Social media image of the last 10 fun things I bought

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new week. :) How are you doing?

We’re alright here! Personally my emotions are still up and down, but the kids and Ben are officially healthy and the mild weather we’ve been experiencing has been incredible too. Tomorrow will be in the upper 70s and I could cry just thinking about it! Wherever you are, I hope you’re staying safe, sane, and well.

I know that my job is to cook for you but to be honest it’s been hard finding inspiration in the kitchen with everything going on in the world. It also feels strange and a little sad that Easter is this weekend and a traditional holiday feast and festivities with our extended family won’t be taking place. Nevertheless, I picked up a small ham to stuff inside a bag, and will be cooking up my famous green bean casserole plus party potatoes for our party of five. The kids and I will also be making a batch of Bunny Munch for “The Easter Bunny” sometime this week. (OMG I cannot wait, that stuff is SO delicious!)

All that said, I’ve been wrestling with whether to share new holiday recipes, pantry staple suppers, easy dishes, or…?! I’ll figure it out eventually, but in the meantime I thought we could take a break from heavy thoughts and share the last 10 FUN things I’ve bought.

Forget stress eating (though buttered noodles make a great second lunch, FYI) stress shopping is a very real thing – ack! I like to think that I’m doing my part to support small businesses and the economy in general. Yeah, let’s go with that. Anyway, let’s also go beyond diapers and chair socks and chat about the last 10 FUN things I’ve bought!

YETI Tumbler

This YETI 20oz Tumbler with Lid was actually a recent Ben purchase – thank you Ben! I never understood what the fuss was over YETI products until he also gifted me a set of personalized YETI wine tumblers for Christmas. All I have to say is, WORTH THE HYPE. The 20oz tumbler in particular is the perfect size for our morning coffee and, after a quick rinse, an evening cocktail/wine. Sounds bizarre to be obsessed with a cup but I am obsessed with a cup. There, I said it.


Grillo’s Pickles

Grillo’s Pickles are a Costco find from a month or so ago and holy moly, they are truly the best pickles I’ve ever had in my life! Super fresh and crispy plus tons of fresh garlic and dill. SUH good. Gwen in particular is obsessed with them, funnily enough, and I’m ok with it because she won’t eat any other vegetables. Send help. I’ve also bought these at HyVee and Target so a Costco membership is not needed to enjoy.


Love Anyway Sweatshirt

I blame Instagram for the purchase of this adorable Love Anyway sweatshirt – damn you targeted ads who get my love for cozy clothing with cute sayings on them! This sweatshirt is super pretty, soft, and squishy, the raglan sleeve cut is comfortable, and the Love Anyway message can’t be beat.


Steve Madden Dina Sandal

I branched out from my go-to summer sandals and recently purchased these Steve Madden Dina Sandals – I couldn’t resist! They are functional yet trim and polished looking. I am looking forward to breaking them in when the weather warms up for good (though dear Lord I need a pedicure first!) I also found these on Zappos for a lower price at the time of this writing.


Water Beads

I’ve heard a lot about Water Beads over the years and finally purchased a package when we learned the boys’ school was now at home and needed more activities to fill our time. These things are SO fun! Soak in warm water and they turn into an incredible sensory activity. The boys LOVE these things. They also last forever in a bowl or tub (Google ways to keep them sanitized) or you can spread them out on a flat surface and they’ll shrink back down to pin size. Highly recommend.


Franz Gluten Free Bread

I don’t know whether I’d classify Franz gluten free bread as fun or delicious – either way I need to tell you about it. I first tried Franz GF bread in Utah like five years ago and have been thinking and searching for it ever since. The texture is super squishy, just like regular white bread, and is so, so good. Well, I finally found it at Costco! I had to chuckle because there was a HUGE display of it fully stocked and ready to rock while the regular bread aisle was decimated the last time I was there. I guess its finally paying off to be gluten free?!


Perler Beads

Remember Perler Beads?! I vividly remember feverishly ironing creation after creation as a child. So funny. Anyway, this is another crafty item I stocked up since the boys will be home for awhile. They are perfect for little hands and big imaginations, plus you can find hundreds of free patterns online. Cam (3) enjoys swishing them around in a big bowl or tub while I breathe deeply into a paper bag, and Lincoln (6) is pumping out some pretty impressive stuff. I also purchased this miniature travel iron to fuse them because apparently I got rid of our regular-sized iron in my last KonMari house sweep.


Burley Bee

We’ve been contemplating purchasing a Burley Bee for four years now and figured it was the perfect time to pull the trigger now that everything’s closed – got to get our family fun in somehow! I took Cam and Gwen for a spin last week and it is SO smooth. I figured it might be tough to turn or get going with the additional weight of the trailer plus kids but I could hardly tell they were there. Here’s the helmet we got for Gwen (21 mos), and the boys have Bontrager helmets.


Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer

My melasma has already darkened considerably now that we’re outside more so I purchased a few SPFs including this Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer with SPF 30. This primer is like SILK and has no noticeable smell. I like that it’s a 2-in-1 SPF and make up primer (not that I’ve worn makeup more than twice in the past three weeks, but you know what I mean!) Love love love.


Random Acts of Kindness

The MOST fun things I’ve bought recently have not been for myself, rather for others. Milk for the neighbors, flowers for a self quarantined friend, art supplies for a family with little ones, this too perfect wine glass for my sis in law, etc. Selfishly, it feels SO good to send a little treat to someone to enjoy during this tough time. Say it with me, I highly recommend! ;)

What’s the last fun thing you bought?