Grilled Potato Packs


Grilled Potato Packs are an easy side dish for any grill out!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

I hope you had an awesome weekend full of hot food, cool bevs, and tons of fun in the sun. How did I spend the last weekend of the summer? Indoors, painting my kitchen.

Wah-wahhhh! ;)

I know, I know, it’s just that I’ve been talking about painting my oompah loompah orange kitchen (a present left by the previous owners) for years now, and finally decided the long weekend was the perfect time to put up or shut up, and did the damn thing – whee!

Say goodbye to pumpkin orange, and hello to April Sky (which looks semi periwinkle in the pics, but it’s actually a steely blue/green.)

The color choice was inspired by these IKEA curtains I got years ago which were supposed to inspire me to paint, well, years ago. The fun design contains waves of navy blue, brown, tan, and pale blue, which I chose to paint the walls.

I didn’t love the final paint color until we put the curtains up this afternoon – they really tied everything together!

Now when I say I spent the entire weekend painting my kitchen, I mean I spent the entire weekend painting my kitchen, starting Friday when I washed all the walls with this TSP concentrate – aka MAGIC IN A BOTTLE. It took away grease stains that I have scrubbed and scrubbed with regular cleaner in the past, in one measly swipe. Too bad you can’t clean with it regularly, as it’s only supposed to be used to prep surfaces for paint.

Looks left, looks right, sprays it liberally on the floor tiles… ;) (Just kidding.)

After everything was clean and dry, I had to tape all the trim, which took several hours. Honestly you have no idea how many corners and crevices a space has until you’re tasked with taping them!

After pulling everything away from the walls, I was ready to go. (And semi hyperventilating. I hate clutter!)

Saturday morning my Mom arrived, and we got to work, starting with a coat of primer.

Yet another reason why I love living 2 minutes away from my parents. I could have NEVER done this project without my Mom! (Ben was on a dude’s staycation this weekend!)

I was worried we’d have to do two coats of primer, since the orange was SO ORANGE, but this Zinsser primer covered it right up. Good stuff!

I could hardly contain my excitement after the orange paint was gone. The kitchen looked 5 times bigger already!

Time to get some color on the walls – a nice shade of pale, steely blue. We used Olympic paint for it’s smooth, non-chunky texture. Which is a thing, apparently, that you want to look out for when choosing paint.

This is where things went downhill pretty quickly. We got the first coat on the wall, stepped back to admire our handiwork and realized…

My kitchen was cotton candy blue! Like, baby boy’s room blue! I had picked out the April Sky paint swatch a few weeks ago but forgot the swatch, and the name, when I went to buy the paint Friday afternoon, and instead of going home and getting it, I tried to pick out what I thought was a similar shade, Ounce of Sliver. BAD CHOICE. It ended up being completely different, and looked almost neon blue on the walls!

So, Saturday afternoon I went back to Lowe’s (my third trip of the entire project) got a couple gallons of the correct color, April Sky, and re-painted the entire thing that night. Sunday morning my Mom came back over, we painted a second coat of the correct color, then touched up, cleaned up, and nearly passed out. Painting is HARD WORK!!!

But so worth it in the end. I’m still getting used to the color, but one thing I can say for sure is that the space is 100 times brighter, and much more cheery. (Plus I’m still just geeking out about those curtains. Love ’em! ;) )

Before and after!

I could never have done this without my sweet Mom. Literally I’d have half an orange kitchen, because I would have given up. Interior painting is definitely one of those things that is easier said than done!

This morning I woke up early to put the decor back on the walls, and get to everything I hadn’t done all weekend – laundry, gardening, etc., then Ben and I were going to go on a long walk. Mother Nature had other plans though. Seriously?! It had been the most gorgeous weekend ever, then when I finally get to go outside, it rains!

Several episodes of Honey Boo-Boo later (omg have you seen this?!) the rain stopped so we hopped out for a 4 mile walk in between storms. We were starving when we got back so I threw together grilled chicken with leftover mango salsa from Friday’s KCCI segment, fresh fruit, and grilled potato packs for supper!

This was just chicken brushed with extra virgin olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, then grilled and topped with Fresh Mango Salsa. Fresh, clean, and tasty.

Organic strawberries and grapes provided a sweet treat…

And grilled potato packs gave the meal some heft. I LOVE these things!

