! And 6:15am in the morning? That is SO early – but I bet it’s nice to have Friday off! :)

  6. Amy M @ In The Mixing Bowl 03.27.2012

    Always always oatmeal! But these are pretty tempting…I think I would up the Mexican flavor and use chorizo!

  7. Sarah 03.27.2012

    These look delicious! I’ve made your lettuce wraps & green smoothie before and LOVED them both. Can’t wait to try this as well. Will likely try with turkey bacon – gets a weird reputation but I find it just as salty & crunchy as the real thing :)

    Really happy I found your blog!!

  8. Darien 03.27.2012

    I no longer can tolerate gluten, but when I did, trader joes handmade flour tortillas are beyond the best in the world ever. PLEASE pick up a package and try them- I need to live through you! (the corn tortillas there aren’t so good, go figure.)

  9. erica 03.27.2012

    oh my word.
    just found your blog today and i am your newest follower!!! :)
    LOVE IT.

    this is such a great idea. totally making these this weekend! woo hoo!

  10. Emily 03.27.2012

    These look so yummy. 99.9% of the time I have plain non-fat greek yogurt, berries and homemade granola. The other .01% is steel cut oats!

  11. Robin 03.27.2012

    This is such a great idea. Going to make these this weekend!

  12. Krista 03.27.2012

    Do you think if I use Egg Beaters they will still freeze well?

    • Im trying that this weeknd with the EB’s so I can follow up.

      I’ve made frittatas w/ EBS and froze and then thaw/heat/eat and it was fine!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.27.2012

      I’m sure it’d be ok!

    • Beth W. 03.28.2012

      I just noticed your comment and I just wanted to let you know that I’ve used Egg Beaters the southwestern flavor and froze sandwiches. I used whole wheat english muffins, egg beaters and have even added spinach. Froze and reheated just fine.

    • Beth W. 03.28.2012

      Oops, I meant to comment on your comment and it posted a few down from yours :)

  13. I love this! My hubby will totally love this in the mornings. I’m going to use corn tortillas, for a GF breakfast! =] xoxo

  14. These look so yummy! I’m always in a rush to make my breakfast, but I can’t stand to have something like a cereal bar, so these look perfect!

    I can’t wear a headband all day either because of the headaches – but I wish I could! So many cute ones!

  15. Chris 03.27.2012

    In a rut for breakfast, lately”: Coffee, banana, & toasted Sara Lee Deliteful English Muffing w/ peanut butter. I really want to try these breakfast burritos to bust out of my rut!

  16. Lauren 03.27.2012

    This is such a genius idea! These also would come in handy for grab and go lunches as well. The possibilities are endless!

  17. Rebecca 03.27.2012

    This is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Dee 03.27.2012

    You are my hero!!! and I hope you are using sprays that you make yourself and not those ones at the grocery store, which uses the same propellant that they use to deice planes. Yuck!

  19. My friend used to make these all the time and put in baby spinch into the egg mix to get the added protein. Im going to make with egg beaters! And maybe black beans. Or chicken. Or turkey sausage. A new variety every week for cheap from your money cashflow bank and calorie bank!!!

  20. Prepping breakfast. I was on an oatmeal kick for the longest time but lately I have been making big batches of pancakes on the weekends. I always associate pancakes with long relaxing Saturdays so eating them on weekends feels so decadent!

  21. I was just thinking about doing this because like you I’m always running out of the house with no time to spare! I will be whipping these up this weekend =)

  22. Jenny 03.27.2012

    I eat good, old-fashioned oatmeal, topped with brown sugar and berries, every weekday morning. Yes, I’m a good girl.

  23. do you microwave in the plastic wrap?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.28.2012

      Nope, discard and wrap in a paper towel before reheating.

      • Tiffany 06.27.2015

        Could you just wrap in a paper towel and then plastic wrap before putting in the freezer? Trying to think of ways to make this even easier in the morning for my kiddos ;)

  24. Kali 03.27.2012

    Looks super yummy and I am obsessed with Louisiana Hot Sauce :)!

  25. Emily 03.27.2012

    What a fantastic idea! Love this. Will definitely be making this is in the near future.

  26. Heather 03.27.2012

    you are just brilliant. always amazing. love this idea.

  27. Prairie Bee 03.27.2012

    What a fantastic idea!!!! I love make-ahead any thing but especially for breakfast!!! Thank you for sharing a great great great idea!

  28. jesser 03.27.2012

    We use Chorizo in ours instead of bacon, specifically Boulder Sausage Company Chorizo (not sure that’s even available outside of CO) … it is incredibly tasty. We also put in a small amount of hashbrowns. And now I totally need to make a batch soon!

