Merry (post) Christmas!

Ben and I had a wonderful day at his Grandma’s house yesterday, surrounded by family. There was even a reindeer sighting!!

IMG_2061 - Copy

His Grandma lives a couple hours from us, so we headed home last night and exchanged gifts before going to bed. Favorites included a Pizza Pizzazz for him,


and a painting for her!!


I have one of those rare jewels of a husband who is one of the most thoughtful. people. ever. and I was sooooo touched that he made this.


It’s a replica of the picture we took at the Vatican Museum in Rome this fall! Isn’t that the sweetest thing?!


He is amazing. :) (ps this picture is also featuring the Cuddle Dud PJs my mother & father in law gave me for Christmas – warmest. pjs. ever. GET SOME!)


This morning we woke up to MORE snow. I feel like it hasn’t stopped in 3 days! Ben lost all his Christmas cheer at the sight.


Gee, tell us what you’re really thinking, Ben?! ;)


We were up to head back to my parent’s house for the afternoon.


My little brother who lives in Denver is in town for Christmas and literally for the past two years, whenever he’s been home, Ben and I have either been vacationing IN Denver (so weird) or out of town somewhere else. I feel like I haven’t spent more than 24 hours with the boy in eons!


I just warmed up some Monkey Bread for breakfast,


(biscuit dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar then baked – omg)


(sugar/holiday food detox begins…tomorrow)


and we’re waiting for my older brother, sister-in-law & nephew to come over to open family gifts!


I can’t believe that Christmas 2010 is officially OVER. Every year it feels like it comes and goes even faster.


Hanging on to the spirit as long as I can. :D


Hope you all had a very merry celebration and a great weekend to boot!


Talk to you tonight!


Did “santa” bring you anything good? ;)