To make them, just tear a long sheet of heavy duty foil, then spray it liberally with non-stick spray. Slice a potato into 1/4″ slices, then layer them in the center of the foil. Spray with extra virgin olive oil (or dot with butter,) season (I used Lawry’s seasoning salt,) then add 1 ice cube in the center, to help steam the potatoes.

Bring the long ends together at the top then tightly roll until almost touching the potatoes. Then, tightly curl the ends in too.

Grill over medium-high heat for 10 minutes, then flip, rotate 180 degrees and grill for another 10 minutes.

Presto – grilled potatoes!

Not only are these potatoes absolutely amazing, with some crunchy, and some creamy, but cleanup’s nil. Just throw the foil away!

Grilled Potato Packs

Serves 1-2


Grilled Potato Packs are an easy side dish for any grill out!


  • 1 medium potato
  • non-stick spray
  • butter or olive oil
  • seasoning (I used Lawry's seasoning salt)


  1. Tear a long sheet of heavy duty foil, then spray one side liberally with non-stick spray. Slice potato into 1/4" slices, then layer in two rows down the center of the foil, leaving a few inches clear at both ends.
  2. Bring long ends of foil together at the top then curl tightly until almost touching the potatoes. Curl the ends in tightly. Grill for 20 minutes over medium-high heat, flipping and rotating the packet 180 degrees halfway through. Open very carefully, as there will be steam.

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,

Oofta, this was not only delicious – but filling. I am stuffed!

And oh-so tired. I have slept like a bebe the past two nights from sheer exhaustion. Who knew painting was such hard work?!

Hope you are all unwinding and ready for the short week ahead. Have a GREAT night!

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  1. Your kitchen looks great! I love the new color.

    Those potato packs looks delish – definitely trying that soon.

  2. ally 09.03.2012

    looks so much better! great color choice.

  3. Rachael 09.03.2012

    Love the paint choice! It is lovely. I’m super lazy and hate to tape off rooms when I paint, but always did it to avoid crooked lines and painting on trim. I found a great solution, Shur-Line. It is a great tool when used correctly. If you don’t load up too much paint on the sponge you really can’t go wrong. If you like crisp lines (which I think most people do) and are patient with the reloading, then you will have found the greatest tool! I trimmed a hallway with 4 doors and a built-in in just an hour.

  4. Blues are HARD! We did the same thing with our master bedroom…. I made my husband repaint the whole thing. D’oh!

    Looks great with the silver/metal decor!

  5. jad18 09.03.2012

    The color looks terrific!

  6. Amy M 09.03.2012

    Love the blue! The second one… :) I have such a hard time picking out paint colors because it looks so different from tiny square on paper to wall…semi-mind-boggling right?

  7. Machelle 09.03.2012

    oh crap! now i need to get off my arse and paint my kitchen! i have finally chosen a color…..just dreading the project! your’s looks great! and those taters look yummy….my favorite food…taters!!!

  8. Wow! The kitchen looks great. I bet it feels wonderful to have that project finished! I pained a small nook in our house this weekend too….twice. Must have been something in the Midwest weather! : )

  9. Elizabeth 09.03.2012

    Love your new color! My husband and I painted our kitchen a few years ago, and when we were finished we both looked at the color and HATED it. We left for a few hours and let it dry and when we returned we liked it a lot better. Sometimes it just needs to grow on you. Love the IKEA curtains btw. SO CUTE!

  10. Kristen 09.03.2012

    Kitchen looks great! Can’t wait until we move into a place we can put holes in the walls! All your art just pops on the lighter wall color.

    And the potato packs–I’ll try that on our George Foreman as we don’t have an outdoor grill. YUM!

  11. Emily 09.03.2012

    Haha, your comment about Honey Boo Boo made me laugh. And yes, there’s not much more to say than a big, hearty O-M-G. What a refreshing change to your kitchen, and those potatoes look delish!!

  12. Rainey 09.03.2012

    Oh my! I got tired just reading about your painting experience. The kitchen looks great! Love the curtains and LOVE those giant utensils on the wall. Fantastic!

