This has been the strangest day! It looked gorgeous outside, but on my lunch time walk, I was freeeezing in a light jacket and no gloves. :? Now it’s overcast and windy. Oh Spring, I’m looking…where are you?!

To cheer myself up, and to squish my angry sweet tooth that had me aimlessly  wandering around the kitchen looking for something to eat after work, I whipped up some Frozen Banana Custard! It’s been faaaar too long!


This gold star recipe comes from Gena and is comprised of, wait for it, one ingredient. One. Frozen bananas!


To make sure I’m always prepared to whip some up, I buy a bunch of bananas, cut them in half and freeze them. When I want to make custard, I take out two halves, slice them up, pop them in my food processor, and start whirrin’. :)


First your banana will look like dippin’ dots.


Then it will start to clump together.


Then, with angels singing in the background, it will turn into frozen banana custard!


Better than any custard you’ve ever had! No sugar, no fat, no nothin’. Just bananas. That’s it!


You’d be surprised how much custard one banana makes, too. Almost a full cup, I’d say! :D


Thick, luscious and decadent. Perfect for a guilt-free dessert…


Or an after school work snack. ;) Bliss. Make some, won’t you?


While I was enjoying my bowl of creamy goodness, I heated up dinner – which I made yesterday afternoon – a big pot of Grandma’s Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup!


Perhaps my subconscious was telling me that yesterday’s warm weather was just a teaser, and tonight I’d really need a big, warm bowl of chicken soup. ;) I made this batch the same as always – starting with a big pile of fresh veggies.


Tip: I rarely use an entire onion in one recipe, so I go ahead, chop the whole thing up and store the rest in the freezer. The next time I need chopped onion for a recipe, it’s all ready to go! :D


For the “noodle” part of my chicken noodle soup, I used a mixture of Reames Frozen Flat Dumplings and Egg Noodles. You can find these in the frozen foods aisle – they are SO good!


All I had to do tonight was pop the soup pot on the stove to reheat, and dinner was as good as done! :D


Comfort in a cup.


Served with some Parmesan Garlic Bread.


That’s one slice of EarthGrains Honey Wheatberry bread, spread with some butter, garlic powder and parmesan cheese. Popped under the broiler until golden brown. The best!


Sooo…while you’re whipping up some of that banana custard, do yourself a favor and whip some of this soup up too. Hurry, while the cool weather lasts! :D


I have no shame in admitting that tonight is a “butt-firmly-planted-on-the-couch-because-oh-my-gosh-there’s-some-reeeeally-good-tv-on!!” kind of night. ;) First we’ve got 20/20 Behind the Bachelor, Gossip Girl (eek!) and Jessica Simpson’s new show, The Price of Beauty. I think that one’s going to be REALLY good!!

Dessert war too: duck or truffle? I can’t decide! Maybe both… muwahaha!

Take care! :)


What do you think makes someone beautiful?

I think a genuine interest and concern for other people’s wellbeing makes someone very beautiful on the inside. And this may sound cliche, but I think confidence is a very beautiful thing too. NOT to be confused with cockiness!!