Fun Fact Friday:

I’m going to my college’s homecoming this weekend!

I went to the University of Northern Iowa and was one of those people that loved 100% of my college experience. I went into it knowing I would never have 4 more years like the ones ahead of me for the rest of my life – so I lived mine up!

These were the times of…

Mexican & margarita dinners with the girls.


First dates and starting new relationships.


21st birthday parties.

21st Birthday 017

Sorority formals (and lots of eyeshadow!)


Snuggling with your roomies.

amodeo's b-day 003

Tailgating the day away.


Making lifelong pacts with friends.

2-8-05 picture 003


House Party 9-17 013

And studying, tests, graduating, etc.…minor details. ;)

I’m fairy thrilled that digital cameras didn’t become the norm until my senior year or so – because I was kind of a hot mess in college!

The first time I returned to UNI after graduating, was last year’s homecoming with two of my best college buddies.

Picture 001

I’ll be meeting these same girls later this afternoon for FAC to get our weekend rollin’! There might be quarters involved…

Picture 026

Just sayin’!

I’ve got my UNI gear on…


and I’m off for a weekend of fun, memories, friends and maybe a cocktail or two ;) Seeeee youuuu!!


Where did you go/currently go to college? Did you make the most of it?