  13. Julie 09.03.2012

    Love the color! Mine is yellow and so want to paint but haven’t convinced the hubby. Also love the counters! Did you do them yourself?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.03.2012

      They were there when we moved in, and are impossible to keep clean! I’d love to install quartz counter tops, but since we won’t be in our current house for more than 2 or 3 more years, we couldn’t justify the cost. :/

      • Melanie 09.04.2012

        I feel your pain with the countertops. We bought a new house in March with colbalt blue tile countertops in the kitchen. The place looks like a Mexican restaurant and is impossible to clean!

  14. Sara 09.03.2012

    Love the kitchen, it looks great!

    The potato packs look great as well, but why the ice cube? :)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.03.2012

      That probably would have been helpful to explain, huh? ;) It helps steam the potatoes to make sure they cook all the way through in 20 minutes. Also helps to make sure they don’t burn!

      • Jim Simmons 09.03.2012

        I do corn on the cob with the foil and an ice cube. Butter,salt ice, roll it up. I would rather do dishes that paint!!

  15. I love this post! It actually made me cry (obviously hormonal). I wish my mom lived closer. I just love how much y’all do together! Cute kitchen!

  16. erin 09.03.2012

    now just imagine how much they’d pop if you painted the cabinets white…

    i kid!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.03.2012

      I know!! I’m dying to, but…but…no. I just can’t! Maybe I’ll change my mind in a few months when this weekend has become a distant memory. ;)

  17. Amy 09.03.2012

    Great job! Your arms got an intense wknd wkout! You and your mom are a great team!!!

  18. Renee 09.03.2012

    I really like the new color! My kitchen was pink and seafoam green when we bought our house, I know that feeling! It was a ton of work but we made ours over too! Great job.

  19. The kitchen looks FAB! Love the new color. And the curtains. ;)

    We make potatoes similar to those quite frequently. They are so tasty. And nice and easy. :)

  20. Cathy 09.03.2012

    You and your Mom make a great team! It looks beautiful and fresh. The “revised” color was a great choice. I bet you are tired. The dinner sounds yummy: can’t wait to try these potatoes.

  21. Marcee 09.03.2012

    Soooo much better! Enjoy your posts …. but this is a first-time comment (from moi) for IGE.

    Very amazing how (simple) paint can make a huge/much-improved dif. Have no idea how anyone could or would use the same color paint as the cabinets. Ugh. Too awful. Makes me dizzy & confused.

    Nice you have a window to look out when washing dishes!

    Time to unwind. IGE = last read for the evening. Nite all.

    P.S. Wish I had some of those yum taters for a snack.

  22. Painting sucks!! It always sounds like a good idea in theory, but once you get going it feels like it will never end. It was well worth it though. Your kitchen looks fantastic!!

  23. Kris 09.03.2012

    Well, I liked the orange (my home office has an orange wall) but the new color also looks great. Love your wall decor. Love your photos, ideas, recipes. You do such a great job with your blog, Kristin!

  24. Kathaleena 09.03.2012

    What a great Mom and Daughter thing to do. I am a Mom with two (grown) Daughters, would totally love to help them do the something like this and cook afterwords… What fun! Love the recipes and all your ideas, keep them coming.
    Best, Kathaleena (60 years young!)

  25. Nice! Looks great. Ain’t it funny what paint can do to a room?

  26. Sonya 09.03.2012

    Love the color of your new kitchen! Also love the fork and spoon deco on your wall. Where did you find them?

  27. Jennifer 09.03.2012

    My mom has made similar potatoes for years, try sprinkling them with parmesan cheese before grilling. Yummy!!

  28. I have a sweet potato ready and rarin to be sliced up for baked potato rounds, but I had no idea I could grill it instead! The kitchen makeover looks great! Painting seriously is hard work, you must be so glad it’s DONE.

  29. fran 09.03.2012

    The paint color looks great! Just a suggestion – paint the cabinets white and the room will feel even brighter and modern :)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.03.2012

      Thanks! I know, I’d totally love to, but just can’t justify the effort since we probably won’t be here for more than a couple more years. I am going to update all the pulls though in an aged bronze which I think is going to look awesome when all is said and done!

  30. Rachel 09.03.2012

    We are in the middle of a do it ourselves kitchen remodel. We used cabinet transformations from rustoleum and it did an amazing job. Not too expensive either. We still have to pick a color for the walls. No idea where to start with that! I also wanted to say I loved the “uff da” comment. I’m Norweigian and have gmas and gpas that still use that word.

