Hi everybody – I’m back!

Homecoming was so much fun – however I am definitely not in college anymore. It was hard for homegirl to hang, but I gave it my best college try!

Picture 034

Friday afternoon we got the party started by heading to FAC on “The Hill”. Did you have FAC at your school? “Friday After Class” is basically an amazing happy hour for college kids…awesome!


Our first pit stop was at one of our favorite spots – Suds – which, fun fact, collects bras. Hold on tight to yours ladies!


We spent the night getting caught up, seeing old classmates, bar crawling and having a great time reliving the good ‘ol days!


Saturday morning we headed to a great little restaurant/bar, Mulligans, to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes continue their winning streak!! GO HAWKS!

I fueled with a Starbys…


And a Ham & Cheese Scramble with Potatoes. SOOO good and JUST what I needed ;)


We spent the rest of the afternoon driving around campus and checking in at all of our old hangouts, including one of the houses I used to live in. It was lovingly referred to as “The Dump” – mostly because, it is!


Here’s my old sorority house – which is now a fraternity house! The sorority had bought a new house my senior year, so now the old one is being taken over by dudes.


Then we picked up some purple and gold bud lights (UNI’s colors!) to sip on while we watched some football and got ready for our night!


Which got started at the place I probably spent the most extra curricular time at while in school: The OP!


Sooo many fun memories at this place – it was really cool to be back!


Every good OP girl knows you have to get 2 things every time you go: Breadsticks with Ranch…


And Taco Pizza!


They were just as delicious as a I remembered. Ahhh, memories :)

I was a perfect angel for the rest of the night…


For the most part ;)


It was so great to see everybody, spend time with friends, reminisce and see all my old favorite spots. GO COLLEGE!!!!!

Ben just picked up some Chipotle for us, so I’m going to go dine and catch Desperate Housewives. Have a great night everyone – back to grown up life tomorrow!!! AH!