What’s a Friday without some favorites? From chewy caramels to kitten headbands, here are my favorite finds from around the web this week. :)

Favorite bite: Garlic Cheese Wontons. Another awesome wonton recipe – this one’s stuffed with melted cheese!


Favorite place. 1 vineyard, $1000 worth of Christmas lights, 5 generators, and a whole lotta’ hard work. Awesome.


Favorite sandwich: Triple-Decker Tomato and Avocado Panini with Mozzarella and Pesto. Yes, yes, yes and oh hells yes.


Favorite kitchen trick. Old parmesan cheese lids fit on mason jars. Good to know!


Favorite photo. Sigh… :)


Favorite seasonal treat: Glazed Gingerbread Scones. I am moving full speed ahead towards holiday flavors – gasp!


Favorite funny. BAHAHAHA!


Favorite Etsy shop: Bellabyte. All of her prints are absolutely adorable.

EtsyShop EstyShop2

Favorite furry besties. I hear cat headbands are all the rage in Paris right now…


Favorite healthy bite: Roasted Butternut Squash Farro Salad. I tried farro – a Mediterranean grain – for the first time down here in Cali this week and it is unbelievable. Chewy and filling. Can’t wait to make this at home.

Roasted Butternut Squash Farro Salad 500

Favorite kitchen tip: DIY glass stove cleaner. I so need to try this quick, easy, chemical-free method for removing burnt food on my glass top stove.

Glasstop stove cleaner

Favorite flashback: Apple Cider Caramels. My Grandma used to make homemade caramels for us every year at Christmas. These remind me so much of those melt in your mouth, absolutely irresistible treats. :)


Favorite find: Photographer’s mittens. These would be oh so handy in the winter time – also useful for iPhones!


Favorite Friday night bite: Smoky Corn & Black Bean Pizza. Cheese, black beans, corn, tomatoes & BBQ sauce. Throw some diced avocado on there to warm in the oven, and I’m sold.


Favorite furball. OMG!!! LOVE!


Favorite feature: Waterfall wall. There was a waterfall wall studded with orchids at the spa here at the Four Seasons and ugh, I could lay in front of it with zen music playing for hours.


Favorite scene. I know. There’s snow in this picture, but I am really feeling the holidays now that Halloween’s over!!


Favorite traveling tip. Use the shower cap they give you in the hotel to wrap up dirty sight seeing shoes. Brilliant!


Favorite sweet treat: Secretly Healthy Chocolate Cake. Apparently each slice is under 100 calories? MMM!!


And with that – I am out. I’ve got a plane to catch! :) TGIF!