Week 81-100

Every Friday I share my favorite finds from around the web, including food, fashion, funnies, travel, art, DIY and more!

Week 81 – Drives of a lifetime, no-bake treats, and a tough total body workout.

Week 82 – Crunchy chicken strips, spring must-haves, and how to brew the perfect cup of tea.

Week 83 – Creamy krispie treat shakes, sweet strawberry recipes, and fun spring finds.

Week 84 – Sweet cinnamon roll recipes, super-cute spring outfits, and yummy cocktails.

Week 85 – Fresh berry treats, summery outdoor decor, and healthy homemade granola bars.

Week 86 – Sweet fruit tarts, cute home decor, and frosty blended drinks.

Week 87 – Chic DIY decor, homemade lemonade concentrate, shortcut desserts.

Week 88 – Stunning cakes, a must-have kitchen safe, and summery dinner recipes.

Week 89 – Creamy cookie popsicles, slurp-worthy noodle dishes & dizzy summer cocktails.

Week 90 – Decadent mini cheesecakes, sweet pups, and edible salad plates.

Week 91 – Upgraded s’mores, one-pot meals, and cool summer treats.

Week 92 – Sweet and summery treats, stunning DIY decor, and yummy salad ideas.

Week 93 – Sweet frozen treats, summer salad spins, and healthy desserts.

Week 94 – Monster cookie popcorn, fresh peach bars, and peanut butter stuffed bugles.

Week 95 – Fresh summer dishes, shabby-chic DIY ideas, and frosty treats.

Week 96 – Sweet peach treats, fun Instagram projects, and road trip essentials.

Week 97 – Soft-batch cookies, easy weeknight meals, and dreamy getaways.

Week 98 – Skillet brownies, a serene Swiss getaway, and simple fall decor.

Week 99 – Gooey chocolate cookies, festive fall treats, and easy Halloween decor.

Week 100 – Vibrant healthy eats, DIY decor, and my favorite haircut.


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