Happy Friday everyone!

Cinnamon Roll judging was pretty much everything I thought it would be…amazing! (Except for the part where I babbled incessantly about food being relatable (????) during a surprise Q&A session in front of a large crowd that I was highly unprepared for. This is why I write, not speak!)

Anyways! Jill & Jaime from Two Chicks from the Sticks and I ahh’d, ooo’d and chewed our way through sticky rolls, iced rolls, and bacon sausage rolls (YES), galore before picking the winner…


Lana Ross’ Caramel Rolls! In the end, Lana’s combo of a sticky caramel glaze, chewy dough, and overall insane deliciousness could not be ignored, and her screams, jumps, and tears when we announced the winner were absolutely priceless. :D


Tone’s is sending me the recipe next week, so I’ll be sure to post it ASAP. You’ll definitely want to give it a go!

In other news, I’ve come down with a bit of Fall fever this week! We’ve finally been able to turn off the air for the first time in 6+ weeks, and the cool breeze rolling through the house in the mornings has got me a teeny bit excited for the change in seasons. It’s also inspired my picks for this week’s Friday Favorites, and I apologize in advance for the gross overuse of the word Fall in this post!

That said, I hope you have an awesome weekend, and please enjoy my favorite (predominately Fall!) finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites!

Favorite treat: Pumpkin Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Buttercream. Told you. :) But seriously, how delicious do these luscious pumpkin cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream sound?!


Favorite clean: How to Clean a Microfiber Couch. As a MFC owner, I can attest to how difficult it is to keep them clean. You need to see these before & after pics!


Favorite upgrade: Peanut Butter Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats. Wait ’til you get a load of the center layer in these babies. Brills!


Favorite Fall must-have: Express Minus the Leather Moto Jacket. I have been obsessing over this jacket for a few weeks. It’s so cute in person and perfect for Fall.


Favorite twist: Maple Syrup Roasted Tomatoes. Awesome twist on the standard oven-roasted tomato recipe.


Favorite DIY: No Sew Pillow Cover. I think this is so cute, and not “DIY” looking, know what I mean?

Favorite Fall: Butternut Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Caramelized Onions, Bacon, and Apple. ALL THE THINGS!!!


Favorite tip: Orange Vinegar. Great idea for scenting vinegar for home cleaning use. Ever since using this solution for cleaning my kitchen tiles, I’m more convinced than ever of the cleaning powers of vinegar.


Favorite outfit. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but, how cute for Fall, right?! :)


Favorite bite: Chicken, Bacon and Cream Cheese Mini Taquitos. I would pop approximately 1,000 of these creamy, bacon-laced taquitos. What a great combo of ingredients!


Favorite tip: Single Use Packs. Awesome idea for making single use packs for antibiotic ointment, toothpaste, contact solution, etc. Great for traveling or backpacking.


Favorite slurp: Tuscan Sausage Soup. Ohhh, that looks cozy. :)


Favorite dream home: In-Wall Wine Rack. Build a wine rack into the wall dividing the kitchen from the living room. So cool!


Favorite combo: Crumb-Topped Apple Slab Pie. Apple crumb cake meets Apple Pie. YES.


Favorite pooch. AWWWWWhahaha!


Favorite woah: Cell Phone Speaker. My little brother turned me onto this tip when he was home a couple weeks ago. Stick your cell phone into a straight up and down glass (vs a tapered one) for an instant speaker for music/Pandora, etc. IT REALLY WORKS! (PS Ben made me a custom IGE iPhone cover for my bday here!)


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TGIF y’all! :D