Yesterday some of my best girlfriends and I got together for a good ol’ fashioned bridal shower!


Us girls have been friends since high school, and my friend Laura is getting married in May. We had to be there to celebrate and support. :)


Isn’t she gorgeous? Talk about a Barbie bride!


We took the opportunity to re-take the classic synchronized swimming picture circa Jr or Sr year of high school. My, what a difference a decade makes!

53b IMG_0466

From boys and yearbooks, to husbands and babies, I’m so glad we’ve all remained so close over the years! :)


Afterwards, Ben re-proposed to me with a ring pop and we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Monterrey, for dinner.

photo 3

Cheese enchilada with a side of rice (how do they get their rice so fluffy and perfect? HOW?!)


and a healthy sized mug of beer. :)

photo 2

Insert March Madness and margaritas at the local watering hole, and we were ready to call it a night by 10pm. Those are my favorite kinds of nights. Get out early, have some fun, then get yo’ butt in bed at a reasonable hour. Yes?