  31. Kim 09.03.2012

    I love the paint color. Totally sucks that it wasn’t the right one the first time around. Blurg! Can’t wait to try the potato pack!

  32. Melody Laake 09.03.2012

    I own Fresh Coat Painting…next time call me. We could have painted your kitchen in a couple of hours. :)

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.04.2012

      I definitely will – interior painting has now been added to the list of things I will gladly pay for in the future – along with exterior painting, and moving!

  33. Rachel 09.03.2012

    Long time viewer here (but never commented before). I had to today though as I too just painted my kitchen this weekend while the hubby was away! I didn’t paint as much as you, although I did have to do it alone…with some coaching before from my Mom. Aren’t Moms the best?

    I love your color though (just to be clear, the April sky color…. :) isn’t it nerve wracking when you paint and it looks different then the color you picked out (because it’s wet) and you try not to second guess yourself! Glad you liked the final result – and noticed the colour mistake before doing the second coat! It looks great (and a thousand times better than that orange!.

  34. Yes, painting is so time consuming! Always helps to have a partner in crime. :)

  35. Kim 09.04.2012

    Those potatoes look yummy! I love grilled onions, zucchini and squash!

  36. michdarton 09.04.2012

    You have shared very important points regarding home improvement. I love to read such topics. Keep sharing such information in future as well.

  37. The kitchen looks beautiful! You chose a great color and it must have been quite some work…

  38. These potatoes look great!!

    We are about to start decorating the whole house, I can’t wait!

  39. melanie k 09.04.2012

    wow! no offense to pumpkin but the sky blue and the ikea curtains rock! great before and after (and in between photos!) it’s awesome! a little paint can just change your life! :-) i painted one accent wall in my bedroom and all i do is stare at it now in awe. Congrats! Also, the potatoes look yum! I’ll have to try that next time my husband grills. Great portion control, otherwise we’d be cooking 5lbs of mash taters for the two of us! Love it! Thanks! MK in Wylie, Texas

  40. Daniela 09.04.2012

    Kitchen looks great and I really love all your decor – especially the knife and fork and this image naming all those herbes. I like!

  41. Christine 09.04.2012

    I love the blue! I’m paining my sisters Laundry Room this weekend (as my house warming gift to her) and I think I’m going to use that color! Its always easier to pick a color once you see it dried on a large surface. Thank you for the inspiration!

    I love the art work in your kitchen as well, where did you get the EAT and spices signs?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.04.2012

      First of all – what an AWESOME housewarming gift! I am totally using that sometime! :) Second of all, my parents got me the EAT sign (I think from Pier 1) and the spices sign is from a shop in New Orleans – Roux Royale!

  42. Kiki 09.04.2012

    The color is gorgeous! We are so lucky to have amazing Moms!

  43. Sarah 09.04.2012

    Aren’t those curtains the best!? I am jealous that you have a curtain/valance over your window. Was that something that IKEA had or did you make it from a longer curtain?

    We also hung them in our kitchen and painted it blue. The color caused a small freakout on my part when it was wet, but it has been fantastic.

  44. I love the new kitchen :) We have Ikea curtains in our bedroom – saw yours when we were there and almost got those instead. A weekend well spent!!

  45. Sara 09.04.2012

    Love the new kitchen color – it’s fresh and calming!

  46. Really like the new color!

    Can I ask where you got the EAT wall decor? I’ve been searching and searching (and searching) for something similiar!!!

  47. Marie B. 09.04.2012

    New kitchen color is beautiful, Potato Packs look scrumptious, but please say you were lidding about Honey Boo Boo!! :)

    Glad you had a nice, productive weekend!

  48. Kim Tsakonas 09.04.2012

    I really love that silvery blue, my amazing mother in law loves gray. It is a very timeless color with the blue in it gives in a whole new look. Thanks for the sight that you post I love getting all of the fun things that you do!

  49. Home makeovers are a ton of fun! I love painting walls…there’s something about it that’s so therapeutic and the end result is so nice. I’m sharing the Very Inspiring Blogger award with you because your posts always include such genuine and natural conversation and you cook DELICIOUS meals! See details: I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  50. Your kitchen looks great! You’re inspiring me to do something about the state of my kitchen. Embarassing….

    Thanks for idea!

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