  29. Lindsey 03.27.2012

    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so I switch it up a lot with so many favorites and often wake up early to make things like pancakes mid week – I am partially crazy I know. My go to breakfasts during the week – overnight oats, smoothie bowls, yogurt and peanut butter bowls, egg sandwiches, breakfast bakes and protein pancakes… way too many go to’s!

  30. jessica 03.27.2012

    Cray, cray. LOL!

    I usually eat cereal and a banana but some mornings you really do need something warm, so I’ll make a breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese and deli meat.

  31. Nancy 03.27.2012

    I don’t mean to pry but what industry are you in that requires leaving so early in the morning? Hope you at least get home at a decent hour!

  32. I love breakfast burritos and am always tempted to grab one in a drive-thru. This looks so much healthier and cheaper!

  33. Luci 03.27.2012

    Does it make sense to wrap these in the paper towel before freezing? Save u a step in the morning.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.28.2012

      You could try it – I didn’t know how paper towels would hold up in the freezer!

    • Joan 02.04.2013

      try parchment paper to wrap any food items you want to freeze and reheat. Saves steps-and there is no plastic wrap flavor. I use a lot of parchment paper. I put a sheet of parchment paper between lasagna and foil before freezing, and bake/heat with it there so you won’t have that foil reaction that usually occurs.

  34. Kira 03.27.2012

    Where do you get the uncured Bacon Ends and Pieces…that would be so much easier than cooking regular bacon.

  35. I love how you started off the post with the “negative 15 min.” That’s me every morning.

    Now these frozen breakfast burritos are an awesome idea! It doesn’t even seem like it’d be that much work either. And I’ll never miss breakfast again :)

  36. Kayla 03.28.2012

    great idea! you’re so creative!

  37. katie@newmamamac 03.28.2012

    you’re a genius

  38. Sarah 03.28.2012

    I seem to rotate between scrambled eggs and toast, frozen whole wheat waffles or baked oatmeal.

    We just moved to the suburbs of Houston and I lost 15 minutes of my morning (EEK) to driving time, so I’m definitely going to try these since they are so quick in the morning. Love your blog!

  39. sue 03.28.2012

    wait a sec…i thought you get up and walk 1.5 miles and make yourself these wonderful oatmeal breakfast bowls you cook on the stove every morning? no? whuh? lol

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.28.2012

      I do walk with my Mom, but don’t make oatmeal anymore – that was when I worked a normal 8-5 job. No time these days! :(

  40. Kelly 03.28.2012

    These are perfect!! My husband JUST asked me last night if I knew of any make ahead, high protein breakfast that we could do. :)

  41. Brenda 03.28.2012

    I have found a new love for Southwestern Eggbeaters! I cook 1/2 cup of egg beaters (only 60 calories and no cholesterol!) for 1 1/2 min in the microwave and add it with 2 slices of turkey to a thin bun. A great start to the day and only 210 calories total. Keeps me full for about 4-5 hours!

  42. Amy 03.28.2012

    I love, love, love this idea! Headbands give me a headache also.

  43. Raquel 03.28.2012

    Great idea! I’m excited to make these. :-D

  44. Carly 03.28.2012

    THANK YOU for including the nutrition info! I’ve been dreaming of this day. You were already my favorite food blogger, this put you over the top!

  45. Deborah 03.28.2012

    I am up at 5am each work day and have no time for breakfast at home. I eat at work and have a nice bowl of fruit (banana, blueberries, strawberries) and an english muffin with canadian bacon and fresh sliced tomatoes – – so, so good!

  46. Fantastic!! I’m going to have to remember this one!

  47. Tara Roddick 03.28.2012

    I have made a similar version of these before and they were delicious. I used egg beaters and they turned out just as good! The kids even liked them. Thanks for sharing and I agree with the pony tails and head bands, which also don’t stay put!

  48. I love this idea! I have lots of time in the morning (my classes and my job start around noon) so I can make myself anything I want for breakfast, but my husband has to be out the door early, so this would be such and awesome thing for him to eat for breakfast. This is definitely going on the grocery list for next week!

  49. Katie 03.28.2012

    My husband saw these in my twitter feed this morning and got really excited. I love that you can do fun variations with these–I’d leave out the meat since I’m vegetarian, and maybe add sautéed mushrooms and onions. Such a great idea!

  50. sue 03.28.2012

    well cool. i was totally thinking iowa girl= bionic woman. she has like a 20 hour day and a blog! lol.

    great idea to prep ahead…wonder if it will be ok if i warm up/toast tortilla before wrapping up and freezing? Flour and corn tortillas taste much better when warmed up in skillet and allowed time to rise and finish cooking. (just a tip from Texas) do you think it would freeze the same?

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